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You may be looking for the zine X-Philes.

See also: browncoat, scaper, trekkie, wingnut, whovian, xenite
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A term used by fans of Chris Carter's The X-Files to describe themselves. A play on words, Phile (from the Latin -phila, from Ancient Greek φίλος [philos], “dear, beloved”) is used in the fannish sense as someone who is a lover of a certain character of show.

The first use of "X-Phile" by a fan to describe themselves on alt.tv.x-files.creative was on May 8, 1994, but from the way it was used, the term appears to have been well-established at that point. [1]

The opposite of the word "phile" is "phobe."

Other Fannish uses of "Phile"

While "X-Phile" is most the commonly used fannish phrase, other fans have used the term in other ways. Some examples:

  • the zines ST-Phile, Biblio Phile, The Beverly File, and Beverlyophiles
  • from a fan in 1990 "I am not a huge Rikerphile, even I found it hard to see how Troi could get involved with that schumcky part Betazed when she had Riker around for casual sex and companionship." [2]


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