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Name: Naraht (DW)
Alias(es): Emily Shore (LJ), emily_shore, emily-shore
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Mary Renault, Classical Music RPF, The X-Files, The Beatles, Star Trek: TNG, Hilda Tablet, History Boys, Swallows and Amazons, Shakespeare, and many others
Communities: maryrenaultfics, RenaultX
URL: dreamwidth; ao3, Livejournal
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Naraht (also known as Emily Shore) is a fan writer who has written stories in Mary Renault fandom, among many others. She is one of the founders and moderators of the RenaultX Dreamwidth community. An avid commentator on fanworks, mostly fanfiction and fanvids, she is also the founder of the XF Bookclub.

For the XF Bookclub she commented on various Philedom fan fictions as well on some fandom aspects like Genderswap and on On narrow genre tastes, female characters, and a wider variety of books.

Example Fanworks

Meta/Comments on Fandom subjects by Naraht

Fandom RPF