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Mailing List
Name: Scullyfic
Date(s): 1998 - 2002
Moderators/List Maintainers: Jill Selby, Shari Long, Dasha K, Jean Robinson
Type: fanfiction, discussion
Fandom: The X-Files
Scope: Dana Scully
URL: Scullyfic on Yahoo!Groups (appears to be offline)
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Scullyfic was a high volume mailing list dedicated to The X-Files' Dana Scully, founded by Jill Selby. It was a place for fanfiction, episode reviews, and writing challenges. It had daily discussion topics, "off-topic Fridays" where anything was fair game, and a weekly Scullyfic Improv where a volunteer would be chosen from a list. The volunteer would then call for list members to contribute story elements and the first five of those elements were incorporated in a story the author wrote for the following week.

Scullyfic was originally hosted on a private ISP, but in May 1998, it moved to eGroups which eventually became Yahoo!Groups. At the height of its popularity, Scullyfic was at its membership limit and potential members had to put their name on a waiting list until a spot opened up.

In June 2001, the list moved to another private host, which failed in May 2002. When forced to find a new home, the list changed its name to Enigmatic Muse (E-muse for short) to reflect its Scully-centric origins while leaving room for new growth now that The X-Files had ended.[1]

List Events

  • Scullyfic Spring Training
  • In December 2001, the list administrator, Jill Selby, issued a challenge: write a 155 word story about Dana Scully. See the entries at Scully in 155.