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X-Phil Antropy is a German charity effort founded by two X-Philes.


Jana and Annette , the originators of charitable projects among German Philes, met online in 2007 at XFiles-Mania.de, (XFM), Germany's largest, still running forum for online fans of the TV show „The X-Files“.

They were inspired by friend who volunteered at an African School. Together with the XFM community they collected money to make a donation to the school, and buy Christmas presents for the students in 2008.

This started a long series of projects. The Gillian Anderson Birthday Fundraiser 2009 made it's donation to Off the Street Kids, a charity project of the actress' choice.

Jana and Annette organized the German Fanderson 2009, where they met Kai Krick, who had written about „The X-Files“ in the 1990s. They were also involved in Frankenbear's German travels, the mascot of the SkypePhiles, which collected donations for a charitable project of Frank Spotnitz' choice among German fans.

At the X-CON in October 2009 in Berlin, buttons were sold for NF,INc. , and Pins for Buskaid. At this effort, the "XFM X-Mas Charity 2009", Katrin joined the project as a sponsor for the items and became a member of the group.

At the "X-CON", a fanart contest was held, which was won by two fans, who made a cycle of landscape art-photographs in Iceland. These pictures were collected in an calendar, the profits of which would also go to the X-Mas charity project.

After the convention, Jana and Annette decided to get future efforts organized, and keep track of the past ones. So the idea was born to form a group and a homepage, and thus, in November 2009, X-PhilAnthropy was born.https://x-philanthropy.jimdo.com/who-we-are/