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Title: News for the OBSSEsed
Publisher: Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic
Editor(s): Sister Nancy Cotton (#1-#15, plus a few other issues), Sister Paula R and Sister Autumn (#15-the rest), Lauren (guest editor of #40)
Date(s): March 1997 – September 2001
Frequency: mostly monthly, slowed down at the end
Medium: online
Fandom: Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson, The X-Files
Language: English
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News for the OBSSEsed was a monthly online newsletter for Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic that was published between March 1997 to September 2001.

The focus of this newsletter was the character Dana Scully, fan community, The X-Files, and general irreverence. The issues contained numerous photos, con reports for OBSSEsed Fest, articles, essays, poems, filks, humorous letters, a small bit of fiction, recs for fic, and parodies. It also had many, many delightful, playful photomanips, gifs, and graphics.

There were 41 issues. The last episode was published as many fans had lost their enthusiasm for the show due to casting and creative choices by TPTB, realization that there was to be little or no closure in plotting, probable weariness due to creating forty-one issues in five years, and finally, distress regarding the terrorism in the United States in September 2001. This latter is mentioned in the last editorial: "Luckily, we did not lose any of our members, but it became clear just how far reaching the OBSSE family was. With all this going on it became very hard to be funny for us here at News for the OBSSEsed."

Tone and Style

News for the OBSSEsed was technologically advanced, sharp and silly, irreverent, pointed, loving, and frank.

The style of writing was that of a wacky, non-denominational religious order of sisters (and a few brothers).

In terms of sexual content -- while there is much discussion of MSR, Scully/Anderson is always the star of the show, and Mulder/Duchovny is portrayed as fairly dense, though attractive.

Explicit sexual comments and content were not allowed. M/M slash is never mentioned or recced, though there is a little conversation about "straight females" having crushes on Scully/Anderson, and mentions of lesbians.


The issues contained a single page/screen until the 25th one. After that, issues had multiple pages. Some of the navigation tools are tricky to find; as a reader, be alert to this fact so you don't miss anything.

Full index is here.

Interaction with Gillian Anderson and Mainstream Press

Many of the fans and creators of this newsletter attended events for which Gillian Anderson was present: fundraisers, plays, set tours, and charity events. There are many photos and fan accounts of these visits.

Anderson was well-aware of this newsletter and the fan club Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic. She was presented buttons and other items from members, commented on its contents, and it was rumored that when she directed one episode of the show, she included nods to the club, something that she appeared (perhaps playfully) to confirm.

Mainstream press also touted and quoted this fan club, something several issues commented upon.


From the first issue:

Welcome to the premier issue of "News for the OBSSEsed," a monthly Web newsletter for members of the Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE) and visitors to our humble virtual sanctuary.

First off, a big "Thank You" goes to Sister Autumn Tysko for giving this little ditty its name and for being one of our first contributors. Other thanks go to Sister Monet Inscrutable and Sister EP for contributing some creative contributions ( I like alliteration, what can I say?) to the site.

What you'll find herein is a little bit of everything related to St. Scully--essays, comments, creative works (short ones only!) from OBSSE members ranging from the serious (a poem based on a dream in this issue) to the outrageously funny (check out Sister Monet's "Hymn" sung to the tune of "She Blinded Me with Science." :) And of course, we offer opportunities for you to comment on what you read. Feedback is *always* welcome!

Oh, and most everything relates in some fashion to St. Scully, but you probably figured that out already.

What you will NEVER ever find here are rumours regarding Gillian Anderson's love/sex/or whatever life. Go buy a tabloid for those. You WILL find career-related news about the actress, however, a little bit of which is offered in this month's missive.

Issue 1

News for the OBSSEsed: March 1997, Archived version

  • OBSSE News Premieres
  • The OBSSE Book Of Common Prayer (Sister Autumn)
  • Gillian Anderson Races Towards The Triple Crown
  • OBSSE Poll: Saint Scully: Cosmically Intelligent Or Paranormally Psychic?
  • Muses From Our Members
    • Poem by Loligo (AKA Sister EP)
    • Hymn To St. Scully The Enigmatic (Sister Monet Inscrutable)

Issue 2

April '97 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • A Growing OBSSEssion
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.) One example: "Dear Sister Autumn: Can I still be an OBSSE member if I occasionally have carnal and lustful thoughts about Agent Mulder? Signed, Bewitched By Black Boxers -- Dear Bewitched: Believe it or not, this is a very common question. The OBSSE elders have thought long and hard about this issue on many, many occasions. Mother Nancy herself enjoys thinking about this in great detail and has been known to watch those episodes where Mulder appears in his undergarments, glasses, or black mock turtleneck repeatedly to try to channel St. Scully's insight into this very issue. Now, while St. Scully has only given us brief glimpses into whether she herself ever has had such thoughts, I ask you to ponder the following (and not often referenced) scriptures..."
  • Poll results: Is Saint Scully Psychic? Heck yeah!
  • OBSSE Poll: Should Saint Scully Believe?
  • Welcome New Sisters And Brothers
  • Muses From Our Members
    • St. Scully's Psalm by Sister Bryn
    • Saint Scully, Our Lady of Skepticism by Sister Sabine (art)
    • Scullyists' Bilingual Prayer (Sung to the tune of "Santa Evita" from the Evita soundtrack) by Sister Esther M.
  • Scullyist? You bet! by Sister La..Dee..Da.. "A few weeks back, members of the OBSSE got into a heated debate on over St. Scully's emotional state. While St. Scully's naysayers called her "repressed," we called her "controlled." While they said we "bashed Mulder" we argued that we "celebrated Scully," and the debate raged on....Out of this whole discussion, however, arose some very interesting and insightful posts. One of the most poignant of which was written by our very own Sister La..Dee..Da, and she has graciously allowed us to reprint it here. Simply titled, "Scullyist?", Sister La has nailed why many of us "believe." :)"

Issue 3

May 1997 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • The Season Finale Is Coming! The Season Finale Is Coming!
  • A Visitation From The Sainted One Herself (Gillian Anderson sent the group this message: ""To the entire "OBSSE"-- I got a huge kick out of the web site samples. Thanks for the homage! --Gillian")
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn)
  • Poll results: Should Saint Scully Believe: What The "Bleep" Do You Think?
  • OBSSE Poll: Birds, Bees, And Monkey Baby Makes Three
  • OBSSE Hits One Hundred! (The list now has 100 members.)
  • "Scullymata" Scare Grips ATX
  • Meanwhile, Across The Atlantic (Sister Charlotte)
  • Muses From Our Members
    • Prayers at the Reliquary of the Blessed One by Sister Lesley
    • Act of Contrition for Mulderist Tendencies by Sister Anna
    • CiCi's Prayer of Exaltation at Being Accepted by the OBSSE by Sister CiCi (aka Pendgirl)
    • A Musical Interlude by Brother Nick P. (taken from his post on ATX and sung to the tune of "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" from The Sound of Music)
    • Prayer for Saint Scully to Someday Pleasure and Redeem Her Unenlightened Yet Still Cared for Cohort, the Lowly Agent Mulder (aka "Screw Him") by Sister Molly and Sarah

Issue 4

June 1997 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • Yahoo! The OBSSE Has A New Home!
  • Post Season Finale Depression: How Bad Do You Suffer?
  • Spiritual Exercises For The *Summerily* Stressed (or "How to Waste...uh...Spend Your Summer Vacation")
  • And The Winner Is... ("Last month, we asked OBSSE members and visitors to the Sanctuary to select an "entertainer" that they thought would make the perfect mate for our Saint. Well, the results are in, and the grande prize winner is... "): biggest winners were David Duchovny, Harrison Ford, Lucy Lawless, other "mates" were Harry Connick, Jr., Val Kilmer, Catherine Deneuve, Kenneth Branagh, Shaquille O'Neal, and Jodie Foster
  • OBSSE Poll: Is She Or Isn't She?
  • Ask Sister Autumn: Special Summer Double Edition (Sister Autumn T)
  • Profane Thoughts On The Saint (Brother Nick P.) ("Given the Brothers' letters above to Sister Autumn, the OBSSE leaders thought it would be appropriate and extremely enlightening if long-time OBSSE member, Brother Nick P., delivered a little sermon to us about how St. Scully is viewed...from the male perspective. Following is Brother Nick's address. Take heed, Sisters. ;) ")
  • Welcome New Brothers And Sisters
  • XF/GA: Here, There And Everywhere...
  • Musings From Our Members
    • Sister Cindy's Vision by Sister Cindy the Indecisive
    • A Spiritual Journey by Sister DKScully05
    • Prayer for Science by Sister MSpooky
    • A Prayer by Brother Reader1 by Brother Reader1
    • A Prayer by Sister PamS. by Sister Pam S.
    • A Prayer to Have Wishes for Wisdom Granted by Sister Dana (spokesperson for the AB Roller)
    • Kung Fu Scully Prayer by Brother Plantagenet
    • The X-ology (Sung to the Tune of the Doxology) by Brother Rog the Appreciative

Issue 5

July 1997 OBSSE Newsletter, Archived version

  • The Queegueg Days Of Summer
  • X-Pand Your Vocabulary! An X-Phile's Best Weapon Against "Simple Word Syndrome" (Sister Rebecca Meyers)
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T)
  • Is She Or Isn't She? The "Ayes" Have It! ("Last month we asked OBSSE Members and readers to vote on whether they believe St. Scully is working with Mulder to fake his own death.")
  • OBSSE Poll: Are You OBSSEssed?
  • The OBSSE International Report: A Glimpse Of XF Downunder (Sister Holly) ("the Australian perspective on our Blessed One.")
  • Scintillating Summertime Crafts: St. Scully-On-A-Stick (Brother Creepy)
  • Welcome New Sisters And Brothers
  • XF Update: Landau Signed To XF Movie
  • Musings From Our Members
    • How a Sister Can Tell if Her Man is OBSSEssed by Brother Nick P.
    • To Our Dear St. Scully by Sister Nicola
    • Scully Night, Holy Night (sung to the tune of "Silent Night, Holy Night") by Brother Streaker
    • Fervent, Admiring Watcher's Prayer by Sister loa
    • Sister Jenny's 13-Point Program for Getting Through Summer Reruns by Sister Jenny
    • Scully Came Home (Sung to the tune of "Sunny Came Home," by Shawn Colvin) by Nancy FF (aka GoldFinchPhile)
    • I Enjoy Being a Rogue (Sung to the tune of, "I Enjoy Being a Girl") by Sister Sarah S.
    • Genesis by Brother Kevin
  • Cards And Letters Welcome

Issue 6

August 1997 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • Keeping The Faith
  • OBSSE Chat Channel Premieres ("Six months. SIX WHOLE MONTHS! Well almost, anyway. That's how long we Philes have to go until a new X-Files episode airs in the U.S. That's because the show won't start its fifth season until November 2. Ugh! I have to admit, after that little bit of news, I've been feeling a bit...discouraged. Can I hold out? Can I take the pressure? Can I stand any more, "Oh my God! I can't believe they killed David Duchovny!" posts on No, of course I can't. Not alone. That's why we're here, Brothers and Sisters, to support one another in this trying time. The Order of the Blessed St. Scully the Enigmatic is our virtual sanctuary to find comfort, peace, respite, and hopefully, a good chuckle now and then in these long dreary months without a fresh St. Scully Sighting. In the interim, we must take pleasure in the fact that the XF movie is in production, Gillian Anderson et al. have been nominated for Emmy Awards, and our legion of true believers continues to grow, with the OBSSE boasting more than 300 Brothers and Sisters. Making things even better is the fact that the Order now has its own chat channel so that we can comfort one another in REAL TIME. St. Scully be praised!!!") ("The OBSSE channel is located on the server at channel #obsse")
  • And The Nominees Are...
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • OBSSE Summertime Crafts: Make Your Own Membership Card!!!
  • Poll Results: Tattoo You? (and you...and you...and you too)
  • XF Update: Rumors, Rogues And Ruminations
  • Musings From Our Members
  • August '97 OBSSE Poll: What's My line??? ("Every OBSSE member has a dream line they'd *LOVE* to hear St. Scully utter on the big screen. I know I do, and forgive me St. Scully, but I admit, it involves a four letter word (and I don't mean "punk"...or maybe I do). ")
  • Who are you? Who? Who?...Who? Who? The OBSSE Personality Test (Sister La..Dee..Da)
  • Special To "News For The OBSSEssed": "Tressed For Success" (Jennifer Rose Hale)
  • Welcome New Sisters And Brothers
  • The OBSSE International Report: On Saintliness, Scully and Gillian (Sister Charlotte in the UK)
  • Musings From Our Members
    • A Night Time Prayer by Kory
    • In Favor of "Our" Scully by Sister Spooky
    • A Rogue's Prayer to St. Scully after the "Death" of Agent Fox William "the PUNK" Mulder by Sister Joanne
    • Prayer to the Lady of the Rational Explanations by Sister Debbie
    • An OBSSE Prayer by Sister KTDoyle
    • A Letter from Sister Cherubim from Sister Cherubim
    • Listing of Miracles by Paul Wartenberg
    • A Prayer Paying Homage to the Blessed St. Scully's Scientific Wisdom by Sister Kim W.
    • The Love of Two Saints by Sister Amelia ** Sister Sara's Prayer by Sister Sara G.

