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Name: Vulgarweed
Alias(es): A. Vulgarweed, Absentia Vulgarweed
Type: Fan Writer, Occasional Reccer & Meta Commentator
Fandoms: Good Omens, Sherlock (TV series), Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Discworld, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean
Communities: Good Omens Lexicon, Good Omens Exchange
Other: Has collaborated with the fan artist Quantum Witch
URL: vulgarweed @LJ; @DW; @Tumblr; fiction @AO3; @The Archive; @Skyehawke; @TFF; @witchfics; switchythings @LJ (collaborations with Quantum Witch)
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Vulgarweed is a multifandom fanwriter particularly known in the Tolkien and Good Omens fandoms. An outgoing and outspoken source of intelligently written smut across a number of fandoms, Vulgarweed maintains a LiveJournal and a Tumblr account. Her political commentary and Lord of the Rings blogging are particularly enjoyable.


Tolkien fandom may have been Vulgarweed's first fandom. She has been active there since the early 2000s.

Harry Potter

Vulgarweed was active in the HP fandom by 2004. She is a member of La Société des Femmes Dangereuses.

Good Omens

Vulgarweed has been active in Good Omens fandom for about as long as her current Good Omens Exchange co-mod, irisbleufic. She was a co-founder of the GO Exchange in 2005 with Waxbean.

A frequent denizen of Good Omens slash rec lists, Vulgarweed's accolades are well deserved:

  • "Clever, literate, and...slutty! *g*" —Beth H
  • "[D]elicious geek porn: literate, funny & hot in equal measures." —Espresso Recs
  • "Do you like slash? Do you like some smut with your slash? Do you like your slash to be ridiculously well-written, fascinatingly historical, and droolingly hot? Then look no further! Vulgarweed is an amazing author who is still active in the fandom, and even better, she coordinates a lot with Quantum Witch, who (as she did for H.J. Bender) illustrated some fic too." —TVTropes