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Pairing: Stanford Pines/Stanley Pines
Alternative name(s): Stancest
Gender category: slash, incest, twincest
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Canonical?: No
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Stancest is the romantic pairing of Stanford Pines and Stanley Pines from Gravity Falls.


This ship was present before the existence of a twin for Stan was canonically revealed, which is most prominent when their names are swapped. The fandom thought Stanley's name was actually Stanford and Stanford's name was actually Stanley, so some of the fiction featuring the two had Stan be called Stan and Ford be called Lee.

Tropes & Fanon

Since they have such a wide range of time in which to interact, shippers can pick different periods to write or draw Stancest. Some of it is when they're teenagers, when they would be closest and friendliest. Some of it is after Stan has been kicked out, either with them making up or being antagonistic to each other. Some of it is during the canon period, where they are fighting but still have a bond. And then there's some epilogue fiction where they make up (and make out) after the canonical ending, which is particularly easy since it involves them sailing away alone on a boat to have adventures.

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