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Name: Barbie
Creator: Ruth Handler
Date(s): March 9, 1959 - present
Medium: dolls, books, movies, animated shows
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official Website, Barbie
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Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Inc. Various books, games, animated films and television series have been produced set in or around Barbie and her family and friends.




In the 1980s two animated direct to video films were released "Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World" and "Barbie and the Sensations: Rockin' Back To Earth" based on the "Barbie and the Rockers" doll line, which was seen as many as response to Jem, Hasbro's rock star doll line (which was outselling Barbie at the time) and it's animated TV series adaptation.

Barbie Movies were released semi-annually beginning in 2001. The early films, from 2001 - 2009, focused on traditional fairy tales and are referred to as the Fairytale Era, it is also not unusual to see fans call them the classic or retro Barbie films. The films released after 2009 are categorized as the Post-Fairytale Era mostly because Barbie took on a larger variety of roles.

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