Teena Mulder

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Name: Teena Mulder
Relationships: Fox Mulder's mother
Fandom: The X-Files
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Teena Mulder (née Kuipers), also known as Mrs. Mulder, is Fox Mulder's and Samantha Mulder's mother.

She appears the first time in the second-season episode X-Files Colony in a story arc where Mulder is made believe that he found the his long missing Sister Samantha. Teena usually appeared in mytharc episodes, which revealed, that Teena was as much as an victim of the circumstances as where Mulder and Samantha. It's also implied that Teena had an affair with the Cigarette-Smoking Man and that Mulder could be the production of the union. In Sein und Zeit Mrs. Mulder takes her own life after a fatal cancer diagnosis.

In fanon Teena is usually portrayed as very cold person and distant to her son and other people. It's often mentioned that she has substance abuse problems with alcohol and opiate pills. She and Mulder usually rarely interact, usually only during holidays. She is currently only used as minor character in fanworks or mentioned/remembered by main characters like Mulder, Scully, Samantha or the CSM.

A rare pairings is CSM/Teena.



From emily shore's 2007 list: "The archiving instinct is a terrible thing. If you enjoy reading stories about Teena Mulder, it is perfectly natural to want to save some of them to your harddrive. It may even be perfectly natural to want to save all the ones you find, given how unusual they are. If you are me, however, there will come a day when you look long and hard at your "Teena" folder and think "wow, I may actually have the largest collection of Teena Mulder fanfic ever brought together in one place." And you ask yourself, "can I somehow win praise and approbation for this achievement?" The answer is almost certainly no. However, you can aim to provide a small service to humanity by cataloguing them in a comprehensive manner. Which is what I'm doing here."

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