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Name: Neverwhere
Creator: Neil Gaiman
Date(s): 1996
Medium: TV series, book, comic mini-series
Country of Origin: UK
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Neverwhere is a small fandom based on the works by Neil Gaiman; it is usually considered rarelit even though the original source was a television series.


Neverwhere, the TV show and the novelization (both by Neil Gaiman), are about the collision of a normal young man (Richard Mayhew) with the world of "London Below" -- a fantastic realm which can normally only be seen and visited by its denizens. A struggle for power and succession and conflict of ideology drives much of the plot of the series and book.


There is a small amount of fannish activity around the TV series and the book. Trobadora compiled a list of all Neverwhere fanfic she could find and her Neverwhere Fanfic Index had 124 entries as of 29 November 2008. The fandom usually has a crop of works each year at Yuletide.

The Marquis de Carabas dominates fanfiction and occasionally turns up in crossovers. He is arrogant, cunning, a bit dodgy and naturally a fan favorite because he is also "an intriguing, dangerous, mysterious and romantic figure whom you ought not to trust but cannot seem to get along without. He is is not a man you would want to be indebted to, but almost everyone is."[1] He trades in 'favors' that can come in all shapes and forms and one crossover fanart where the favor is of the very explicit and personal kind has him paired with Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter.[2] Within Neverwhere, he's often paired with Richard.

The majority of works are futurefics, set after the novel. A common trope is searching for Door's sister. Occasional fanfiction concentrates on the colourful cast of minor characters, including Hunter and Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar.

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  1. ^ Character description taken from LJC's Small But Significant Neverwhere Site.
  2. ^ Title: Settling Up. Posted to pornish pixies in July 2004. The picture was rendered with colored pencils and chalk pastels on watercolor paper and shows a BDSM scenario with Lucius in a submissive role.