99 and 44/100ths Done

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Title: 99 and 44/100ths Done
Author(s): Sarah Segretti
Date(s): October 1, 2000
Genre: MSR
Fandom: The X-Files
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99 and 44/100ths Done is an R-rated MSR X-Files story by Sarah Segretti.


"Rating: R
Summary: Two mysterious and surprising cases -- plus encounters with manhole covers, ice cream and pigs -- lead Scully and Mulder down an unexpected path: the road home.
Category: XR
Spoilers: S7 and SR 819. In this universe, events in "all things" and episodes after "Brand X," especially "Requiem," do not occur.
Glossary: WMD stands for weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological); ATF is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Author's note: A scullyfic improv. Elements at the end. David Duchovny stole one, and Chris Carter stole another. Since I had them first, I'm going to sue."

Reactions and Reviews

A wonderfully quirky and offbeat double casefile involving Cincinnati, Ivory Soap, exploding manhole covers and Krycek. Not every non-supernatural casefile has to involve serial killers, dismemberment and vomiting. This one brings a smile to my face every time. A nice touch is the fact that it involves an FBI field office, which usually get short shrift in both the series and in fanfic.[1]
All in all it was a quick and entertaining read.

The casefile seemed a little pointless, its resolution kinda forced, as well the Krycek thing (do we ever get the explanation of why he was there and I missed it?).

Skinner with a girlfriend (that character fell a little flat for me) is pretty funny.

I loved Agent Nachtaway's character with kids, picachu earrings and all. Scully discussing Mulder and their relationship never gets old, even though I cringe at the fact that she can't discuss other things with other women (she misses the company of women because she can't talk about men and children otherwise? :/). The conversation about pokemons is hilarious (I have little cousins, not fans the pokemon particularly, but of plenty of other things).

Mulder not being good enough to be working was very good. I appreciated the fact that his hospitalizations have real consequences that may affect the cases they're working on and his ability to save the day.

I laughed at this and a couple of other places (the pigs?) I can't remember now:

She watched Luebbing eyeing them speculatively. If you figure it out, honey, let me know, she thought.

I always appreciate a fic that can make laugh.[2]
Reading fic now, so many years after the end of the series, forces me to place the story on the timeline, which wasn't necessary when reading the story fresh.

I liked that Scully and Skinner acknowledged their parallel alien hardware problems. I liked that Mulder was fed up, considering Skinner's waffling and back-pedaling at the end of SR Whateveritwas. I liked that Mulder was still dealing with his pulmonary issues. (Again, don't get me started on the carelessness with which TPTB inflicted the characters with disease, trauma, and other insult, and pretended there would be no permanent consequences.) I liked the fluff, which was appropriately sweet. I liked the idea that Our Heroes had forgotten that Krycek was a garden-variety offender, in addition to being involved in the Alien Conspiracy, and that he could be apprehended using existing means and laws. (Kind of like when Lee Burwasser had the conspiracy brought down by an accountant.)

I didn't like Mulder getting called on the carpet by Luebbing. Not a criticism of the story, actually, I just don't like that kind of thing. I was tolerably satisfied with the Manhole Cover resolution, less so with Skinner. How do we know there isn't a second Palm Pilot? [3]
A breezy, affectionate story which is my favorite kind provided the skill is there. This kind of "on holiday" casefile can devolve into sheer stupid silliness so easily, but Segretti holds the line. Her story does credit to the spirit of our pal Vince.

I was glad to see my pal Kycek. He is evil (yes, Wendy) but he is human and so attractive. I liked that he appreciated DomScully and wished he were wired differently.

Though I wasn't here for the festivities, I *think* we did dinosaurs in Pittsburgh. There's still a brontosaurus across from the Pitt campus that is occasionally decked in Steeler regalia.

I realize the author had a to-do list, but Mulder and Scully getting turned on while ingesting high-calorie treats irritates me. Just a personal crochet. (Is that the word I want?) Anyhow, chocolate, whipped cream, etc., make me knit my brow. (Heh.) At least they weren't naked.[4]


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