Dick Grayson/Tim Drake

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Pairing: Dick Grayson/Tim Drake
Alternative name(s): Robincest, Dick/Tim, DG/TD, DickTim
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Batman, Teen Titans, BTAS
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: common
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Dick/Tim is the Batman slash pairing of Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) and Tim Drake (Robin/Red Robin).


Tim was at the circus the day Dick's parents were killed. They'd met, and Tim was enchanted by Dick, so he was crushed to see him hurt. Tim became obsessed with Dick Grayson and Batman, who appeared on the scene soon after the deaths, until he figured out Dick's identity as Robin and that lead to Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman when Tim was 9. Tim "stalked" the Dynamic Duo and took pictures of them; he was confused when Dick was replaced by Jason Todd but quickly grew to respect and like the new Robin as well. After Jason died and Batman started to behave erratically, Tim went to Dick to demand he reclaim his role of Robin. Dick refused, so Tim insisted on becoming Robin himself.

Tim-as-Robin and Dick-as-Nightwing had many meetings, training sessions, and fun outings. When Bruce was badly injured by Bane and Dick took on the role of Batman temporarily, their relationship deepened and strengthened.

In many canon settings, they are both adopted by Bruce Wayne, and much of the fandom treats them as adopted brothers.[1]


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Some fans consider the pairing to be incest or pseudo-incest as even though there is no blood relation between them, the Robins were raised as adoptive brothers. Within Batfamily fandom, this pairing falls under the umbrella term Robincest. Also depending on the canon source material writers choose to build on, Dick is often 6-10 years older than Tim and Tim may be underage. As a result, Tim/Dick fics are sometimes future fics to avoid underage scenarios.

Fans of this pairing do not shy away from the realities of their upbringing or the pressures of their vigilante crime-fighting.

Tim and Dick are, above all, monumentally fucked up in ways that have everything to do with having a secret identity and fighting crime. They obviously love each other, and were they to have sex, it would warp them even further, but doubtless in a fascinating direction.[2]

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