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This article is about the superhero media franchise. For other specific uses, see Batman (disambiguation).
Name: Batman
Creator: Bill Finger and Bob Kane
Medium: Comics; adapted to radio series, live-action and animated television series, live-action and animated films, video games, novels
Country of Origin: USA
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Batman, the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, is a crime-fighting vigilante who appears in publications by DC Comics. The character debuted in Detective Comics #37 (May 1939), and, having led a multimedia franchise for over 80 years, has since become one of DC Comics' flagship characters, as well as one of the most iconic superhero characters of all time.


The Batman mythos and character have gone through different iterations over the course of more than 80 years, sometimes as part of cultural shifts, or gradual processes, other times by editorial fiat. Most fans construct for themselves--or in community--a vision of the "core" of Batman with which they engage.

In a sense, all Batman comics written after 1943, when Bob Kane left DC Comics, are derivative. As a generation who had grown up on Batman stepped in as writers, Batman comics could be said to be in a real way "fan fiction". Most modern comic writers will describe themselves as fans, and describe their early orientation toward Batman, (and other comic characters) as fans. However, once hired by DC Comics, the status quo shifts; they are now insiders, with privileges and access mere 'fans' cannot hope for, gatekeepers of the myth, with the power to turn their headcanons into canon.


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Mainline comics

See List of Batman comics on Wikipedia.

Some notable titles include:

  • Detective Comics (1939)
  • Batman (1940)
  • World's Finest Comics - An anthology series that debuted in the late 1940s, originally it featured stand-alone solo stories involving Batman and Superman. However, with issue #71, the series switched formats to its now familiar "Superman/Batman" team-up stories. Succeeded by Superman/Batman, then by Batman/Superman, which ran from 2013 to 2016, with a new volume debuting in 2019.
  • Robin (1993) - The solo series of Tim Drake, the third Robin. The series was preceded by three different miniseries, released 1990-91, 1991 and 1992-93 respectively; the ongoing launched in 1993 and lasted until 2009.
  • Nightwing - The solo series of Dick Grayson, the first Robin, who took on the new identity of Nightwing as an adult. The series was preceded by a four-issue miniseries in 1995; the ongoing series launched in 1996, showing Nightwing becoming the protector of Blüdhaven. The series lasted until 2009, when Dick Grayson took on the mantle of Batman.
    • A new series of Nightwing began in 2011 with the New 52 reboot. Ended after 30 issues due to Dick Grayson's apparent death in Forever Evil.
    • Grayson: Launched in 2015 as a replacement for Nightwing, starring Dick as a secret agent for the mysterious organisation Spyral.
    • Nightwing returned in 2016 with DC Rebirth.
  • Batgirl (2000) - Following Cassandra Cain, the Batgirl succeeding Barbara Gordon
  • Batman and Robin (2009) - A book continuing Grant Morrison's 2006-2009 run on Batman, featuring the further adventures of the new Batman (Dick Grayson) and Bruce Wayne's biological son Damian Wayne, the new Robin. Batman and Robin was relaunched in 2011 as part of the New 52 reboot, now focusing on Bruce Wayne as Batman and Damian as Robin, ending in 2015. Robin: Son of Batman, the solo adventures of Damian Wayne, ran 2015-2016.
  • Gotham City Sirens (2009-2011)
  • Batgirl (2009) - The solo series of Stephanie Brown, formerly Spoiler and briefly Robin, having succeeded Cassandra Cain as the new Batgirl
  • Batgirl (2011) - A series about Barbara Gordon after she regains the use of her legs after having been paralyzed in The Killing Joke, beginning with the New 52 reboot. Revamped as a lighthearted series in 2014 from the "Batgirl of Burnside" story arc. Relaunched in 2016 as Batgirl (Rebirth), continuing until the end of 2020.
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws, later Red Hood: Outlaw and subsequently just Red Hood, following Jason Todd
  • Batwoman (2010/2011) - The solo series of Katherine "Kate" Kane, who originally debuted in 52.
  • Batwing - A series about the Batman of Africa. Originally starred David Zavimbe; following a revamp he was replaced by Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox. Ran 2011-2014.
  • Robin (2021)

Web comics

Live-action TV

Live-action films


Video games


Community and meta


See Batmania for more information.

Started in the mid-60s, Batmania was a fanzine created by and maintained by fans that was fairly tolerated by DC Comics until 1978. It helped educate new fans of the Old Batman along with the New Batman, also focused on the Batman television show at the time.

Utility Belt

See Battalion for more information.

Started in 1989, Utility Belt was a newsletter created by and maintained by the instigators of Battalion: the Australian Legion of Batman fans. It existed with the "kind permission" of DC Comics and ran until 1995. It aimed to cover many aspects of Batman including the comics, books, toys, the Batman television show of the 1960s, and the Tim Burton-directed motion pictures.

Batman: The Deal web comic

In November 2013, Gerardo Preciado and Daniel Bayliss and posted Batman: The Deal, a Batman and Joker relationship comic on their wordpress site. It went viral, and became a thing, and apparently has been tolerated by DC.[1][2]

Fan works

Fan fiction

Fan art


Fan films


Rec lists and collections

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Fan communities and archives

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Fan sites

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