Issue 7

September 1997 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • Let The Pilgrimage Begin!
  • A Meeting Of The Elders, a description of a fan meeting (Sister Nancy) (photo of Sister Nancy Cotton and Autumn Tysko)
  • IN AND AROUND THE ABBEY... OBSSE Chat Night premieres; Sci-Fi Universe to Quote OBSSE Top 10
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.) (One question -- a fan wants someone to tape her episodes but is worried about fair use. Sister Tysko replies: "Goodness Gracious Sister Loa! You've given me my first legal question (and here there are those who thought I was only good for fashion or trivia). Though not a lawyer, I've seen them played on TV. Also, I did watch a lot of "L.A. Law" as well as being on the high school debate team, so I'm sure that I am qualified to answer this one for you. Plus, I practiced saying "Objection" really loud and forceful a whole bunch before typing this. Article One: Let's be honest here. First exhibit, we all tape the X-Files. Whew! That dirty little secret is now out. We actually use said video cassette recorders to record. Imagine that. Second exhibit, were FOX to release *all* the episodes on tape in the US as they have done in Japan and Europe (no doubt immediately after you left - in fact I think they planned it that way) we'd all buy them. However, seeing as though the party of the FOX refuses to give the parties of the Philes (Hey, that sounds like fun!) that pleasure, a fan's gotta do what a fan's gotta do.")
  • Poll Results: And The "Word" Is...
  • OBSSE Poll: Toyland, Toyland, X-Phile Girl And Boy Land!
  • A Rogue OBSSE...uh...Kitchen Crew Guest Column: The Kidnapping Rant (Sister Danielle "the Absent" Dupre') ("Just once I'd like to see some mutant fixating on Mulder.")
  • OBSSE Summertime Crafts: Make Your Own Scullyrita! (by Sister Nanchita)
  • Welcome New Sisters And Brothers!
  • OBSSE Fanfic Picks (Sister Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
  • Leap'n Lizards! The Title Of The XF Season Premiere Is Announced!!!
  • Muses From Our Members
    • Hail, St. Scully! by Brother Gregg
    • Lament for A Season Premiere by Sister Dana H.
    • A Prayer for Strength by Sister Dani
    • XF "One" (Sung to the tune of "One" from "A Chorus Line.") by Brother Hannibal

Issue 8

October 1997 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • The Year of the "X"
  • And The Winner Is...
  • The Rogue Report: On The Emmy Front Lines (Sister Amy Clanton)
  • A Pilgrim's Progress (Sister Nancy) (Description of a fan gathering by members of the Gillian Anderson Mailing List (GAML) for a Scully/GAML Fest in Vancouver, Canada, September 11-15, 1997. Includes photos.)
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
    • One letter: a fan's mother has found her stash of photos of Gillian Anderson and her mother is now worried the fan is a lesbian. Sister Autumn's reply: "You are in trouble! Whatever provoked you to choose your name from an episode as lame as "El Mundo Gira"? It's quite possible all your problems stem from this unfortunate moniker! That was, by the way, the only thing about your plea for guidance that made me laugh. About that other little thing you wrote about, I learned something pretty early on about St. Scully - her appeal transcends sexuality. OBSSE members come from all walks of life, gay and straight, but there is that special something about St. Scully that appeals to all (heck, I even have gay male friends who want her!). This St. Scully magic has even prompted the formation of a new group on the net called SWILS (Straight Women In Love with Scully). So why this mass adoration from fans male and female, homo and hetero? It's simple really - her beauty comes from within as much as without. OK, I'm going to get serious for a bit here - gentle readers please do not be frightened of this - the Sister Autumn you know and tolerate will be back in a second. One of the sad things about popular culture is that there are woefully few heroines - true role models for women. The media is saturated with male heroic figures, but for we women, our heroes - the ones we can relate to and look up to - are unfortunately few and far between. So when you find one - and dear friends we have - you need to hang on to them for dear life. St. Scully tells us, and most importantly the young women amongst us, that women are powerful, and they can do anything and be anything. There are no limits - you can go into science, medicine, or law enforcement (or all three!) and be treated with respect and admiration. No matter how old you are you never stop looking for role models, for women who inspire. Yes, we can admire her physical beauty. Yes, some folks find her sexually attractive, but I think that all of us are attracted to the *spirit* of St. Scully. We are attracted to the characteristics she displays - loyalty, honesty, compassion, intelligence, determination, kindness - we have found ourselves a hero. I, for one, am proud of you (well, except for that name thing) and all of the other young women of the OBSSE that instead of plastering their walls with photos of Hanson or whoever the teen heartthrob of the second is realize that there is more to life than a good looking guy with a guitar. If your mother can't grasp these points, you can always do the obvious just to allay her concerns. Make a big show at some point of watching one of those scantily clad PUNK episodes sometime in her presence (you know like "Duane Barry" or "Fire") and at the appropriate time mutter loudly to yourself, "He's a damn good looking man" or "Speedo!Mulder - yummy" - then as soon as she turns her back, put "Memento Mori" back in and bask in all things Scully."
    • a 15-year old fan is worried about being able to complete a high school biology class: Sister Autumn's reply: "You see, this is exactly what I was talking about in the previous letter! I, for one, would say you've been blessed by the Blessed One. I still shudder at my memories of those forced dissections all those years ago - the fetal pig scarred me for life and made me think for years that all livers were blue. Perhaps it is those repeated viewings of Autopsy!Scully, with her variety of fetching multi-colored head coverings and glasses, poking intestines, power-tooling through skulls, and weighing stomachs with a smile that has given you strength. I say revel in your new found confidence - the only way the Saint has graced me is the occasional nosebleed Scullymata. Personally, I think you got the better deal."
  • Poll Results: New, From Kenner!
  • OBSSE Poll: Aliens? Bah! Mutant Miners Is More Like It!
  • OBSSE Fanfic Picks (Sister Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Patti Murphy ("Patti's fanfic will always hold a special place in my heart as her wonderful story "A Little Knowledge" was one of the first good Scully pieces I read. It was this story that, way back when I discovered this special art form, really hooked me. She was one of the early writers to get Our Saint "just right" in my mind. I've enjoyed everything she's written, but I'd also like to make special note of one of her more recent pieces "The Ghost of Christopher Robin" for those of you who crave a good strong X-File type story.")
    • RivkaT
    • Deejay
  • An OBSSE Fan Fiction Exclusive: Twilight, by Patti Murphy
  • Welcome New Sisters And Brothers
  • XF News: The date is set for the XF season five premiere
  • Musings from our members
    • Give My Regards to Scully (sung to the tune of "Give My Regards to Broadway") by Brother Hannibal (who is on a never ending quest to write an OBSSE hymnal sung to Broadway show tunes...)
    • We Need a Little Scully (Sung to the tune of "We Need a Little Christmas" from "Mame") by Brother Hannibal
    • O Blessed St. Scully! by Sister lia
    • Sister Elaine's Scully Krishna Poem/Mantra/Song Thingee: Version 1 by Sister Elaine
    • Sister Elaine's Scully Krishna Poem/Mantra/Song Thingee Version 2: The Emmy Version by Sister Elaine

Issue 9

November 1997 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • Get ready to rumble!
  • Calling all OBSSE Sisters and Brothers: Fill the Flask for NF, Inc.! ("This holiday season, the Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE) is getting into the holiday spirit. That's why, starting on November 1 (All Saint's Day, of course) and running through December 15, the OBSSE is holding our first ever "Holiday Fundraiser for Neurofibromatosis, Inc.," a charity that is near and dear to Gillian Anderson's (aka St. Scully's) heart. What better way for a quasi-religious organization such as ourselves to celebrate our Saint, hmm???? And what better way for us X-File fans to honor the 100th episode of this outstanding show (airing November 9) than by giving to others in honor of what Ms. Anderson and the cast and crew of XF have given to us?")
  • At Last! The OBSSE Mailing List premieres! ([email protected])
  • The OBSSE Top 10 Hit Parade (Sister Nancy) (OBSSE's Top 10 XF Episodes listed in contrast to the top ten listed by the magazine Sci-Fi Universe)
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
    • sample question: "I try to spread the word of Saint Scully in RL, as well as online, but I have run into a problem. How does one say, "OBSSE"? Since it's so close to obsessed---I mean FOCUSED-- I want to pronounce it as a word, but that sounds weird. Do I just spell it, and say O-B-S-S-E? I want to be accurate when I proselytize!" -- Sister Autumn replies: "I can only guess that it was the divine spirit of St. Scully that led you to post this important query to me. I must admit that when I got it, a chill actually went down my spine. Why you may ask? Well, because it was over this very issue that the Reverend Mother and I had our first disagreement. It did not come to blows, but I did get a run in my hose, and Mother Nancy's wimple was a bit askew. We, of course, resolved our differences over the Sacred Scullyrita, but for a while it was scary. You see, I'd always figured OBSSE was a joke on "obsess" - hence the name I came up with for this newsletter - so I always called it "the obsess". When, upon our first meeting, I said this in casual conversation, Mother Nancy got a strange look on her face. It seems she was fond of spelling it out instead of making a word out of it. (I will admit, just between you and me, that when OBSSE was but a glimmer in the RevMa's eye, I used to get confused and think it might be BOSSE - pronounced "bossy" of course - to signify the way Our Dear Doctor can get in a medical situation.) Anyway, we did the only thing two rational adults could do in such a situation: We thumb-wrestled while engaging in a St. Scully trivia contest. Unfortunately, I won the trivia contest, but my thumb was pinned at the time, so we were back at square one. We decided a truce. To make a short story long, you can now pronounce it either way and be accurate. I even heard Mother Nancy call it "obsess" after too much communion in Vancouver.... "
  • SRE me! (Fan's favorite SRE (Scully Rationale Explanation) or to tell us the SRE they would most like to hear St. Scully say.)
  • OBSSE Poll: Write that caption!!!
  • OBSSE Fanfic Picks (Sister Autumn T.) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers
  • XF News: Mulder, It's Me...
  • Muses From Our Members
    • Revelations: First Missive by Sister Town Ho
    • Revelations: Second Missive by Sister Town Ho
    • The Great St. Scully by Sister Jaina
    • With Apologies to T. S. Eliot... by Brother Greg, Third Acolyte from the Left
    • A Sister's Plea for Tapes! by Sister Zrinka (aka Xigent Dawn)
    • An OBSSE Meeting! by Brother Hannibal "It's official...the gathering of the Southeastern US District of the OBSSE will be gathering...well, someday..."

