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Carterverse is a Portmanteau of the words Carter and [uni] verse), and an unofficial term for the fictional universe created by Chris Carter that covers the television shows The X-Files (including the two feature films and the comic universe), MillenniuM and The Lone Gunmen. According to this interview the series "The After" developed by Carter was intended to also be set in the Carterverse.

But not only the canon works are included to the Carterverse, but also the enormous works on FanFiction and Comics and novels which are not considered as a canon.

The works are often similar in their content and thematic themes, such as the family and the loss of them (e.g., Mulder's sister Samantha, William Scully in The X-Files , Catherine Black and the feeling of security in MillenniuM, Thomas F. Hobbes and Sophie Green in Harsh Realm.[1]


The term 'verse appeared around the same time as Joss Whedon started the production of the Buffy spin-off Angel. Since both shows take place in the same universe, it was called the Whedonverse.

Examples of the use of the term Cartersverse


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