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Name: Breaking Bad
Creator: Vince Gilligan
Date(s): January 2008 - September 2013
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: USA
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Breaking Bad is a critically acclaimed television series that aired on AMC for five seasons (2008-2013). It follows the criminal transformation of a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, who, upon getting diagnosed with lung cancer, starts cooking meth with his former student, Jesse Pinkman, in order to make money for his family. There is also a spin-off and prequel, Better Call Saul.


Walter White, a terminal lung cancer patient and high school chemistry teacher, recruits his former student, drug dealer Jesse Pinkman, to help him enter the meth business. Walt's transformation from a mild mannered teacher to a drug lord and the tradgedies that befall Jesse compromise most of the series. Skyler, Walt's wife, Walter Jr. and Holly, Walt's children, Hank (a DEA agent) and Marie Schrader, Walt's in laws, Saul Goodman, Walt's criminal lawyer, Gus Fring, a drug lord Walt comes into conflict with, and Mike Ehrmantraut, a hitman and cleaner, also have prominent roles in the story.


In terms of fanfiction, fan art, and other fanworks, Breaking Bad has produced a relatively small amount of content (most of it Walt/Jesse slash, as per surveys of AO3 and Tumblr). Saul Goodman, a secondary character from the show, has risen to particular prominence among fan creators since getting a spin-off of his own (currently airing on AMC; it premiered in 2015). Therefore, much of the new Breaking Bad-related content being produced is, in actuality, Better Call Saul-related content, or crossovers.

Characters and Pairings

Popular pairings



  • A Handful of Nothing by Rebness.
    A brief look at Walt's thoughts as he makes his way to the hospital after Jesse is beaten up by Tuco.
  • Devoutly to be Wished by Sinloi.
    This is not possible. Walter knows this, intrinsically and without question. The medication, the chemo, and the isolation... he must be hallucinating. He has to be. Because Jesse Pinkman is not standing there, looking so very out of place amongst Walt’s meager surroundings. He is not standing there looking younger than Walter has seen him in a very long while. He cannot be standing there, period. Because Jesse Pinkman is dead.
  • What Family I Have Left by orphan_account.
    Jesse knows Mr. White messes with his head, but it still hurts to hear the man only has two months to live.
  • How to Save a Life by Rebness.
    Four ways it might have ended for Jesse without Mr. White's interference- and one way it was supposed to end and didn't.
  • the ceiling's coming down by somethingdifferent.
    People have been watching Holly since she was a child with a science fair project on photosynthesis. Waiting to see if she cracks. Who she will grow up to become. There's no escaping something like blood.
  • Blood Ties by Selena.
    Hank and Skyler were the two constants in Marie's life. Now she's lost one, and can't help blaming the other. As loss and rage mingle with love and a lifetime of memories, Marie tries to find a way to cope.
  • Five Things That Never Happened to Jesse Pinkman (and One That Still Might) by vegarin.
    Five things that never happened to Jesse Pinkman, and one that still just might.
  • Contrails by warriorpoet.
    Walt, Jesse, guilt, and denial share a studio apartment after Jesse gets back from rehab. Missing scenes from No Mas and Caballo Sin Nombre.
  • Unbreaking by panademonium.
    Marie copes with the destruction of her home and all the beautiful things that used to live there.
  • Origin Story by panademonium.
    How Jesse Pinkman got into the meth business.
  • Los Alamos by panademonium.
    Skyler Lambert meets a handsome stranger who changes her life.
  • The Cleaners Have Done Their Job On You by falafelfiction.
    The first time and the last time that Walt and Jesse clean up dead bodies together.
  • Connections by SegaBarrett.
    The two sons of Walter White meet.
  • Moons Over Albuquerque by SegaBarrett.
    Walt and Jesse get their dinner at Denny's after all.
  • Edge of the Wire by miss_aphelion.
    "Tell me you didn't do it," he says. "Just try and tell me you didn't do it." Jesse's voice comes through his headphones accompanied by little vibrations, emotion his audio can't translate. Hank closes his eyes and curses, because this isn't what he was supposed to do. General questions, let Walt talk, let him dig his own grave, that's what he was supposed to do.
  • Five Times Walter Meets Jesse and One Time He Says Goodbye by behindthec.
    The first time Walter meets Jesse Pinkman, he's small, scared, and already in trouble. That part never changes.
  • 5 Bad Things by heyjupiter.
    A set of canon compliant Breaking Bad 5 Times/5 Things stories, generally expanding on or following up on scenes from the show.
  • Doornail by trashbat.
    Heisenberg's A Christmas Carol. Or: "This isn't the version I'm familiar with."
  • When it Comes Apart (We're Gonna Have Some Fun, Son) by warriorpoet.
    He wishes that his brain would send another voice, another imagined face to keep him company. But, no. It's always Jesse he sees from the corner of his eye, Jesse he hears in the ticking of his wristwatch, Jesse that goads him, prods him, pushes him with the worst things he won't admit to himself.
  • Broken by warriorpoet.
    Post-"To'hajiilee" (s5e13) AU. When both Jesse and Walt are taken hostage by Jack's gang, they have to try to put their past aside in order to survive.
  • Trick or Treat by VillaKulla.
    A figure ran up the driveway, pounding enthusiastically over to Walt’s front door. “Trick or treat, bitches – oh fuck.” Walt stared in absolute shock at the figure of Jesse Pinkman standing on his doorstep. Jesse looked back at him with an expression to match.
  • The Cabin by biblionerd07.
    Walt doesn't give Jesse up to the Nazis, but they're not exactly partners again.
  • everyone in this room got here somehow (and everyone in this room has to leave) by drytherivers.
    You do not waste time mourning his death. You never did, really. You are far too intelligent for grief. (Max Arciniega/Gustavo Fring)
  • White Light by VillaKulla.
    In the end it's a heart attack that gets Jesse Pinkman. But after everything his heart had been through, it's not like he was really surprised.

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