Issue 10

December 1997 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • OBSSE 1997 Holiday Fundraiser: Just $700 to go!!!
  • Over 80 Philes Subscribe To The OBSSE List (premiered in late October)
  • A Scullyist's Letter To Santa (Sister La..Dee..Da.) ("Dear Santa: Although I know that you cannot possibly exist and are merely a composite of several cultures' attempts at incorporating their pagan/secular figures into the religious holiday of Christmas, I, nonetheless, am writing to you, having witnessed "The Blessed Miracle of the Remission Chip" and therefore finding myself open to more extreme possibilities. For Christmas, I would like the following. They are in no particular order, and I feel it is here I should point out that I have been good all year....")
  • Sounds Of The Season: "X"-Mas Carols For Your Listening (?) Pleasure (Sister Nancy) (included links for sound)
    • Jingle Bells Redux (sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells")
    • Away in the Basement (sung to the tune of "Away in the Manager") (sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells") (First verse: ""Away in the basement. No room for a desk. The Saintly Saint Scully no nameplate she gets. Shoved back in the corner away from our sights. The Saintly Saint Scully needs Equal Desk Rights!")
    • We Two Agents (sung to the tune of "We Three Kings")
    • Dana the Blessed Scully (Sung to the tune of, "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer")
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • Poll Results: A Picture's Worth A 1,000 Words (not!)
  • OBSSE Poll: All She Want's For Xmas Is A New Sig Sauer...
  • OBSSE Fanfic Picks (Sister Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Karen Rasch
    • Sean Smith ("This one is an oldie but goodie - and very very appropriate right now. I'd tell you more, but I don't want to give away it's secret surprise. Let's just say it is a crossover - and it works even if you aren't familiar with what it is a crossover with (though I would find it hard to believe). "Etched" is a good, long, action-packed piece. Curl up with this one on an afternoon. You won't be sorry.")
    • Mustang Sally
  • OBSSE Admits 500th Member! (Sister Nancy and Sister ElaineMc)
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers
  • Muses From Our Members
    • Meditative Lines Centered on the Sublime and Sanctified Inner Self of Saint Scully, with a Brief Mention of Religious Faith, Although That Is A Topic for Another, Possibly Longer, Meditation by Sister ElaineMc
    • Our Scully, Who Art in Remission by Sister Kim
    • Jig (A Poem) by Sister Piper Maru
    • Scully Haiku by Sister X-Lydia
    • In Praise of the Sainted Scientist by Sister Xtine

Issue 11

January 1998 OBSSE News, Archived version

  • Greetings EVERYONE and Happy New Year (Sister Autumn and Sister La..Dee..Da..)
  • Holiday Fundraiser A Huge Success: $2,175.36 In Pledges Raised!!
  • Looking To The Future (Sister Lens-Of-Science)
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • Poll Results: All She Want's For Christmas Is... ADesk!ADesk!ADesk!!!
  • The Holy Resolutions Of St. Scully For 1998 (Sister Squat)
  • OBSSE Poll: Channel Darin Morgan (Or Your FavoriteWriter)...
  • Komix by Kev (Brother Kevin J. Vos) (fanart)
  • Mailing List: So Many Emails, So Little Time
  • Sister Lens-of-Science Reports:
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)

Issue 12

News for the OBSSEsed: February 1998, Archived version

  • The Date Is Set for OBSSEsed FEST '98
  • Speaking of NF, Inc...
  • To Dana, On Her 34th Birthday (Sister Nancy)
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • OBSSE Poll Results: Coming Soon to a TV Set Near You...
  • OBSSE Poll: Dinner And A Movie? (Sister Nancy)
  • Field Report No. X0-2: "Moolder, ich bin´s" (Sister Glasses, our German Correspondent)
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers!
  • The Rift--Scully's Crisis (Sister Sheryl Martin)
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Pellinor
    • Jane Mortimer
    • Terri Monture ("Terri is the last entry in our little angstfest. I think the first piece of hers I ever read was the story, "The Ghost in My Bed," which is an experimental work that shows Scully's descent into madness after Mulder's death. How's that for angst? I also liked the years later reunion piece, "Breathe" as well as the wonderful look at why Scully does what she does in "Exquisite Corpse."")
  • XF News: Meanwhile, Back to Our Show... (Sister Autumn T.)
  • Komix by Kev (fan art)
  • Musings From Our Members...
    • The Special Agent's Creed by Sister Geneva of the Springs
    • A Visitation? From Brother Northwest Smith (He Who Watches By Night)
    • A Sighting by Sister Rebecca V. (Seeing Gillian Anderson at a industry gathering: "It was with great joy this November 1st that I was honored to attend a function celebrating the 100th X-Files episode. I would have written about it sooner, but the very circumstances that allowed me to attend (a freelance job with the Hollywood Reporter) prevented me from devoting the appropriate amount of time to my Internet worship of The Blessed One. The party was the official Fox party for The X-Files at which I was cheerfully able to shake hands with the great Spotnitz and Carter and hiss under my breath at such luminaries as Krycek and the Pilot. I went armed with my OBSSE card and red hair, Scully power pants, and pumps. So as not to offend The Blessed One or he who channels her adventures by seeming to appear too close to her aspect (I am hardly worthy!), I wore a pair of glasses unlike any I had seen The Blessed One choose. I had hoped to come close enough to Gillian Anderson (She who is closest to The Blessed One) to inform her of my OBSSE membership and our support of such an excellent female character of intelligence and integrity (although why they had to include that bit shot of Mulder in what was expected to be a Scully only episode this weekend, I don't know. I feel cheated. Blessed One grant me patience.) However, when the chance came and the great GA passed within feet of my person, I was overcome with awe and found myself unable to speak. (In a freak note, she was wearing the same glasses as I was. Does this mean we are channeling heretofore undisclosed areas of The Blessed One's character? The glasses are kind of, well, funky, and wouldn't pass FBI muster).")

Issue 13

News for the OBSSEsed: March 1998, Archived version

  • Scully Fever: Catch It! ("I have to admit, I'm a bit reluctant to write what I'm about to write given my status as a straight, Mulder boxers/glasses admirer and *very* married woman, but I've just got to say it: God, is that St. Scully (Gillian Anderson) beautiful or what?! I know. I'm sounding SWILish (Straight Women in Love with Scully), but as they say, "facts is facts," and lately, those facts have been unusually undeniable for me. Forget for a moment the character's inner beauty--her intelligence, dedication, loyalty, compassion, stoicism--the lady is GORGEOUS: Drop Dead. But what amazes me more is the fact that she just keeps growing more and more physically beautiful with every episode she appears in. I thought this phenomenon had reached its climax (so to speak) with last year's "Teliko," when both The Blessed One and her partner posed positively GQ-ish, but not so. If it was possible for Ms. Anderson in her Saintly Incarnation to become even *more* beautiful this season, she has, which has inspired my husband to mutter more than once, "If there's an X-File in The X-Files, it's why Scully doesn't have every man in the FBI following her up and down the hallways." Truer Truer words may never have been spoken.")
  • OBSSEsed Fest '98! (It's three months away and costs $35, which includes a t-shirt.)
  • Life on the List: Let the Games Begin! OBSSEsed Fest 98 Scully-Lympics! (Compiled and narrated by Sister Paula R)
  • Poll Results: All They Ever Think About... (What is the *perfect* date for St. Scully?)
  • OBSSE Poll: Hey! Hey! I'm a Believer (St. Scully a believer?)
  • You Know You're A Scullyist When... (Compiled by Sister Boris) (about 47 "clues" -- the first one is "Your husband pronounces you "hotter than" Scully and your immediate, indignant response is, "I am NOT!"")
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • The Toys Are Out There (Sister Kara (aka LadyZod))
  • OBSSE Crafts: St. Scully Scapulars (Sister Jenn)
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers!
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Kevin J Vos ("When I first read "Wrestling With Jello" on, I did not know Brother Kev. In fact, I think my reaction to the very short and very odd offering was, "What in the hell was that?" Knowing Kevin a little better now, and appreciating his rather odd sense of humor, I recently traveled back to his webpage, and what did I find but two so-called "photo stories". The original classic now illustrated and a sequel. I still said, "What the hell was that?" but I laughed, and I think you will too. Also, if you aren't on the OBSSE mailing list (and why the hell not?), you probably missed his little ode to the "Kill Switch" preview :"Nurse Attack". On a more serious note, Kev also has written a longer and much more substantial and straightforward little X-File called "No Time" - it is the time travel episode we should have got instead of "Synchrony".")
    • Nicole Perry ("Our next author is the scribe of one of my favorite series of stories in all of X-Files fanfic. I've held off recommending her work for a while because the series is not yet finished, but as a little bird has recently told me she has begun work on it again, I figured it is a good time to let you know about Nicole's work. The series is called "Going Nowhere" and starts out with a story called just that. This is a Mulder and Scully on the run saga in which The Blessed One is sadly without her sight. The first few stories are not as strong, but by the time you hit the absolutely wonderful "At the Blue Hotel," I guarantee you will be hooked. It had me riveted. To read the entire, engrossing series, head over to The Gossamer Archive.")
    • Michaela ("First off, I'm going to tell you this next story is one of the dreaded "character dies" stories, and between you and me, you aren't going to like which one it is. However, if you can get past that, you will read one of the best and most heartwarming portraits of Scully I've ever come across. This story has it all: humor, warmth, love, and angst. If you don't mind taking a trip back into a world where The Holy Remission Chip does not exist, I think you will enjoy "Grace Realized".")
  • Kartoons by Kara (fan art)
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)

Issue 14

News for the OBSSEsed: April 1998, Archived version

Meet the Beatles! Er...I mean...the Elders! (This group is establishing a Council of Elders. The members: 1. OBSSE Leader and Reverend Mother -- Name: Sister Nancy (no clever sig) Cotton -- Duties: Admit new members, oversee and maintain the OBSSE web site, act as newsletter editor-in-chief, contribute to newsletter as needed. 2. OBSSE Co-Leader and Elder of the Mailing List and Chats -- Name: Sister Autumn Tysko -- Duties: Oversee and organize official chats, oversee and maintain mailing list, contribute to monthly newsletter (Ask Autumn, XF News, Fan Fic Picks). 3. Elder of Special Projects and Graphic Design -- Name: Sister La..Dee..Da.. Duties: Lead and/or organize OBSSE special projects (fundraisers, future gatherings, etc.), contribute graphics to newsletter/web site as needed, assist with chats, assist with mailing list. 4. Elder of Membership Name: Sister Lens-of-Science -- Duties: Add names to "Brothers and Sisters" section of web site, prepare new brothers and sisters column for newsletter, receive prayers that may be submitted and add to web site or forward on to newsletter editor as needed. 5. Elder of the Newsletter NAME: Sister Paula R. -- DUTIES: Make newsletter assignments, gather all newsletter material, receive newsletter submissions, edit newsletter. Will be in charge of contributing "Results of OBSSE poll" and "New OBSSE poll" columns to monthly newsletter. 6. Elder at Large (aka Abbey Handyman) Name: Brother Colin B. -- Duties: Assist other elders with duties as assigned and when needed or called upon. ELDERETTES: In addition to the six elders, we have two Elderettes (Assistant Elders) who will serve on the Council: 1. Sister Mary G.: Keeper of the OBSSE Mailing List Rules and Official List Greeter. 2. Sister Amy Amyzon: Keeper of the Official OBSSE/OBSSE Mailing List FAQ.

