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Name: James "Jim" Gordon
Occupation: Gotham City Police Department
Relationships: Barbara Gordon (Wife), Barbara Gordon (Daughter), James Gordon Jr. (Son)
Fandom: DC Comics, DC Animated Universe, Nolanverse, DC Cinematic Universe, Gotham
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James Gordon is a character that originated in DC Comics. He is the Police Commissioner and a close ally of Batman.



Gordon first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).[1]

He is portrayed as a man of integrity who works with Batman to rid his city of crime. Initially he does not approve of Batman's methods but he comes to rely on the caped crusader, working with him to fight corruption inside the GCPD.

In the New 52 comics, Jim Gordon appears to be several years younger

Batman (1966)

In the three-season TV series and 1966 spin-off feature film, Batman, Commissioner Gordon was portrayed by Neil Hamilton. The actor's exact likeness has not been used in tie-in comics and crossover mini-series. (The artists usually add a moustache and spectacles, which makes the character resemble more his comics and TV animated versions.)


Portrayed by Gary Oldman, Jim Gordon is an officer in the Gotham City Police Department. He forms an alliance with Batman and is instrumental is stopping Ra's al Ghul destruction of the city.


Ben McKenzie stars as a young Detective James Gordon on The Fox television series Gotham. In this series, Gordon is a main character who develops a friendship with the young Bruce Wayne after his parents deaths. He struggles to align his strict moral code with the realities of policing in a corrupt Gotham City. He often interacts with younger versions of Batman's future villains.



In fan fiction, Jim Gordon is often a background character, similar to the narrative role he plays in canon Batman works. The most common pairing including this character is Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne, but this is an uncommon pairing in the Batman fandom.


The most common pairings to include James Gordon in this fandom are Oswald Cobblepot/Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock/Jim Gordon. There are also works pairing Gordon with his canonical love interests, including Jim Gordon/Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon/Leslie Thompkins. Less common pairings include Jim Gordon/Edward Nygma, Jim Gordon/Jerome Valeska and Jim Gordon/Alfred Pennyworth. The pairing of Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne in this fandom is very rare, possibly due to the age of Bruce in the canon of the show.


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