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Frankenbear (also known as Frankenbear the Bear) (*18. November 2008) is a stuffed Teddy Bear that was send around the world during the 2009 Frankenbear Worldwide Tour from one X-Phile to the another to raise money for the UCLA-Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center. This was a fan charity initiated by XFilesNews and SkypePhiles in 2009.[1]

It was named after X-Files writer and co-producer Frank Spotnitz[2]. The white shorts the animal wore were dubbed "fanties" and featured a pictures of Spotnitz' face. Fans could donate money for each section the teddy bear traveled or act as hosts for their city and/or country.

The fans took photos with Frankenbear in front in famous landmarks and put little souvenirs like pins or clothing items on the bear or into the card-box the bear traveled in. For example, in the picture Frankenbear is wearing a genuine Bavarian Trachtenhalstuch and a Filzhut while holding a Hofbräu wheat bear Radler. He also took a picture with Gillian Anderson at the stage door after her play A Doll's House.[3]

Frankenbear's final stop was in November 2009, where the bear was given to Spotnitz together with a scrap book. He now resides in cupboard in Spotzniz' London office next to a Peabody Award[4].