  • Fest Registration Closed, Mailing List Open (Registration for the OBSSEsed Fest on June 18-21 in Austin, Texas is closed. They'd hoped for maybe twenty members, go a lot more. The hotel can't handle any more fans, so they'll get a bigger space next time.)
  • The OBSSE Does Dallas: The X-Files Expo Tour 98 (Sister Nancy) (fan gathering description and photos)
  • She Said WHAT???
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • OBSSE Poll Results: Hey, She's a BEEliever!
  • OBSSE Poll: Wedding Bell Blues... ("This Mulder ring thing has us stumped.")
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • R.J. Christensen ("My last recommendation is from our own Brother RJ. He decided to take another look at "Small Potatoes" and write his own version of it from a Scullyist standpoint. What we have is a tale that is the same, but different - if you know what I mean. I hope you get a kick out of "Mixed Nutz". RJ's writing can be found on his webpage.")
    • Nascent
    • Shalimar
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers!
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • Komix by Kev (fan art)

Issue 15

News for the OBSSEsed: May 1998, Archived version

  • From the Editors... (Sister Paula R.)
  • GAWS Holds Auction to Benefit NF
  • OBSSE: Around the World and in the News ("St. Scully be praised! Last month the OBSSE added members from the countries of France and Malaysia to our Brethren/Sistren, increasing to 17 the number of countries in which the OBSSE is represented. Welcome all! In addition, the Order received rave reviews for its quite formidable mention in the April 15 issue of the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper. The Sanctuary's web site (complete with screen capture) was also mentioned in the Albany, New York daily newspaper, the Times-Union. Next stop: Entertainment Weekly! :)")
  • Scullynemia Strikes Sanctuary! (Sister Nancy)
  • A Tour of the Abbey (Sister Lens of Science)
  • OBSSE Case File #51197: Scully or the "WHPBD"? You Decide... (Sister La..Dee..Da..) (About the Gillian Anderson body doubles in the episodes "Demons" and "Kill Switch." Includes helpful graphics. "Is it an evil conspiracy to slander The Blessed One or merely 1013 not realizing how ... um ... focused we are? Either way, a growing number of us have begun to suspect that there have been times when we *thought* we were beholding Her Pantsuitedness in all Her glory, when in fact, we were seeing an IMPOSTER, a RINGER,... A "Wrong-Haired Prancy Body Double (WHPBD)"!!!")
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • OBSSE Poll Results: Wedding Bell Blues!
  • OBSSE Poll: If I Were A Remission Chip...
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers!
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • Member Musings...
    • It's An XF World After All (sung to the tune of "It's a Small World") by Sister Jennifer-Oksana
    • Prayer in Holy Contemplation of All That is Scully by Sister Not Bloody Likely
    • St. Scully's Prayer by *swenson*
  • Kartoons by Kara (fan art)

Issue 16

News for the OBSSEsed: June 1998, Archived version

  • In the Good Old Summertime... ("Yes, "Fight the Future" as a movie title sucks, but titles are overrated anyway. And to be honest, they're darn hard to come up with when you're on the creating end of things, so let's just cut them some slack on that, shall we? All I know is that the music (I'm listening to one of the soundtracks right now.) and the most recent theatrical trailer rock, so I'm hoping for the best.")
  • The OBSSE "Pose St. Scully!" Action Figure Contest! ("1.Acquire the soon-to-be-released Scully and or Scully/Mulder action figures. 2. Pose your Scully and or Scully/Mulder action figure(s) in the most original/humorous/entertaining way possible. 3. Take a picture of your posed figures, and send it (via snail mail or email) to RevMa Nancy by July 25. The winner (or winners...we may end up having categories) will be the photograph that displays the most original/humorous/entertaining pose. And just for the record, NC-17 or XXX poses won't be accepted, but that doesn't mean you still can't be creative/suggestive. Trust me. :)")
  • Gillian Anderson Conquers New York (Sister MaryNancy) Two fans' account of going to the X-Files Expo in New York, includes photos. There is a link to a transcript, but it no longer works and was not archived.
  • OBSSE Launches Major Marketing Initiative (Sister Squat) A parody of X-Files marketing efforts. Many products described, including "Frohike Alpaca Thong and Garter Belt-- Item Code: OB-Ick-1 -- Description: Whimsical unisex item (sized S, M, L, and XL) for the adventurous sort afflicted with Fruit of the Loom ennui. Matching garter belt is perfectly complemented by Langly Long and Lovely Supersheer Stockings (below)." And the "Byers Leather Bustier -- Item Code: OB-HONK -- Description: Black and sexy funky poaching wear. Dedicated to the memory of Esther Nairn. Includes complementary black eye makeup and nose ring. Has to be seen to be believed! Nothing artificially intelligent about this."
  • Scully as a Role Model? Ten Scenes to Make You Believe (Sister Shari)
  • By The Numbers: The Victimization of Scully? (Brother Colin) (Short essay, plus episode examples: "This survey goes through Redux II - I simply haven't had time to go back and rewatch, and I don't have an episode guide to refresh my memory. So, without further ado: My six questions were: 1) How many times has Mulder been abducted/imprisoned? 2) How many times has Scully been abducted/imprisoned? 3) How many times has Mulder saved Scully from physical harm? 4) How many times has Scully saved Mulder from physical harm? 5) How many times has Mulder suffered some sort of possibly serious/terminal affliction? (when in doubt, I defined this as "hospitalization") 6) How many times has Scully suffered some sort of possibly serious/terminal affliction? (ditto).")
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • OBSSE Poll Results: If I Were A Remission Chip... (Sister Paula R.)
  • OBSSE Poll: What the HELL is she thinking??? (Sister Paula R.) ("Last month Fox aired the movie trailer where in one eye-catching scene it appeared as though Scully and Mulder might ... actually ... kiss, causing VCRs everywhere to stop and rewind in unison. Servers across the U.S. lagged under the traffic of X-Philers scurrying to post to ATX endless threads such as "That Damn Kiss!" Is this carefully constructed scene merely a disguised lead-in to an oh-so-exciting BEE STING? (Let us hope NOT.)")
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe
    • Anna Peregrin ("This quirky story takes the approach of "what if" Mulder did shoot himself in "Gethsemane" and then the aliens came. This author has not written many stories, but I think that you will find "Contact Ironic" to be an entertaining take on Scully's view of actual contact.")
    • Erin Livingstone ("Erin Livingstone "Dance of a Lifetime" is a story about Scully dealing with the conflict she's been experiencing working with Mulder (especially after he tells her, "It's not like your being there will make a difference" in regards to a case). It's got action, some nice character insight, and more than a bit of UST. All her stories can be found on her web page.")
    • XFBandit
    • Thomas Ligotti and Brandon Trenz ("This one is simply amazing. It's in screenplay format and co-written by an award-winning short story horror author (Ligotti). It is one of the creepiest things I've read in the X-Files fanfic realm and one I would absolutely have loved to have seen as an episode. I think you will all agree with me that "Crampton" is an original, compelling, bone-chilling X-File. If you are interested in other work by this Ligotti, check out this web page.") ("Tim is fairly new to the fanfic scene and has quickly made a name for himself with well-written adventure and romance stories with the angst laid on thick. In "Error in Judgement" Scully confronts a CancerMan who has clearly underestimated her. In "Annual Review", the first of a series of stories called The Ragnarok Cycle, a fed up Skinner orders Mulder and Scully into therapy as a way to hopefully cure their constant sniping. If you like this one, read the rest of the series. Tim's style and writing continue to improve, and much angst awaits.")
    • Tim Scott
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers! (Sister Lens-of-Science)
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • Member Musings... (Compiled by Sister Lens-of-Science)
    • The Sound of Marita (or "How do you solve a plot point?") by Stacey O., aka CleverGrrl
    • The Official Fest Anthem: One Night In Austin (to the tune of "One Night in Bangkok") by Sister Jezebel
  • Karstoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))
  • Finally... We Fest ("In a couple of weeks, the OBSSE will hold its first ever OBSSEsed Fest. Fifty of our nearly 800 members--most of whom have never met before-- will come together in Austin, Texas, to eat, play, laugh, and of course, watch the XF movie. And many more OBSSE members are gathering in spots around the country as well as virtually on the OBSSE chat channel. In honor of these real life and virtual OBSSE Fests, our very own Sister Jez/Meg/Janet/Whomever, has written a special Fest anthem. Have fun at Fest, ya'll, wherever your Fest may be!")

Issue 17

News for the OBSSEsed: July/August 1998, Archived version

The majority of this issue's content are con reports (some very creative) for the recent fan gathering in Texas. There are many photos.

  • OBSSEsed Fest 98! HOOOOOOOOOOO-BOYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (There were about fifty attendees.)
  • Photo Contest Deadline Extended -- The OBSSE "Pose St. Scully!" Action Figure Contest!
  • Con Reports:
    • A Fest to End All Fests: The OBSSEsed Fest 98! Post-Fest Wrap Up (Sister Nancy)
    • Fest Food Review (Sister Paula)
    • Games and FESTivities (Sister Synnova)
    • We Got You Big Time (The Abduction) (Lens...with backstory by Gen)
    • Fest Soundbites (Sister Nanchita (aka "Snack Girl"))
    • A Fest Field Report (Sister/Dr. Sarah Tonin)
    • A View from the Hoopskirt (Sister Jezebel)
  • Solemn Vespers (Sister Squat) (An entire "service," with words, chants/call and response, and music -- The music: "Sister Autumn reads from the Book of OBSSE Chapter Two, Verses Nine to Twenty-Eight..." -- SCULLYRITAVILLE by Sister Squat (with apologies to Jimmy Buffett), DAMMIT, I'M FINE by Sister Lens (to the tune of "Closer to Fine," with apologies to the Indigo Girls), HIS CRAP WILL GO ON by Sister Jezebel (with apologies to James Horner and Will Jennings, but NOT Celine Dion), FAITH by Sister Squat (with *no* apologies to George Michael), ALIEN RHAPSODY by Brother Colin (with apologies to Queen).)
  • OBSSE Poll Results: What the HELL is she thinking?
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Lisa Ludvik ("OK, this first recommendation is for those of you out there who, like myself, either fell off the fence after the movie or have been off it all along. I'll admit, I read Lisa's "In Absentia" series quite a bit before seeing the film and was surprised to find that it made me a little giddy. I'm not a big fan of the "fluff" fanfic category, so I'll just categorize this as well written Non-angst. Our heroes have a happy reunion. It could happen. It's a three-part series starting with "Missing Time" and continuing with "Airports and Airplanes" and "Zigged/Zagged". You can find all Lisa's fanfic at this website.")
    • Somebody Else ("This author decided to go the anonymous route with one of the best mytharc pieces I've ever read. These stories are from a while back, the first having been written after the third season. They are dense, fascinating pieces, and IMHO do a much better job of making the mytharc make sense than the series does while all the time paying great attention to the importance of character. If you care to journey a bit back in time and enjoy a good long read, don't miss "The Five" or its sequel. The worst part of these stories is there is no way to thank the author.")
    • Jill Selby
    • Nascent
  • Fest Random Musings (Sister Autumn)

Issue 18

News for the OBSSEsed: September 1998, Archived version

  • Welcome to a New TV Season! (Or not)
  • And the Winners Are... (First Place - Megan Reilly: Untitled (Scully and flashlight). Second Place - Joyce Bezazian: "Girl Power" (Mulan, Xena, and Scully on a very strong horse.) Third Place - Synnova (Cherish): "Twister Time" (Scully and Mulder play Twister.) Honorable Mention - Jeanne Mueller: "Dana Doolittle" (Scully, Mulder, and animals.) Honorable Mulderistic Mention -Special Pants (Clare Kubiak): "Agent Mulder and the Well BBQed Man" (Mulder overlooks a large roast chicken.)
  • Around the Abbey
  • OBSSE Fall Fashion Tips (Sisters La..Dee..Da.. and Paula R.) (Includes helpful graphics.)
  • OBSSE International Report: XF in Israel (Brother B. Pilgrim) ("Israelis are great believers in conspiracies of all kinds, therefore they tend to view TXF as sort of like 20/20, but with better special effects.")
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • OBSSE Poll: What's in an Inkblot? You decide! (Sister Paula R.)
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Khyber
    • Justin Glasser
    • Spoon3 ("Want to read a story in which The Blessed One gets to do all the things we like her to do? Look no further than this tale from one of our Order's own. She drives, she ditches, she uses science, she believes when it makes sense. A refreshingly good first person story that weaves everything from Psychic!Scully to the warmth and distance paradox of Mulder and Scully's relationship in "Ossuary" . All her work is available at her website.")
    • Annie Sewell-Jennings
    • Suzanne Schramm
    • Jennifer Stoy
    • L. McCullen ("Here's another first attempt, and this one is huge. This novel length story will leave you shocked that the author is just giving fanfic a try now. This is the story of what happens to Mulder and Scully when the X-Files is really disbanded. For good. Their fumbled attempts to figure out where they are in each other's lives is a virtual angst-fest in the beginning. It had my stomach in knots. This one has conspiracy, angst, and romance. If you're in the mood for a good long tale, settle in with "Never For You"."0
  • Reliving an OBSSEsed Moment...
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers! (Sister Lens-of-Science)
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))

