Bill Cipher

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Name: Bill Cipher
Occupation: Immortal Deity
Relationships: Stanford Pines (enemy/implied love interest), Mabel Pines (enemy), Stanley Pines (enemy), Dipper Pines (enemy), Soos (enemy), Wendy Corduroy (enemy), Lil’ Gideon (accomplice turned enemy), Candy Chiu (enemy), Grenda (enemy), Robbie (enemy)
Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Bill Cipher is the primary antagonist of the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.


Bill is a dream demon. He appears as a triangle (like a 2D pyramid) with limbs, one eye, a top hat, and a bowtie.


Anthro/Human Art

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Bill has been drawn as an anthropomorphized human who character design takes inspiration from Bill's canon appearance.


Some of the fandom views these ships as very problematic, mainly because of Bill's treatment of... well, everyone, the power imbalance, and the young age of the twins.

Pairing Name
Bill Cipher/Dipper Pines Billdip
Bill Cipher/Mabel Pines Mabill
Bill Cipher/Stanford Pines Billford


Flat Dreams [1] by PengyChanFandom: Gravity Falls/FlatlandDate: 20 Feb 2016–13 May 2016Length: 53,940Status: CompleteGenre: Crossover, Backstory
"This is based on the premise that Bill’s dimension was Flatland - a two-dimensional, strictly-regulated world inhabited by geometric figures, where each one’s place in society is determined by the number of their sides. The whole story is told through the memoirs of A Square, who is shown the existence of a tridimensional world - only to be imprisoned by authorities to keep him from speaking of it. Said memoirs are exactly how Bill will find out about other dimensions, too." — Author's note on the first chapter.

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