Samantha Mulder

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Name: Samantha Mulder
Relationships: Fox Mulder's sister
Fandom: The X-Files
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Samantha Mulder is Fox Mulder's younger (half) sister that disappeared one night from the Mulder family home when Mulder was 12 and Samantha was 8. This disappearance became the motivation for Mulder to join the FBI where he and Diana Fowley discovered the X-Files, in which he found hints for conspiracy between humans and extraterrestrial forces.

Pairings include the incest pairing Mulder/Samantha, the femslash pairing Scully/Samantha - both parings very rare - and Alex Krycek/Samantha (Krycek/Samantha).


Samantha is important to Mulder and so she is mentioned in lots of fan fiction because she a huge source of grief for Mulder. As a character herself she is featured in much fewer stories.


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