Harem Of X Files Other Women Defenders

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Name: Harem Of X Files Other Women Defenders (The Harem) (haremxf)
Date(s): 2001-?
Archivist: Deslea, maidenjedi
Founder: Deslea
Type: fan fiction archive, community
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/haremxf/

The Harem: Fans Of The Supporting Women Of The X Files, Archived version
The Harem, Archived version (last updated in January 2016)

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The Harem was a collective of fans of the secondary female characters of The X Files (i.e. other than Dana Scully). Although the groups's main focus was on female characters, fic about Jeffrey Spender was also allowed in the archive. The founding member of the Harem, Deslea, is no longer active in The X-Files fandom anymore, but still hosts the database and will work with volunteers to get newer stories up on request.

Harem began as a mailing list, and then moved to Livejournal, which became the primary meeting point.

There is also fiction archive, which is no-longer updated, and has been replaced by a collection on Archive of Our Own.

The archive includes fic about the following characters:

Some of the stories are set in the XFVCU Virtual Season of the X-Files, which was another project founded by Deslea.