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Name: Gotham
Creator: Bruno Heller
Date(s): September 22, 2014 – present
Medium: Live-Action Television Series
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Gotham at Wikipedia, Official Site, IMDB, Official Tumblr
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Gotham is a Fox 2014 American live-action television series that focuses on James Gordon's early days in the Gotham City police force. It also focuses on the villains origins of the Batman mythology.


Main Characters

Multiple DC Comics/Batman characters DC Comics and Batman characters appeared in the pilot and more expected to be seen throughout the season.


Prior to the show airing on September 22, 2014, a small fandom had already sprung up around it on Tumblr based on a mix of the trailers, fan speculation, and previous knowledge of Batman mythology. Soon after the show's airing, works were already being posted to Archive of Our Own.


  • Oswald/Ed known as Nygmobblepot. Initially a small ship, Oswald's canon interest in Ed through S3 resulted in the ship becoming the most popular in the fandom.
  • Oswald/Jim known as Gobblepot. Its popularity peaked during S1, when it was the most popular ship in this fandom. Based on works produced on Ao3, it remains the second most popular pairing, with new fanworks still been produced.
  • Harvey/Jim known as Gordlock.
  • Bruce/Selina known as BatCat.
  • Jim/Barbara
  • Tabitha/Barbara
  • Jim/Leslie

Jerome/Reader fics were also very popular, at one point this was the third most popular category of ship fic on A03.[1] These works have become less common in fandom, as ships with a basis in canon have grown. This includes works pairing Jerome/Bruce, and in later seasons works pairing his brother Jeremiah with Bruce Wayne.


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