Diana Fowley

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Name: Diana Fowley, The Fowl One
Occupation: FBI Agent
Relationships: Ex-Wife(?)/girl friend of Fox Mulder
Fandom: The X-Files
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Diana Fowley is an X-Files character that appeared in the fifth and sixth season of show.

She is mainly shipped with Mulder (Mulder/Diana). Rare pairings include Scully (Scully/Diana), Alex Krycek (Alex/Diana) and CSM/Diana.

Fan Comments

She was/is despised by the majority of Mulder/Scully shippers upon introduction since her and Mulder's past was perceived as threat to the relationship between Mulder and Scully. Another reason may have been that her characters was underdeveloped and created by Chris Carter to make the shippers uncomfortable.

Diana Fowley is one of the most neglected, misunderstood, and hated characters in TXF fandom. It’s no secret that I love her. I’m not writing a defense of her character (or her casting) because I suspect those of you who don’t like Diana wouldn’t read it anyway, and those of you who do, don’t need it. But I will tell you why I like writing and reading fic about her: (1.) she’s an intelligent, complicated, middle-aged woman with divided loyalties, and (2.) smart as she is, she’s still in love with someone she knows she can’t have. Fox Mulder and Diana Fowley are a doomed ship, and I love doomed ships.[1]

I hate Diana because she's trying to get in the way of a perfectly good partnership, friendship, and overall relationship. She's also extremely snotty and annoying.[2]

(...)I have to admit, Diana revalidated herself in my eyes when she herself realized that Mulder was deeply in love with Scully and vice versa. I mean, even though Diana was a stubborn and didn’t get that fact at the beginning, it really hit her in the end, and she backed off…and she gave Scully the key to save Mulder…I kinda see it as an apology :) So, I really think Scully did realize Diana was also human, I mean, Diana had probably fallen for Mulder, for the same reasons she had fallen for him. It was only natural.

Which is why I believe that her tears in the 'touchstone scene’, when she tells Mulder, Diana has died, are sincere. And the fact Mulder, doesn’t dwell on Diana’s passing, only reinstates the love and admiration he has for Scully at the time…

P.S. In the end, I ended up not liking Phoebe Green more…but I’ll leave my explanation for THAT in another rant LOL.


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Some Diana Fowley Art

Due to the hate in the X-Files shipper community, fan art of the character usually consist of Manips that depict Fowley in a negative manner, for example as a witch or demon or mean memes.

Anti-Diana Fowley Websites

Several Hate sites were created in the late 1990s. These sites were linked at Devoted Haters of Fowley and Spender. The links give a flavor of the rawness and intense dislike of this character that some fans had.

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