Wendy Corduroy

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Name: Wendy Corduroy
Occupation: Employee at the Mystery Shack (formerly)
Relationships: Stanford Pines (acquaintance), Mabel Pines (friend), Stanley Pines (ex-employer), Bill Cipher (mortal enemy), Soos (friend), Dipper Pines (friend), Candy Chiu (acquaintance), Grenda (acquaintance), Robbie (ex-boyfriend), Manly Dan (father), brothers, Tambry (friend).
Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Wendy is one of the supporting characters in the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.



Half badass, half ‘girl next door’, all loyal friend, Wendy is one of the strongest characters in the show, both metaphorically and physically. Always remaining cool under pressure, and almost never angry, she acts as a physical and emotional support for Dipper during his wacky adventures.


Despite being a relatively important character, and popular among fans, Wendy ships aren't seen that often, perhaps due to the overwhelming prevalence of Billdip in the fandom. Those that do feature Wendy include:

Pairing Name
Wendy Corduroy/Dipper Pines Wendip
Wendy Corduroy/Mabel Pines Wenbel
Wendy Corduroy/Robert Stacy Valentino Wenbie
Wendy Corduroy/Tambry Wembry


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