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A common Fannish activity are fans raising money for charitable causes. This can come in the form of a Charity Zine or Charity Drive Challenges or special events or campaigns. Most of these actions are fan-run.

Fandoms are typically known for their passionate reactions to anything related to their TV show, film and/or genre of obsession. But they can do more than bring people together to celebrate a common love. They also leverage enthusiastic audiences to impact the world in positive ways. In recent years, through the power of the internet and social media, fans from across the globe have been able to connect and find common ground. Fandom ties have strengthened and evolved into a support network of charities created by groups of fans in order to create a positive impact.
Fandoms give back by channeling passion into charities by Heather Mason On September 5, 2015 GeekandSundry

Sometimes Charity Auctions are a response to a specific disaster where people are in need of immediate help, like for example help_haiti, help_pakistan, X-Philes for Japan or, more recently fandomlovespuertorico.

Fan driven charity actions usually can motivate a lot of people in and outside a Fandom to donate to a certain project or raising awareness. Often TPTB or stars get involved as well which further helps a cause - or fans support charities stars or TPTB are already involved in. Fans consider supporting charities a way of giving back:

Some Youtube Gamers like Markiplier are known for hosting various charity streams where over $628,670.14 were raised.[1]. Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg raised $1M for charities like the World Wildlife Fund , St. Jude, Save the Children, and Charity: Water according to Forbes Magazine[2]

Fans from Sports are also very active and successful in raising money.[3],[4]

Many conventions run charity auctions and raffles; for example, the Worldcon and Eastercon SF conventions usually have auctions in aid of fan-related funds such as the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and/or Down Under Fan Fund, sometimes for more general charities; Britain's Novacon SF convention usually raises money for Talking Books for the Blind; and Ireland's Gaelcon and the UK's Dragonmeet games conventions run very successful charity auctions, usually for children's charities.

A list of charity actions by fandoms

Almost every larger Fandom has at least one charity they support or activity:


Battlestar Galactica

Blake's 7

Dr. Who

Forever Knight


Marvel Cinematic Universe

BBC Merlin


Star Trek

The 100



War of the Worlds


The X-Files

Other Fandom charity actions

Further Reading


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