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Underage is a common warning on fanworks indicating that characters under 18 or under the age of consent for sex are depicted in sexual situations. Different age ranges of underage characters in sexual situations can have specialized terminology like for example shota or chan.

Underage may also be used to describe fans who are under 18 or not legally adult and Minors in Fandom. Many fan communities where sexually explicit fanworks are common have rules banning underage fans from joining. These rules usually rely on age statements or ages provided in user profiles on social networking sites.

Meta: Underage Characters

  • On Underage Kink memes, dated June 7, 2011; WebCite (The reason I cannot support this kink meme is that "..even in the very midst of the language of kink positivity these memes are based on, it stops to police and shame one specific kink.)

Meta: Underage Readers