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Name: Mason “Dipper” Pines
Occupation: Mystery Solver
Relationships: Stanford Pines (Grunkle), Mabel Pines (twin sister), Stanley Pines (grunkle), Bill Cipher (mortal enemy), Soos (friend), Wendy Corduroy (friend/one-sided crush), Waddles (pet pig), Candy Chiu (acquaintance), Grenda (acquaintance), Robbie (love rival), Unnamed Parents, Pacifica Northwest (love interest)
Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Dipper is one of the primary protagonists of the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.


Stubborn, serious, intelligent and ambitious, Dipper is a fan of getting in over his head. Ever since discovering the mysteries of Gravity Falls, he’s endangered his life far more than any typical twelve year old should have. But that’s okay, because it’s in the name of science and adventure!

Dipper is a popular character in the fandom, being the main protagonist. Intelligent yet naive; ambitious yet gullible and angsty, he’s an ordinary teenager in an extraordinary world, which is something many fans can relate to.



Dipper is most commonly shipped with a humanised form of Bill Cipher (Billdip), and this is by far the most prevalent shipping and dominates fandom shipping.

Pairing Name
Bill Cipher/Dipper Billdip
Dipper/Mabel Pinecest
Pacifica/Dipper Dipcifica
Wendy/Dipper Wendip
Dipper/Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) Pinescone
Norman Babcock/Dipper (ParaNorman) Parapines
Gideon/Dipper Dipeon
Candy/Dipper Candip
Pacifica/Dipper/Mabel Pinescifica



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