Issue 19

News for the OBSSEsed: October 1998, Archived version

  • In The Beginning, There Was "The X-Files"
  • Happy Birthday OBSSE Mailing List! (Sister Autumn T.) (The list debuted on October 29, 1997. In October 1998, it had more than 330 members.)
  • Fight the Frustration! Seasonal Scully Absence Disorder Descends on the Order (Sister Squat)
  • OBSSE Does LA: Nuns Abound at the 1998 Emmys (Sister Marcelle (with a little help from Sister LaurenD)) (includes photos)
  • OBSSE Fall Crafts: Make A Scully Rosary! (Sister Lens-of-Science)
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • Poll Results: What's in an Inkblot? You'd Be Surprised ( Or Terrified) (replies to this challenge collated by Dr. K. and Dr. Sarah Tonin (aka Sisters La..Dee..Da.. and, uh, Dr. Sarah Tonin))
  • OBSSE Poll: POW! Right in the Kisser! (Sister Paula R.) ("Bored to tears by Jeffrey Spudner and Marita CovarruBEEus??? Loathe CSM and Diana Fowley? For this month's poll - just for fun - tell us briefly which character you most despise and how you would creatively terminate him/her (without explosives).")
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Meredith
    • Dasha K
    • Stephanie Roberts ("This is an author you may not have heard of before. She's written just three pieces. Her latest, "Procedures", has Mulder and Scully on a case in Seattle meeting up with Agent Willmore from the X-Files game. This one's a case file for those of you who enjoy some actual investigation mixed in with your UST. All of Stephanie's work can be found at this website.")
    • Brighid
  • An OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn T.)
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers! (Sister Lens-of-Science)
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))

Issue 20

News for the OBSSEsed: November 1998, Archived version

  • Gobbling Up Some Good XF!
"Our Favorite Turkey" by Sister Kara (aka Zod), from issue #20
  • OBSSE Web Ring Premieres (it WAS here)
  • OBSSEsed Fest '99: The Date is Set (Sister Nanchita) The dates for OBSSEsed Fest '99 are Thursday, June 17 - Sunday, June 20, 1999. There is space for 75 participants.
  • A Meditation on Gratitude (Or "What to Be Thankful for While You're Pounding the Turkey") (Ranked in descending order, with the last one being most treasured: Season Six. Seasons One through Five. The 1999 X-Files Calendar. The Internet. Action figures. "Kill Switch" (because of the action figures). Fanfic. Gillian Anderson. The Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic. St. Scully. (Sister Cathy B.)
    • "The Internet. Well, I don't know what *I'd* do without it. I remember the days when I was an ST:TNG fan, and precious bits of information about the show and the actors were damn hard to come by. I made weekly pilgrimages to the comic book store to see if the new Starlog was out, in hopes of finding out just what the name of that guy who played Riker was. Now, Gillian does a power saw commercial in Finland and within 24 hours it's uploaded to the Web, complete with screen captures and a transcript; within 48 hours it's been analyzed and dissected by the online fan community; and within 72 hours it's old news and anyone asking about it is told to read the FAQ and stop trolling. Ah, the life!")
    • "Fanfic. Nothing chases the Scullynemic blues away like a great Phile-written story. Yes, there are a lot of, let's say, well-intentioned but ultimately imperfect efforts, but the masterpieces are out there, and if you find one that's long enough you can make it last for several weeks and pretend it's part of the mytharc. Or you can be like me and read all 458K of Iolokus IV: Res Judicata in one sitting, and then have a standing-in-line-at-the-DMV-sized headache the next morning when you finally lug yourself out of bed."
    • Action figures. With the way the collectible market has exploded, buying these quaint figurines is an investment in your future. If they are adequately preserved, someday these plastic children's toys could be sold to pay for such niceties as a car or even a college education. And besides, THEY'RE SO TEENY! LOOK, IT'S TEENY TINY MULDER AND SCULLY! THEY HAVE LITTLE MUNCHKIN CLOTHES! THEY HAVE TINY PHONES AND TINY BADGES! YOU CAN MAKE THEM KISS! HEE-HEE! A-hem. I'm sorry. Just make sure you don't take them out of the box; their value decreases."
  • Can this partnership be saved? A Special to "News for the OBSSEsed" by XF Home Journal editor, Sister Paula R.
  • OBSSE Holiday Crafts: Make Your Own "WWSD?" Bracelet (Sister Nancy)
  • Ask Sister Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • Poll Results: Nobody Light A Match! (Sister Paula R.) ("And as a matter of interest, Diana Fowley received the most votes as a despised character, followed closely by Jeffrey Spudner and Marita Covarrubius, respectively.")
  • OBSSE Poll: What a Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (Sister Paula R.) (Mulder's terrible haircut in season six.)
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • "Things have been quite busy for me this month, so I've been a little behind in reading the brand spankin' new stuff. However, I still think you'll enjoy the Scullycentric or just plain good picks I have in store for you. First, a few authors I've recommended before. There's a new piece from Annie Sewell-Jennings called "Erosion," a sad "same time next year" take on love in defeat. Leyla Harrison wrote an angst fest called "Tightrope" that I've been waiting months to recommend, but warning, this is NOT for the faint of heart. It's full of trust issues, some very disturbing violence, and has an ending that I wish we could see on the show. For a few laughs with your fanfic, Pellinor treats us to a humorous poke at the fanfic community in which Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders of people who know way too much about them in "The Unconquered Flame." Now on to our new authors this month."
    • Blueswirl
    • Rachel Howard
    • Roxanne Longstreet Conrad ("Now this is an interesting case. This author is an established novelist who has taken to dabbling some in fanfic. I literally stumbled across Roxanne's work as it is not found in the usual places and was quite delighted by what I found. I suppose if you like what she's done here you could actually buy one of her books. The piece that really struck me was the eerie investigation of a mysterious dead woman in "The Ghost of You." "Voice of Experience" takes the reader a little further into the private lives of Mulder and Scully and the things they are looking for while they investigate the death of someone from Mulder's past. All of Roxanne's work (at least that you can get for free) can be found at this website.")
  • An OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn T.)
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers! (Sister Lens-of-Science)
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))

Issue 21

News for the OBSSEsed: December 1998/January 1999, Archived version

  • Dear Santa... The RevMa's Christmas WishList
  • OBSSE Tips and Tricks for X-traordinary Holiday Decorations! (Sister Nancy) (Sunflower Seed String, St. Scully Nativity Sets, Ornaments, St. Scully on A Tree)
  • Ringing in the Holidays!
    • God Rest You, Dana Katherine (tune: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) by Sister Jez
    • Musings of a CSM at Christmas (tune: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year) by Sister Squat
    • Good Scullyists, Rejoice (tune: Good Christian Men, Rejoice/In Dulci Jubilo) by Sister Jez
    • Hark, the Tone-Deaf Scully Sings (tune: Hark, the Herald Angels Sing) by Sister Squat
    • Sleeping Bags Will Fall (tune: He Shall Feed His Flock [Messiah]) by Sister Jez
    • Scully, From the FBI (tune: Angels We Have Heard On High) by Sister Jez
    • Walter Skinner (tune: Hallelujah [Messiah]) by Sister Jez
    • A Sorta Mooshie Song (tune: "The Christmas Song", aka "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire") by Sister Squat
    • "I Found a Vial of Ova" (Tune: "I Had A Little Dreidl") by Sister Jez
    • God Rest Ye, Lone Gunmen (tune: God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen) by Sister Squat
    • UFOs You've Seen On High (tune: Angels We Have Heard on High) by Sister Squat
  • Seasonal Scully Crafts: Make Your Own Scully Snow Globe! (Sister Paula R.) ("What You'll Need: 1 Scully action figure (Parka!Scully is recommended), 1 jar with lid, White glitter, Epoxy glue, Water, Decorative holiday thingy for top of jar (optional)")
  • Yes, Virginia, There Is a Saint Scully! (Sister Paula R.) ("I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Saint Scully. Papa says, "If you read it in the OBSSE Newsletter, it is so." Please tell me the truth, is there a Saint Scully? - Virginia Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the unimaginative skepticism of a faithless age. In the words of The Blessed One, "many of the things I have seen have challenged my faith and my belief in an ordered universe. But this uncertainty has only strengthened my need to know, to understand, to apply reason to those things that seem to defy it." And so it is with us. Yes, Virginia, there is a Saint Scully. She exists as certainly as love, generosity, devotion, and the Nordstrom's after-Christmas sale exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Saint Scully! It would be as dreary as if there were no Armani. There would be no mailing list then, no fanfic, no sacred Sunday night viewing hour to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in the deconstruction of Star Trek and all its generations. The enigmatic light with which OBSSEhood fills the world would be extinguished. Not believe in Saint Scully! You might as well not believe in bees. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world. Did not Saint Scully say, "imagine a miracle, and you're halfway there?" If not for our imagination, there would not be the miracle of friendship and kinship we feel among our members -- whether we hail from Texas, Canada, New York or Australia. We may not see one other, but we know and feel each other's existence, and thus our lives are brightened immeasurably. Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding. No Saint Scully! Thank goodness she lives (and according to Clyde Bruckman does not die). A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, she will continue to make glad the universal heart of OBSSEhood. In the spirit of Saint Scully -- Happy Holidays.")
  • Whereforeart the OBSSE Fundraiser???
  • Around the Abbey...
  • Minnesota Sisters Host Premiere Bash (Sister Synnova) (account of a fan gathering, includes a photo)
  • Know Your Ditches! The Mortal Ditch vs. the Venial Ditch: An OBSSEsed Analysis (Sister Nancy FF (with thanks to Sisters Squat and Jezebel)) ("The Brothers and Sisters rent their garments, donned sackcloth and ashes ... that Punk had done it again, ditching The Blessed One. But voices of reason, yea verily, one of which being that of RevMa, were heard in the Abbey. If he told her where he was going and what he was doing, was it really a ditch? Or was it an entirely new phenomenon, a mutation if you will, or in the words of Sister Jezebel, a "son of a ditch?"")
  • St. Scully's School for Young Scullyists (Sister Kirby)
  • Ask Autumn (Sister Autumn T.)
  • Poll Results: What the Hair Happened Here? (Sister Paula R.)
  • OBSSE Poll: Resolved: "I'm not going to do it." (Sister Paula R.) (what is the New Year's resolution Scully may have added to her list for the year 1999)
  • Fanfic Recommendations (Autumn) (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Barbara D. ("Hmm, this isn't very Christmas-like either. I'm getting to those Christmas Recs, RevMa! I promise. (Editor's note: Sure. Fine. Whatever.) It's just that well, I read this little story from Barbara called "Stakeout Through the Heart," and it was just too good. I mean, it is Mulder and Scully on a stakeout actually TALKING about things that we want to hear them talk about, you know, the stuff the show always rips us off on! She also wrote this fun little character study called "D.K. (Dana) Scully, You've Got Unsuspected Depth" that gives us the real answer to the "who would you be" Small Potatoes question. Eleanor Roosevelt be damned.")
    • Nascent
    • Plausible Deniability
    • Loch Ness
    • Sue Esty ("This author's Christmas tale is unusually short for her, and be warned it is chock-full-o-angst. It's not what you think when Scully wants to buy Mulder a gift in "The Gift." Don't say I didn't warn you. While I have enjoyed her work for years, it is usually the long tales such as All Hallow's Eve or the Revelations series. Both of these exist in an alternate universe of sorts from what we know, but both are well worth your time. And they will take a lot of time. You can find all parts of these series either at The Novel Annex or Gossamer. There is even a Christmas story in the "All Hallows Eve" series called All Xmas Eve.")
    • Avril Brown ("If you still have not had enough Christmas angst you can take a trip back in time for this little story called On the Eve. It is a take on Christmas during the great rift of season three. A sort of depressing little tale of how Scully's family might have reacted to her sister's death.")
    • Karen Rasch
  • Welcome New Sisters and Brothers! (Sister Lens-of-Science)
  • New Year's Resolutions for the Average Guy (Sister Steph) ("Well, it's that time of year again.1999 is looming over our heads. We have only one year left before Y2K hits, and we all die from computer incompetence. Friends, if ever there was a time to reevaluate our lives as fans of the hit TV show "The X-Files," it's now. Yes, yes, we can come up with New Year's resolutions for She of the Non-Prancy Step and Perfectly-Coifed 'Do. We could even come up with resolutions for that other guy. But why? Chris Carter and the assorted folks at 1013 just don't listen to reason. So this year's theme is *self*-improvement. What should we Philes do to improve our day-to-day existence? To better the world? What should we promise ourselves that we'll do, come hell or high water, only to keep telling ourselves that, "I'll start my resolutions tomorrow" till we wake up one day and realize that it's already November and we haven't done jack? Well, far be it from me to tell you what you should tell yourself to change while not changing anything. But, I *was* asked to do a column for the newsletter. So neener, neener. Here are my suggested resolutions for Philes in 1999.")
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))
  • A Christmas Blessing by Sister La..

