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Name: Tim Drake (Robin III, Red Robin)
Occupation: superhero
Relationships: varies
Fandom: DC Comics, Batman: The Animated Series, Young Justice (TV Series), Batman Beyond, video games
Other: has been affiliated with Young Justice, Teen Titans, Batman Incorporated
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Tim Drake is one of the characters who takes the mantle of Batman's partner Robin and appears in different versions of Batman canon.

Comic Book Canon

Officially known as the third Robin, Tim Drake entered the Batfamily after Jason Todd, the second Robin, was murdered by the Joker. Though reluctant at first to take on a new Robin, Batman put Tim through a rigorous training regimen, sent him to various teachers around the world for a solid year, and upgraded the Robin uniform and equipment before allowing Tim to work beside him.

Over the years, he worked not only as Batman's partner on the streets of Gotham City, but also worked with other teenage vigilantes/heroes. Though he started off as the leader of the team known as Young Justice, eventually he followed in the Dick Grayson's footsteps in helping found a new generation of Teen Titans.


During his time as Robin, Tim Drake suffered many personal losses that would greatly shape his evolution into Red Robin.

The first major death was that of his mother, Janet Drake, while his parents were on a trip in the Caribbean. She was murdered and her husband paralyzed by a villain called the Obeah Man, a tragic event Batman was too late to stop.

Then, during the events of War Games where he had temporarily quit being Robin, his then girlfriend and current Robin (Robin IV) Stephanie Brown was brutally murdered by Black Mask.

Shortly after that, during the events of Identity Crisis, Tim's last living parent, Jack Drake, was murdered by Captain Boomerang. Tim was with Batman at the time and both were present in the Batmobile to hear Jack's last words to his son. Despite speeding through the city, they were both too late to save Tim's father.

In the Infinite Crisis storyline that follows, not only was Tim's best friend Kon-El (Conner Kent/Superboy) was killed helping to save the world from Superboy Prime, but the entire city of Bludhaven was destroyed, which was where his stepmother, Dana Winters was living at the time.

Not long after losing Conner, Tim also loses Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash II) when he dies saving Los Angeles from the threat of nuclear bombs.

The final major death which left a notable impact on Tim's life was that of Bruce Wayne/Batman at the hands of Darkseid during the event known as Final Crisis. The devastating loss of his second father was the catalyst that ultimately led Tim into becoming Red Robin.

Impact of Multiple Deaths in a Short Period of Time

While, over time, some of the people Tim lost came back to life (ie. Stephanie, Conner, Bart, and Bruce), their returns could not fully negate the impact their deaths made on him. The return of some of the people in his life also does not negate the scars left by losing both his mother and father to murder.

A popular subject for fanfiction writers explores the emotional damage all these losses inflicted upon Tim. In canon, signs of depression were hinted at in various storylines, but never fully explored.

Red Robin

After an event known as Final Crisis seemingly led to the death of Batman at the hands of Darkseid, Tim was seemingly the only person who believed that Bruce Wayne might still be alive. After Dick Grayson took the mantle of Batman and gave Damian Wayne the role of Robin, Tim left Gotham City. He donned the costume of Red Robin and began his search for Bruce, following a trail of clues around the world, and getting some unexpected assistance from Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assasins along the way.

New 52

In the New 52 universe Tim's backstory was radically changed. Now Tim is a talented athlete and computer genius, whose family goes into witness protection after the trouble with the Penguin. "Tim Drake" is the name he recieves from witness protection. His family ask Bruce to take care of him for them, which leads to Bruce adopting him.


In 2021 Tim came out as bisexual in the comics



Because of his connections both with the Batfamily and the Teen Titans, the potential pairings for Tim are numerous.

Het Pairings


Over the years, Tim has had several canon het romances with a number of different girls, both in and out of costume. Prior to the DC Comics "New 52" reboot, pairings that were canon in the Robin and Red Robin comic books included these women.


Though there were no known canon references to support romantic connections with the previous women, fan writers and artists also pair Tim up with these women on occasion.

Slash Pairings

Slash pairings vary depending on which part of the DC universe the story focuses on.


When the pairing of choice is between current/former Robins, it is often referred to as "Robincest", even though none of the current and former Robins are related by blood.

Teen Titan/Young Justice

Because of Ra's Al Ghul's interest in Tim Drake during the Red Robin series, he is often depicted as being interested in Tim as more than just a potential rival.

Both Batfamily and YJ also go in for various threesomes and moresomes, either all slash or mixing slash and canon het (Tim/Kon/Bart, Tim/Kon/Cassie, Tim/Dick/Jason/Steph, etc).


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