Jean Robinson

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Name: Jean Robinson
Fandoms: X-Files
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Jean Robinson is an X-Files fanfic writer.

Fan Comments

Jean, a prancy gal who can wield a pointy stick and stalk with the best of 'em, is also a damned talented writer. There is something exquisitely gentle and lovely about her work, and it is a delight to read -- Mulder and Scully are characters I recognize when I read Jean's stories. And for those of you who have not had the honor of meeting Jean online, her sense of humor is uproarious, both in life and in fic. "Dear Syndicate Noveau" is one I can read over and over and still laugh up a lung every time!<g> [1]
And finally we feature our favorite prancy Sister in the Abbey. Jean is new to fanfic, but has made her mark by filling in the blanks of the past. Most of her stories are set at times we have left behind and do a wonderful job of marking those moments. Her first venture into a long casefile is the post-Redux II "I Scream, You Scream" which manages to provide an ice cream treat along with this Scullycentric tale. Jean's sweet Christmas story is told from Mulder's perspective about his "Pin Up Queen", but it is not what you think. Check out all of Jean's stories at her website. [2]



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