Issue 22

News for the OBSSEsed: February 1999, Archived version

cartoon from issue #21 by Sister Kara (aka Zod)
from "Valentine's Day with S&M" by Sister Nancy
  • Of Birthdays, Love, and Anniversaries
  • OBSSE X-FIles Episode Guide Debuts
  • OBSSEsed Fest 99: Get Ready to Register (Sister Nanchita) (June 17-20 in Winter Park, Colorado at the Beaver Village Resort)
  • Valentine's Day with S&M (Sister Nancy) (a story told in photos and action figures) (Tableaus: A Cruise in the Country, Once Upon a Valentine's Day..., Bubbles! Bubbles! Mulder's Tummy Rumbles!, Ant Invasion!, Our Hero!, His Heart on His Sleeve..., Yes! YES! YES!!!!)
  • The Angstalator (Sister Squat) ("As it's coming up soon to Valentine's Day (in honor of Valentine, the patron saint of thoughtless, perfunctory gifts), we at the Abbey decided it was time to update the Order's product catalogue. Looking for the perfect gift for your dearly beloved? Look no further!")
  • Operation: A View of the View (Sisters Sonya, KathyG and La..Dee..Da..) (an account of attending "The View" (television show) in person and seeing Gillian Anderson as a guest on it)
  • Science!Scully to the Rescue (Sister Nak) ("a few examples Saint Scully's fearsome displays of scientific butt-kicking" in some episodes)
  • Sister Moonflower's Tarot Card Reading ("Will St. Scully's love life improve in this coming year?")
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Poll Results: Therefore let it be resolved (some possibl New Year's resolutions Scully might make)
  • OBSSE Poll: There's no Place like Home (Sister Paula) (Caption contest for a screenshot of the episode where Scully and Mulder portray suburban marries)
  • Fanfic Recommendations by Autumn (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Maureen B. Ochs (Maureen has a way with short stories that capture a moment in time. In one case, that moment is something Scully thinks is the "Worst" assignment they've ever had. For a moment of introspection when Scully ponders life and a suit, see what is going on in her head in "Room 312" . To read more of Maureen's work, try her website.")
    • Danielle Dupre' ("Danielle's stories tend to feature Scully doing the things we wish she would do. For instance "Adore" has Scully explaining to Mulder that indeed the world does not revolve around him. Wish Scully could have a night out laughing and drinking with friends? Try "GirlTalk". However, I think I am most fond of the first thing of hers I read way back when. It started out as a post "The Field Where I Died" piece and turned into something much more: "Fumbling Towards Ecstacy". All her fanfic can be found at her website.")
    • Raquel Montoya ("This is an author who has literally made me wait years to do a recommendation. I've stumbled across "1000 Rainy Days" in various forms of completion for three years now. I always got sucked in and then was saddened to realize it still was not finished. Now it is. This one is for you Psychic!Scully lovers. All of her fanfic can be found on her website.")
  • Member Musings
    • A Mid-Season 6 Prayer by Sister Sassejenn
  • Feel the BUUUURRRRNNNNNN! (By Sister Lauren D)
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara)

Issue 23

News for the OBSSEsed: March/April 1999, Archived version

  • Busy, Busy, Beavers
  • OBSSE Scully Marathon ("The Order of the Blessed St. Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE), in cooperation with the Gillian Anderson Web Site (GAWS), is joining in the fun to raise funds for Neurofibromatosis, Inc. (NF, Inc.) by hosting an OBSSE Scully Marathon in May. Not athletically inclined? No worries! All you have to do is...well...sit. And of course, keep your eyes glued to the television screen. To participate, simply round up copies of the XF episodes that have been selected for the Scully Marathon and plug 'em in! Before you start watching; however, get family, friends, coworkers, and fellow X-phile fanatics to agree to donate $1 or more for every episode you successfully view in succession. Collect the money (checks made out to NF, Inc., please), send it to the OBSSE central collection point, and we'll forward it on in one big lump sum to NF, Inc., a charity near and dear to Gillian Anderson's heart.")
  • OBSSEFest 99: Registration Filling Fast (Sister Nanchita)
  • OBSSEFest T-shirt Contest ("Yes! You too can fulfill your life-long dream of having your handiwork adorn the chests of your fellow Brothers and Sisters as they frolic about Winter Park, Colorado for the Second Annual OBSSEsed Fest '99.")
  • Special OBSSE Member Spotlight: Sister Sadie
  • Spring into Fashion (Sisters La..Dee..Da.. and Paula)
  • Make Your Own Egg for Scully (or "At Least Someone's Willing to Give Scully Some Eggs Of Her Own") by Sister Jennka Marthovna Stewartskaya) ("On my Scully egg, I used the following colors and symbols: Beaver pynska!Yellow: for benevolence and non-ditchability - Orange: for endurance and strength (to put up with all the lame MOTW's) - Green: for fertility and health (God knows she could use a LOT of this) -Red: for joy of life and some red hot dates (HooBoy!) - Purple: for patience (to help her in dealing with that guy she's always with) -The Queen (an ancient Matriarchal depiction)--fertility, wisdom and goodness -Tic Tacs--for minty freshness (a very popular and traditional symbol. Really.) - Ladders--rising above the petty problems of life, including Season 2 hair - Spirals--immortality (Clyde Bruckman *was* right.) - Hens--fertility (Hey! Someone's gotta be looking out for a cure for her!!) - Foot--KickAssedness (Ok. This isn't a very traditional symbol. So sue me.) - Gun--ability to retain one's firearm in times of need (I'm pretty sure this one is traditional.) -High Heels--for Non Prancy Running at all times (I've used this one a lot. Very traditional.)")
  • OBSSEspeak or how I learned to say "TETINFF" and Loved it (Sister CathyB)
  • Ask Sister Autumn ("Brothers and Sisters, welcome to my monthly advice column where I kindly read over your sad little missives and then impart my wisdom. As usual, my mailbox overflows with your collective angst, and I have taken time out of my busy Abbey duties to assist you as only I can. If you too, for some inexplicable reason, find you cannot live without my help, write to me at Ask Sister Autumn, and I'll let you know exactly what I think.")
  • Poll Results: There's No Place Like Ho...uh...the Falls at Arcadia
  • OBSSE Poll: "There Once was an FBI Agent from Nantucket..." (Sister Paula) (write a Scullycentric limerick)
  • Fanfic Recommendations by Autumn (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Thalia D'Muse ("Thalia's been one of those names in fanfic that you can trust for years. I've enjoyed her writing for quite some time, but it is her latest story, "On the Wings of Destiny," that I've chosen to feature. There are a lot of stories out there that center on Mulder putting together clues to find a kidnapped Scully, but very few that turn that scenario around successfully. This is one of those stories. All Thalia's fanfic can be found at this website.")
    • Heavenly Creature ("How in the world could I resist a story that tells us at the start, "Dana Scully was chocolate cake?" For a humorous look at someone who has it bad for The Blessed One, check out, "Chocolate Cake". All of Heavenly's fanfic, including the intriguing work in progress, "Loving Scully," can be found at this website.")
    • haphazard method (""Reading Between the Lines" is the first story from this author, and it is a delightful little slice of life about the simple joy of reading. Guaranteed to give you a warm feeling as you read about Mulder and Scully and a trip to the bookstore.")
    • Allison J. ("Last, but certainly not least, one of our favorite sisters known around the Abbey as Sister Squat suddenly caught the fanfic bug in a big way, and I couldn't be more excited. Her first piece, "Quietus," while being a more Muldercentric tale, nails the Scully characterization cold. She's got several shorter pieces including the oh-so-creepy, "Mack the Knife," and a portrait of a grieving Scully in, "Separate Ways." Squat keeps telling me she's working on a long Scully piece I'm gonna like. Ahem. I'm waiting... All her fanfic can be found at her website.")
  • Member Musings
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara)

Issue 24

OBSSE June 1999 Newsletter, Archived version

winning t-shirt, image printed in issue #24
  • June is Busting Out All Over
  • OBSSE Scully Marathon a smashing success! ("At the time of this writing, the OBSSE has raised over $10,000 for NF, Inc., and pledges are still rolling in. Congratulations to all who participated in this fabulous event, and a huge thank you to our own Sister La.. Dee.. Da.. for organizing this event. La.., you've made us all proud!" In the end: the total amount was over $13,000.)
  • OBSSEFest T-shirt Contest - we have a winner
  • Poll Results: "There Once was an FBI Agent from Nantucket..." (fan-written limericks)
  • OBSSE Poll: A magician's trick? Or is there a Scullyistic Rational Explanation....(Sister Paula) (the episode "Biogenesis": "please provide us with Scully's SRE for why the artifact was spinning")
  • Nanchita's Snack Corner (two recipes)
  • Vanity Fair Proust Questionnaire: Special Agent Dana Scully (Sister Nancy) (Scully answers a questionnaire as per from the magazine "Vanity Fair")
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Member Musings
    • A Prayer By Sister Mandy (aka the 'fiery little jew') Scully's Lament (To the tune of Galileo by the Indigo Girls)
  • Fanfic Recommendations by Autumn (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • MD1016
    • Swikstr
    • Izzy Izenthe ("So I just get done telling you I don't much care for crossovers and my next pick is guess what? Another crossover. This one is very near and dear to my heart as I'm a fan of the movie "The Hunger" and have always wondered what would happen if Scully were to meet up with Susan Sarandon's character Sarah from that film. She is after all, a vampire. Thankfully Izzy indulged that wish and does not disappoint with a gripping and sexy tale in "Haemophilus". Don't let the fact that this is Scully slash scare you away (unless of course you are under 18 and should not be reading such things no matter who Scully sleeps with). This one is worth checking out a genre you might usually avoid. Trust me. All of Izzy's twisted tales can be found at this website.")
    • Ford and Ursula Luxem ("This novel length recommendation deals with Scully journeying to Salt Lake City to assist another FBI agent whose fiance' was killed in the tragedy at Ruskin Dam. A Scully/other story rife with conspiracy, Mulder jealousy, and tension "Touching Jericho" is a great read.")

Issue 25

July 1999 FEST Edition of News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

This issue contains many con reports and information about the recently-held fan gathering: OBSSE Fest Extravaganza. This is the first issue of News for the OBSSEsed that contains more than one page (this issue had four pages).

  • Fest: It's Not About Personal Dignity
  • Fest 99 - All Lard, All the Time (Sister Glasses)
  • Fest 99 - It's all About Goodies (Sister Autumn) (what was in the goody bag)
  • Fun and Games in Beaver Village (Sister Mandy)
  • Make Your Own Goddamn Burrito Buffet (Sister Paula)
  • Scully!Crafts: How to Make Your Own Wimple (Sister Sick!Chickie)
  • Solemn Vespers and Sacred Clips (Sister Bryn) ("The FEST was alive with the sound of music as Solemn Evening Vespers were announced. Sister Marie (The-I) tried in vain to coax FESTers into a circle. Still, under the guidance of Sisters Squat, Nancy FF, and Meredith, the faithful were ready to praise TBO in song. Last year's hits were still hits. Meredith and Colin accompanied Jez's famed "His Crap Will Go On" with the Titanic LookI'mFlying! pose. The next time you sing Squat's filk of George Michael's "Faith," make sure you have a few boxes of Tic-Tacs. They make killer maracas [note: Steph-Tacs tells us the red ones can be lethal, so be careful where you point those things]. For Colin's "Alien Rhapsody," the three intrepid leaders divided the singers into parts. There was minimal bickering over who got to sing as Scully, and I think someone eventually volunteered to be Bill Jr. Mr. Sister Shadow backed up the Abbey Chorale on piano as best he could. And, nonFESTing folks, if you haven't ever seen "Dammit I'm Fine" or "Scullyritaville," get thee speedily to the OBSSE Chapel for Prayers and Meditations and ROTFLYAO. One of the evening's biggest hits was Squat's "In the Basement," to the tune of "Copacabana":"
  • Elder's Pancake Breakfast (Sister Paula)
  • Cover Girls (and one guy) In the Rockies (Sister AnnD)
  • Dinner at Rome on the Range (Sister Paula)
  • The Piñata, or: Sister Vegan Puts the Smackdown on Jean-Claude Van Damn Bee (Sister Mandy)
  • Frank's Fashion Contest (Sisters La..Dee..Da.. and Paula)
  • HEY! This is a Raft, not a Pool Floatie! (Sister ScullyFu)
  • Back in the Saddle Again (Sister Sonya)
  • The Princess and the Prance Off (Sister Lauren)
  • The Abbey All-Prance From a Lofty Point Of View (Sister SasseJenn)
  • Prancer of the Day (Sisters Nanchita and Paula)
  • The Spaghetti Diner (Sister Paula)
  • Squat's Wine Review
  • OBSSE CLUE: The Quiet Ride Again (Sisters Gen and Glasses)
  • Fest Random Musings
  • Ask Sister Autumn Fest Edition
  • Poll Results
  • Thanks to all of you.. Our very first OBSSE Scully Marathon for NF, Inc. was a huge success! (Sister La..)
  • OBSSE Poll: Is this you? (Sister Lens of Science)
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • filk -- Post Fest Depressed (Was: My Favorite Things, by Rogers and Hammerstein) (Sisters LaurenD, Bryn, and Sassejenn)

