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Name: Grenda
Occupation: Schoolgirl
Relationships: Dipper Pines (Acquaintances), Mabel Pines (best friend), Candy Chiu (best friend), unnamed Parents.
Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Grenda is a recurring character in the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.


Grenda, along with Candy Chiu is one of Mabel Pines's best friends. She has a deep, throaty voice and is especially strong. She usually wears a light pink shirt that reads "Cool" in dark pink letters, and her brown hair is usually in a pony tail. Like Mabel and Candy, she loves the band Sev'ral Timez. She is also a fan of the TV show "Ducktective."

Grenda and Candy first meet Mabel during the season one episode "Double Dipper," when they attend a party thrown by Stanley Pines at the Mystery Shack. The three become fast friends.

In "Summerween," Grenda dresses as a witch to trick-or-treat with Mabel, Dipper, Soos, and Candy while they try to get candy to appease the Summerween Trickster.

Grenda and Candy have a sleepover with Mabel in "Carpet Diem," and while trying to get Mabel and Dipper to stop fighting, she switches bodies with several other characters, including Mabel and Waddles. In the end, she returns to her own body.

In "Boyz Crazy," Grenda and Candy help Mabel rescue the band Sev'ral Timez after sneaking backstage and learning that the boy band members are actually clones being held in cages like hamsters by their producer, Ergman Bratsman.

In the second season episode "Little Gift Shop of Horrors," after landing her kite in a tree, Grenda tries out a jet pack built by the newly super-intelligent Waddles.

Grenda attends the Northwest family party with Candy and Mabel in "Northwest Mansion Mystery." The three of them are excited about meeting cute, rich boys at the party, but after they see Marius von Fundshauser, a 13-year-old Austrian baron, they agree not to flirt with him, as they consider him out of their league. Candy and Mabel quickly break this agreement, tag-team flirting with Marius, and when Grenda finds out, she is angry. She flirts with Marius by telling him he has something on his shirt and then flicking his nose. Marius later confesses that he can't stop thinking about her and gives her his phone number.

In "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons," Grenda comes to the Mystery Shack to watch the season finale of "Ducktective" with Stan and Mabel. After Probabilitor kidnaps Dipper and Ford, she accompanies Stan and Mabel into the forest to rescue them. She brings along an armchair as a weapon and uses it on an ogre. Later, after Dipper and Ford's rescue, she returns to the Shack to watch the "Ducktecive" finale and believes that the reveal that Ducktective was shot by his twin brother is a rip-off.

In "The Last Mabelcorn," Grenda uses her deep voice to summon the unicorn, Celestabellebethabelle's home. Later, she helps Candy and Wendy Corduroy get fairy dust to knock out the unicorn, and after Mabel, Candy, Wendy, and Grenda fight the unicorns, Grenda leaves with a set of unicorn eyelashes.

In "Roadside Attraction," Grenda joins Candy, Mabel, Dipper, Soos, and Stan on a roadtrip to visit nearby tourist traps to help Stan sabotage them.

Grenda and Candy are among those townsfolk who take refuge in the Mystery Shack in the "Weirdmageddon" episodes. She and Candy help Dipper and Mabel in their fight against Bill Cipher, and after Bill's defeat, she helps the other townsfolk celebrate Dipper and Mabel's 13th birthday. At the end of the series, she goes to the bus stop to see Mabel and Dipper off on their return to California. As she says goodbye, Mabel tells Candy and Grenda, "Thank you for being my people. You'll always be my best friends."



Pairing Name
Grenda/Marius von Fundshauser
Grenda/Candy Chiu Grandy


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