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Owner/Maintainer: Denis Petrov
Dates: May 16, 2012 – present
Type: storage
Fandom: The Internet
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Stub: This article is a stub. Please help us out by adding more content. (formerly is an archive site which stores snapshots of web pages.[1] It retrieves one page at a time similar to WebCite, smaller than 50MB each, but with support for JavaScript-heavy sites such as Google Maps and progressive web applications such as Twitter. records simultaneously two different 'snapshots' of a web-page. One is "Webpage" which includes any functional live links that are in the original. The other is "Screenshot" which provides a static and non-interactive visualization of the representation.[2]

History was founded in 2012. The site originally branded itself as, but in May 2015, changed the primary mirror to[3]

In January 2019, it began to deprecate the domain in favor of the mirror.[4]

Owner and financing

The service does not run any advertisements and also doesn't fund raise.[5] It is not known who runs the webservice but according to the FAQs on the site it is privately funded and "there are no complex finances behind it".[5]

According to the WHOIS directory, the domain name is registered to Denis Petrov of Czechia.[6][7]


Functionality can capture individual pages in response to explicit user requests.[8][9][10]

Web pages cannot be duplicated from to as second-level backup, as places an exclusion for Wayback Machine and does not save its snapshots in WARC format. The reverse—from to—is possible, but the copy usually takes more time than a direct capture. Some web sites get deleted from Internet Archive's listings retroactively or blocked from being saved due to their robots.txt file, but does not use this.[11]

Once a web page is archived, it cannot be deleted directly by any Internet user.[12]

The search feature is backed by Google CustomSearch. If it delivers no results, attempts to utilize Yandex Search.[13] If a page has already been archived, asks the user to confirm archiving a new revision, instead of immediately archiving it.[14]

One can download archived pages as a ZIP file, except pages archived since 29 November 2019, when changed their browser engine from PhantomJS to Chromium.[15]


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