Issue 26

August 1999 Summer Fun Edition of News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

  • Welcome to the Summer Fun Edition
  • k1w1's Big Adventure ("Editor's Note: Sister k1w1 hails from New Zealand, and surprised the Abbey in May by announcing her intent to attend the Scully Marathon in Bellingham, Washington -- thereby demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that her devotion to all things Scully knows no bounds.")
  • The Dread White Shirt (Sister Boris) ("This summer in Winter Park, Colorado, a cry was heard, a cry that broke glass and shook foundations. This cry must be heard, and I implore you to listen. BURN THE SHIRT. This year, our goal is to abolish the Dread White Shirt (DWS). Now, I'm not going to start on the historical use of the colour white, and I'm not going to start on the Madonna/whore issues that Chris Carter so clearly has. I'm not attacking 1013, I'm merely asking you look, just *look* at the havoc that has been wreaked by the horror that is the DWS in the space of just one season!")
  • MauiGenesis: A Plastic Incarnation Travelogue - produced & Directed by Sister Autumn; script by Sister Paula
  • In the Abbey Kitchen
    • Sister Beer's Anti Non Fat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle Recipe "(Vegans...avert your eyes...)"
    • Scully's Chocolate Fixation Mousse (but no Squirrel) Pie - from Sister Kristin B
    • Smooth-as-Skinner's-Sexy-Bald-Head Southern Pound Cake (From Southern Living Magazine brought to you by Sister Kristin B)
    • SCULLY BRULEE from Sister Holly
    • Sister Mandy's Covarrubius Compote
    • Soft Lite, contributed by Sister Cuba Gooding Jr.
    • Sis Pip's Memento Meringues
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • SCULLY CRAFTS: Rogue Corner (Sister Meredith) "Making a Deadly Weapon from a Single Blade of Grass"
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Fanfic Recommendations by Autumn (See wikilinked author pages to read the rec.)
    • Jesemie's Evil Twin
    • Nevdull (""Gazzaniga" is one of the more interesting takes I've read on the Mulder/Scully partnership as two halves of a whole. It's a fascinating case file that has quite a spin on the left brain/right brain idea. This author is just as talented in writing humor as "Thank You, Drive Around" proves. Scully. Undercover. In a chicken suit. I really don't think I need to say more, do I? NevDull's never dull work can be found archived here.")
    • Viv Wiley ("This author, who has been writing wonderful stories for years under a number of names, recently decided to call it quits writing fanfic. It is truly our loss. Some of my favorites through the years include: "But Then Face to Face" a post Mind's Eye look at how Mulder & Scully see each other, "The Language of Leaving" a look at Scully's thoughts while encased in ice in the movie, and "Missing Voices" (co-authored with Joyce McKibben and Meredith) which is another answer to what could have happened after "Gethsemane". Writing as Mesa I particularly recommend "Undertow" if you are up for a little NC-17 piece with mood and insight.")
  • OBSSE Classifieds - Place your want ad NOW for Season 7 (Sister Paula)
  • Journal Entry: Post Fest Reflections on Personal Dignity (Sister Lauren) ("In Winter Park I learned that Personal Dignity vacates the body unannounced, a dark stranger who abandons its residence, turning its old home into a walking amusement park. This is the evil of Personal Dignity, that it leaves without a trace, but soon returns when Fest is over, forcing you to conform once again to social graces, but only at the risk of destroying your sense of humor. It is Miss Manners' demon possession -- my trip to Colorado, OBSSE's attempt at exorcism. Siblings, I hope that in these terms you might know it and know me, and accept this deadly boring stranger that so many recognize but cannot ever completely cast out. And if the Personal Dignity should have reclaimed me as you read this, you must never think there was the possibility of some Proztac intervention, something you might have done. And though I've traveled far to ditch PD, this next distance to Minnesota must necessarily be traveled before I can ditch it again.")
  • Members Musings
  • Oopsie!: Frank's Fashion Spot Contest Correction

Issue 27

OBSSE Newsletter: September 1999 News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

This issue is the premiere of the newsletter's "bold new look." (lots of frames, multiple pages)

  • Changes in the Abbey & Newsletters (Autumn, Paula) ("There have been some big changes around the Abbey this month. Due to those pesky real life constraints, OBSSE founder Nancy Cotton has chosen to retire from the Order and asked the Council of Elders to take over the management of the group. We wish her all the best. Sister La..Dee..Da.. has worked her graphical magic and literally given all 2000 Brothers and Sisters of the OBSSE a new home overnight (since the old site is no longer active). We're still working on the new Abbey (found at, but we think you'll enjoy a look around as we make it a community home. I'm happy to say that many of the Order's Brothers and Sisters have been and will continue to contribute to the new site making it really a wonderful group effort. We've also (as evidenced by this newsletter) changed the look and feel of the site dramatically. Our new "school colors" are the blue and gold you see featured here and in our new logos. If you provide links to the OBSSE site via your website please change the URL to our new home and pick up a new banner from the banner page. From a personal standpoint, I'd like to thank all of you for your support in our new endeavor and for continuing to make the OBSSE the funniest and friendliest group on the net.")
  • The Underpants Archive
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Your Pointless Spam (Sister SpicedRum) (commentary about in-jokes on the mailing list)
  • Poll Results: Classifieds (Roger Ramjet)
  • Man Pain: Fact of Fiction (short essay by AdrianneFF)
  • Poll: A New and Improved Entrance Exam in the Hall of Admittance (Sister Paula)
  • Poll Results: Personality Test - If we can save you... let us (Drs. K & Sarah Tonin)
  • OBSSE Webring (Sister Sonya) ("Editor's Note - One of the many changes made around the Order this month is a new webring. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Sister Stacey for administrating the old one and Sister Sonya for volunteering to take over the duties.")
  • Summer of Scullynemia (Jennifer-Oksana, Beadslut) ("The summer of 1999. It was hot, humid, and horrific. The Gap and Old Navy continued their reign of terror in commercials meant to numb the mind and chill the blood. The real "Phantom Menace" was Jar-Jar "Insert Your Own Joke Here" Binks. Tony Gwynn made his 3,000th hit in front of a crowd about the size of an average showing of The Blair Witch Project. But for Scullyists, the summer didn't belong to cheap mockumentaries about scary bundles of sticks, or CGI-don'ts. The summer belonged to Scullynemia, that dread disease of diseases. To watch your friends succumb until there was nothing left to do except hook up a lard Thorazine drip and leave "Bad Blood" and "Memento Mori" running continuously and know you could be next-- that was even scarier than all that whispering in The Sixth Sense. The slowly maddening Scullyists wondered-- is there hope? With two months left before the premiere, can we survive? Of course, grasshopper. All it takes is a little ingenuity. Here at the OBSSE Abbey, we're doing our best to keep our people from turning vegetable-esque and muttering, stunned, "Fowley-- bra-- Fowley-- bra--" and so here to ease your soul, Scullynemia survival methods." Includes a poster for "The Jar-Jar Binks Project" -- parody of "The Blair Witch Project")
  • Emmy Night Devotionals (Sister Paula, Kristin, HolmesFF, Dave Fox) (recipes)
  • Scully Crafts: Tattoo You? Make your own Never Again Tattoo: includes "How to make your own henna (the long and involved way)" (Sister Exsanguinate)
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • Members Musings
    • The Abbey Creed By Sister Beer
    • Final Curtain Call By a tearful Sister Aderyn
    • Margaret Scully's Lot is Not a Happy One (apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan) By Sister Skullhead

Issue 28

OBSSE Newsletter: October 1999 News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

The website has a new home:

Well, with this month we experienced even more website fun! Seems that the new Abbey was just too popular and the website traffic generated by it caused Mindspring (don't even get me started) to decide that we were a commercial account in hopes of getting more money. Who knew? Maybe we should sell stock next. The good news from all this is that we do have a rather cool permanent home for all the Sisters and Brothers of the Order: Now, no matter where we move, the one URL will do the trick for all your Abbey needs. So, change your bookmarks again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Around the Abbey (Autumn) ("This month, News for the OBSSEsed is very proud to introduce two new regular columns: Sister Lens-of-Science Explains it All For You, by Sister Lens, and The Art of the Perv, by Sister Squat. We're also pleased to announce Kara Zod's return with original Karatoons as a monthly installment. In this edition you'll find all sorts of Abbey news (like what those scary MN girls are up to), updates, tender words of wisdom from Ask Autumn, and feature articles to tide you over through this last long month of hiatus. Find out what Sister Jean exposes (more than just sequins) in her undercover report on Abbey prancing, and why Sister Rania may have discovered the keys to the X-Files by comparing Mulder to Bruce Willis. As if that wasn't enough (and you know, really, in its own twisted way it is) Guest Columnist Seymour Little Feather, Attorney at Law is on hand to lend his legal expertise and observations on Fox litigation you haven't even dreamed to guess about. Hope you enjoy this edition - we certainly did. See you next month, and in the meantime, get those blank tapes ready, plan that party, and get ready to spread some premiere cheer.")
  • The Sixth Dense (Sister Rania)
  • Fest '00: A nice trip to the forest (Sister Synnova) (Fest '00 will be held June 22-25 in Isle, MN)
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: Panspermia (Lensie)
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Dear Sister Dana (ahem Charles Scully)
  • The Dark Tower (Dave Fox)
  • So Would it Kill you to Call your Mother? (Nanchita)
  • Kartoons by Kara Zod
  • Poll: Get in Touch with your Inner Psychic Scully (Paula)
  • X-Filing Suit By Guest Columnist Mr. Seymour Little Feather, Attorney-at-Law: "In light of recent legal developments concerning the FOX TV program The X-Files, I have been asked by my friends and clients in the Obsse Abbey to brief the membership concerning certain legal matters of interest." Case 1: "The Trematoda Boosters League versus 1013 Productions" -- Case 2: "G. Gordon Liddy versus Chris Carter and the shadowy media empire behind him" -- Case 3: "Dr. Dana Scully versus 1013 and Gillian Anderson" (parody)
  • Poll Results: OBSSE Admittance Test
  • Fanfic Recommendations By Autumn
    • Miss Elise ("This author tends towards the Scully/Skinner pairing which I usually have a hard time with personally, but "Smoke on the Water" I recommend wholeheartedly. It is a nice juicy Scullycentric casefile told from a first person perspective that examines the loves in Scully's life as she tries to solve a racially motivated murder in Louisiana. All of her stories can be found at this website.")
    • Marasmus ("It's early season six and our poor heroine is stuck in "Fuctifino," Kansas on fertilizer duty. What's a girl to do? Join Scully in another seedy bar in the amusing "Ravenspur". If you're ready for some angst after that check out the excellent "Burning the Maps" which gives a compelling glimpse of what the end could bring.")
    • Cofax ("This author actually wrote a story that seemed both new and very true to the character of Scully in "Innumerable". In it we see the effects of a special tour of duty in Kosovo on our favorite agent. "Observances" is a quiet look at Scully through the eyes of a priest who watches her observe a private ritual every year.")
  • The Scourge of the Secret Closet Prancers (Jean, Jean the Prance Machine)
  • The Art of the Perv, essay (Sister Squat)
  • Margarita Party Pie
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • Members Musings

Issue 29

OBSSE Newsletter: November 1999 News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

As of this issue: "World Domination: The OBSSE continues to grow at an amazing rate even in the off season. We're currently admitting at a rate of about 15 new Brothers and Sisters a week. In the last month the website has been visited by over 45 different countries as well. I'm a little afraid of what might happen once the season starts, especially if Scully is once again sporting fabulous hair."

