Swooning Over Stans

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Name: Swooning Over Stans: A Grunkle Dating Sim
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Developer: sovonight
Release date: June 21, 2018
Engine: Ren'Py
Genre: Visual novel
External links: https://sovonight.itch.io/swooning-over-stans
gfdatingsim on Tumblr
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Swooning Over Stans is a fangame created by sovonight and a group of twelve (see the credits). It is a "Grunkle Dating Sim," in which the player can romance Stanley Pines and Stanford Pines. The game's development was led by sovonight over the course of 11 months.[1] kiki-kit drew the sprites.[2]

Synopsis: A summer road trip leads to an unexpected pause in Gravity Falls. Can you capture the heart of one of the Mystery Shack’s most eligible bachelors? Or will you leave empty handed?

Ever watch Gravity Falls and think, man, that Stan sure is hot? Well, indulge that thought by playing this genuine Grunkle Dating Sim!


  • Expressive character sprites!
  • Full-color painted backgrounds?!?!
  • Ten never-before-seen illustrations, featuring your favorite Grunkle!
  • The opportunity to date your choice of Stan or Ford (but not both at once)!

Here’s what critics are saying about the game:

“Grunkle Stan finally gets a long term relationship! My work here is done” - Mabel
“Anyone else think this is kinda weird? And gross?” - Dipper
“So when do I get a cut of the profits? –Whaddya mean, “it’s free”!?” - Stan
“What’s a dating sim?” - Ford[3]

The game's website contains a Disclaimer: "This is a fan project made out of love for Gravity Falls and its characters, copyright of which belongs to Disney and Alex Hirsch. We do not claim any ownership over Gravity Falls, and do not profit from this fan project."

Reactions & Reviews

The tag for the game is #gfdatingsim. Fanart based on the game was encouraged[4] and reblogged on the game's Tumblr (#fanart).

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Creator Response

Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls and voice of Grunkle Stan, said he would play the game if the charity stream he was participating in reached a certain goal.[5] He played part of the game and streamed it on June 26, 2018 .[6]

Hirsch's comment was added to the game's "reviews".

A "very well-crafted meticulously thought out planned scenario that builds and builds and builds" – Alex Hirsch, after playing approximately one-tenth of the game



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