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Name: Stanford “Grunkle Ford” Pines
Occupation: Scientist, Inventor
Relationships: Stanley Pines (Twin brother), Mabel Pines (great niece), Dipper Pines (great nephew), Bill Cipher (mortal enemy), Fiddleford McGucket (Partner), Soos (acquaintance), Wendy Corduroy (acquaintance), Unnamed Parents.
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Other: Voiced by J.K. Simmons
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Grunkle Ford is one of the secondary protagonists of the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.


The original author of the three manuals, and the man who struck a deal with Bill Cipher, thus starting the chain of events that led to Weirdmageddon, Stanford Pines is the one voice of sanity in Gravity Falls, in a bid to atone for his mistakes of years past. Calm, calculating and always one step ahead, Grunkle Ford is a powerful ally... just as long as his emotions don’t get the better of him.



Grunkle Ford has 3 main ships. Of them, Stancest is the most popular, but none of the 3 are orders of magnitude more popular than the others.

Pairing Name
Ford Pines/Stanley Pines Stancest
Ford Pines/Bill Cipher Billford
Ford Pines/Fiddleford McGucket Fiddauthor


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