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Name: Jesús Alzamirano Ramirez
Occupation: Owner of the Mystery Shack
Relationships: Stanford Pines (acquaintance), Mabel Pines (friend), Stanley Pines (employer), Dipper Pines (friend), Melody (girlfriend ), Wendy Corduroy (coworker), Lil’ Gideon (redeemed enemy), Candy Chiu (acquaintance), Grenda (acquaintance), Abuelita (Grandmother)
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Other: Voiced by Alex Hirsch
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Soos is a recurring, supporting character in the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.



This giant, loveable man child is adored by most, if not all of the Gravity Falls fandom. With a sound moral compass and a heart of gold, Soos is always ready and willing to help Dipper and Mabel out with whatever madness comes their way.


Soos is only really shipped with his canonical girlfriend, Melody (Melsoos). Despite being very much a fan favorite, his outward appearance and OTP status with Melody tend to deter fans from shipping him with anyone else.


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