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When creators of fanworks depict characters as older than their age in canon, the characters are said to be aged up. Aging characters up may be done to avoid depicting underage characters in sexual situations, or simply because the creator prefers an older version of a character. Works involving aged-up characters are often futurefic, but sometimes simply specify in author's notes or within the work itself that the characters are older than their actual age in canon, which may be considered a form of universe alteration by some fans.

This trope can be contentious. Some fans believe aging-up characters for the purposes of putting them in sexual scenarios with adults, or other aged up minors, is inappropriate.

fan design of an Aged Up Dipper Pines by life-writer which gained over 60k notes

Example Fandoms

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This trope is particularly popular in fandoms where a large number of characters are children/underage.

  • Boku no Hero Academia is a fandom focused on high school students. The majority of aged up works in that fandom are set after the characters have graduated and are working as Pro-Heroes.

Fan Opinion

I feel like if people are allowed to de-age all the characters from something so everyone is in highschool it shouldn't be a debate on if we're allowed to age up characters for whatever reason we want. So you do you. It's fine. Just state clearly what you are up to at the start.[1]
If you're aging up your characters for other reasons, and your story includes themes about being an adult or adulthood that aren't about sex, I feel as though it would take an enormous leap of logic to arrive at 'aging up these characters and writing about them boning is pedophilia/pedophilia apologism/whatever'... But antis aren't exactly known for good-faith logic so I don't know whether that will shield you from them.[2]

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