Over the Garden Wall

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Name: Over the Garden Wall
Abbreviation(s): OtGW
Creator: Patrick McHale
Date(s): November 3 — 7, 2014
Medium: television miniseries
Country of Origin: USA
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Over the Garden Wall is a dark adventure/fantasy-comedy/drama animated miniseries on the Cartoon Network. It stars a teenage boy named Wirt and his little brother Greg and their adventures trying to get home.


Elijah Wood is featured as one of the protagonists, Wirt.

Popular ships include Wirt/Beatrice (also known as "Infinite Eyerolls") , Wirt/Sara (also known as "Poetry Bee"), Wirt/the Beast, and the Beast/Enoch, mayor of Pottsville. A popular crossover ship is Wirt/Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls), dubbed "Pinescone". Due to their shared adolescent protagonists and supernatural atmospheres, Over the Garden Wall is sometimes considered a sister fandom to Gravity Falls. Popular fandom activities include cosplay, fanart, and fic-writing.

Tropes and Fanon

  • Humanized versions of non-humanoid characters: the Beast, Enoch, etc.
  • Darkfic and dark fanart -- often including character death and body horror via the canonical process of transformation into Edelwood trees.
  • The "Beast Wirt" AU, in which Wirt either stays in the unknown as the Beast's servant as per the deal he offered, or replaces the Beast after the Beast's death. Often part of the Bad End Friends group.