  • Around the Abbey (Autumn)
  • Twas the Night Before Premiere (Sister Fialka) (The challenges of being a fan in Germany and having to WAIT: "Yes, I can hear the protest welling across North America. The night before Premiere? No, you cry, another six days must pass. Another Sunday of tiresome reruns, desperate searching of Gossamer and Ephemeral for stories of Our Heroes to quench the thirst of the endless summer drought. The Abbey echoes with the cries of the Philically deprived, frantically filking to fill the emptiness. Parched, aching, desperate throats wail forth their agony. Ah, but here in Germany, the season has begun. Well. Season 6, that is. To be a phile in Europe is to be terminally deprived of the joys of the neener. It is more than just the perversity of actually getting up at 4 a.m. to join the occasional chat. It is the deep sorrow of the day following Milagro, watching sadly as that little spoiler filter files away all but two of the 106 messages you just downloaded from Obsse. It is the bulging mail folders full of spoilers that will go on being spoilers - even with the help of wonderful friends sending sustenance across the Atlantic - for weeks while the tape fills up, after which the Lexington Post Office lets it gather dust for a month. It is salivating along with North America, and then, weeks after everyone has talked it to death and moved onward, still salivating - alone. Those who are privileged enough to have access to cable may cut their waiting time to six months, but still, wait they must.")
  • Lots and Lots of Shirts (NancyFF) ("...on May 10 of this year as I drove back to my office with four cardboard shipping cartons containing 220 Scully Marathon 1999 T-shirts in the back of my van.")
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: Southern Blot (Lensie)
  • Poll: Famous Last Words? (caption contest)
  • A Cultural OBSSEsion (Liz) (Parody: "[CHICAGO, November 1] Previews of an upcoming exhibit have brought art lovers, historians and media pundits alike together for spirited discussion. The exhibit, co-sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Broadcast Communications, is entitled "Trust No Artist: The X-Files in Fine Art." This fanwork is a tongue-in-cheek review (with six fabulous imitation fanarts) of a imaginary art show.)
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Kartoons by Kara Zod
  • Montreal Mini-Fest (Brother Colin and Sister Gen) (con report: "From October 8-11, sisters (and one brother) from all over North America convened on the fair city of Montreal. [Ahem . Montréal.] Read on as we describe our unforgettable inva- er, visit to the French metropolis of North America.")
  • Woman to Woman (Sisiter Reade) (dating advice for Scully)
  • Fanfic Recommendations By Autumn
    • KatyBlue ("This author is one of those talented few that seems to be able to pull off a first person Scully story by finding just the right voice for our Hero. From her first story, Absence of a Heartbeat, a jarring look at Scully struggling against all odds, she proves herself a must read author. Her latest, Infinitesimal Illumination, is a window into a painful conversation when Mulder and Scully discuss the events that most defined their lives. Katy has even conquered one of fanfic's most dangerous games, the Scullyfic list's improv test. Pass the Potato Chips is an entertaining glimpse of a late night stakeout and conversation sure to give you a chuckle. For the scenes it seemed were missing in Biogenesis, check out Taking Flight.")
    • Gwendolyn ("In this last stretch of time before the premiere, Temporary Shelter is a moody and romantic conclusion to Biogenesis. This tale in which Mulder and Scully return to Africa to dig up Scully's discovery explores in part what would happen if Mulder could read Scully's mind. In the good old fashioned smut department Mulder and Scully are trapped in a very tight place in Crawl Space. However, not much crawling is going on. All of Gwendolyn's work can be found at her website.")
    • Vesalius ("Have you been waiting all year for the big blow up? The post-One Son knock-down drag-out that should have happened? Well, wait no longer. Sit down, strap in, and enjoy Huit Clos for a little more closure than the show ever manages to deliver. After you've finished that for another take on how Biogenesis might resolve itself try Pythagorean Harmonics, a nicely constructed resolution to the big events with Scully working with the Lone Gunmen to help Mulder and a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure.")
  • Psychic Poll Results
  • Infiltration (Spesh)
  • The Art of the Perv: Understanding Sacred Readings (Sister Squat)
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • Members Musings

Issue 30

OBSSE Newsletter: December 1999 News for the OBSSEsed Page 1, Archived version

from issue #30, Scully action figure angel, created in part with latex gloves
  • Around the Abbey (Autumn)
  • Tidings of Comfort and Cheese (Sister Beer) (how to put together a cheese tray and an antipasta platter)
  • You Call That a Holiday Platter? (Nanchita)
  • Scullyistic Magnet Poetry Set (how to make one) (CathyB & Mindy)
  • Operation Crazy Quilt (SpicedRum) ("What exactly is Operation: Crazy Quilt? Basically it's a chance for you as a member of the OBSSE to express your gratitude to Ms. Anderson in the form of a brief letter or email message. Or be creative. Just make sure it's 1) respectful and 2) on a paper that's 8 1/2" x 11" in size. We're hoping to be able to gather up all the 'thank yous' and package them in unique OBSSE fashion to send to Ms. Anderson before season's end.")
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: Einstein's Twin Paradox (Lensie)
  • Poll: Christmas Present for Scully? "My holiday gift for Scully would be"
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • PI Angels (Sister Aderyn) (how to turn your action figures into angels: includes latex gloves as wings)
  • Claus and Effect, fiction (Jill Selby)
  • Fanfic Recommendations By Autumn
    • Revely ("Revely does the OBSSE proud with her fanfic debut Grand Gestures, a Scully focused casefile that even features an Abbey prominently. In addition to being deftly written her Scullycentric colors show through proudly as she examines Scully's connection to a relationship between sisters while she deals with her own relationship with Mulder. All in a small town with strange doings. What more could you ask for? I really enjoyed this piece.")
    • Alelou ("In one of the funniest stories I've read in a while, Scully sprains and ankle and tragedy strikes. She can't wear heels. For a look at our hero in a shallow moment try on Identity Crisis for size. Beyond Conception has Scully with some important decisions to make as Bill and Tara have another child. Ever wonder what might have happened if Scully had lost her faith in Mulder after his behavior in One Son? It might take Desperate Measures to get her back. All of this author's work can be found at this website.")
    • Ambress For NC-17 fans this author has a real treat in store without even resorting to Mulder and Scully having sex. A conversation on virginity brought on by a case leads to a very interesting ride home when a drugged Scully decides to swap stories on first times. Buckle your seat belts for Make Much of Time. A number of Ambress' stories are archived here.")
  • How to Have Yourself a Scullyistic Christmas (Minor Shannon)
  • filk: Fare Thee Well, Diana, Marita To the tune of "Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella" by Sister Jezebel
  • filk: A Christmas Filk To the tune of "Christmas Song" (Chestnuts) by ~Scooby
  • filk: We Lone Gunmen To the tune of "We Three Kings" by Bryn
  • filk: Have Yourself a Healthy Dose of Scully To the tune of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Bryn
  • O Little White and Wet T-Shirt To the tune of "O Little Town of Bethlehem" by Bryn
  • Scully Ornaments, how to make (Sister Cerulean)
  • Poll Results (caption contest results)
  • Scully Scones, recipe (Sister Kristin)
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn) ("Well, apparently FOX took my advice and finally updated the X-Files website. The good news is that they actually have up to date information about upcoming episodes and the like for the first time in what seems like years. The bad news is that the site, well, sucks from a design perspective while bombarding you with ads. I guess they still don't think they are making enough money off of the show. Or perhaps the ads are there to help pay for Duchovny's lawsuit. Who knows. So, here is the latest episode schedule.")
  • Kartoons by Kara Zod
  • Convictions, fiction (Brother Pilgrim)
  • FFamily Newsletter: From Our Hearth to Yours (The Evil That Is NancyFF and the FFamily) includes photomaniped fan faces into the Brady Bunch nine-square
  • Scullyvision (Sister Autumn) ("I remember back in the olden days before many of you young whippersnappers were around. Back before there were remotes and I had to walk two miles up hill barefoot in the snow just to change channels. Back before the days of world domination when almost everyone thought the show was about Mulder and thought of Scully merely as that frumpy tag-along in the beige with curling iron issues. Back around, oh, season two. Back then when the voice of the Scullyist was a whisper in the wind we still talked about it. We thought Scully might, just might be psychic.")
  • The Art of the Perv: The Sixth Extinction/Amor Fati:The Perv Perspective (Sister Squat)
  • filk: "Pervitude" By Sister Bryn to the tune of "Waterloo" by ABBA
  • The Lowdown on the MN Premiere Party (Sisters Leah, Beth & Chish) (con report)
  • filk: Home, It's Deranged (Sisters Jean and Jez)
  • Members Musings
  • includes a recipe for the "hot dish" served at the MN fan gathering ("1 1/2 lbs ground beef, 2 cans cream of mushroom soup, 1 soup can of milk, tater tots, 1 can drained green beans. french fried onions (not Funyons)")

Issue 31

OBSSE Newsletter: January 2000 News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

  • Around the Abbey (Autumn) ("Mailing List Move -- The OBSSE mailing list recently made a move to a new and improved version of itself. Of course, my favorite features are the various auto-admin abilities that mean I don't even have to swing the trout myself. Now you no longer have to unsub when you need to leave for a while (using the handy "nomail" feature), the OB in the header is automatic, and subscribing and unsubscribing is a snap. Though it might be fun to see one of those Mensa influenced "GeT ME OfF THiS liST" messages every so often for old times sake. If you wish to join this list of over 500 Scully fans, please first read the rules and FAQ found at Colin's Official OBSSE Information Site and then visit the Abbey Communications Center for information on joining the list.")
  • Rant Along with CathyB: much of my vexation could be spelled F-O-X (column debut) (CathyB)
  • Sister SpicedRum's Palate-Pleasing PANSPERMIA Cocktail Recipe (Barbie)
  • Fest `00: A Nice Trip to the Forest - more info: includes links to many Minnesota websites ("WHEN: June 22-25 WHERE: Isle, MN at McQuoid's Inn Resort Motel and Event Center on Mille Lacs Lake. Located about 100 miles north (an approximate two hour drive) of the Twin Cities")
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: Blazing Hot Probe (Paula & Autumn)
  • Poll: Kick Her While She's Down ("So, Scully's line to Fowley "I'm appealing to the person who must exist underneath all that cleavage and ambition" was cut from The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati. Still, fans were finally vindicated when Fowley died a sadly offscreen death. Now it's time for a final swift kick. We at the OBSSE are always concerned about fashion, heck there is even an article in this newsletter about it. With that in mind we ask you to look at the following picture and answer the question that has plagued us since Mimi Rogers showed up to the X-Files movie premiere wearing this outfit. WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING??" (includes photo))
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Kartoons by Kara Zod
  • Fanfic Recommendations By Autumn (see website for other info)
    • Jerry ("After writing a few short pieces, Jerry bites the long story bullet and gives us a MSR/casefile in "The Substance of Things." In this story Scully struggles with her commitment to her faith and confusion about Mulder while working on a kidnapping case with a partner who doesn't want to fight anymore. All of her work can be found at this website.")
    • Sabine ("To greet the new year how about a fic about the end of the world? This story will not be for everyone. It's dark. Really dark. But it is also very well done, and not like anything else I've read which at this point I always consider a minor miracle. Try out "Everybody Having a Good Time" in which really no one is. For pure character study about Scully's reaction to a wedding of an old friend and the road not taken "Dance Card" is an interesting and involving read. All of her fanfic can be found at this website.")
  • CHarc Analysis: Agent's Scully's Wardrobe, Past and Present: Fashion Evolution and the Resolution of Self by Bryn (Bryn, Sassejenn, & Jenn) (include: "Turtlenecks and the Contextualist Viewpoint, "The Inner Voice of Beige," and "Plaid and Choices in Hosiery - Presymbolic Experimentation")
  • Poll Results - Hostess Gift
  • The OBSSEwood Minute (Sister Autumn)
  • G'day Mulder, It's Me (Skullhead) ("Many of you are aware that I reside in the country of thermometer- smashing temperatures, cartoon-character politicians and strangely deformed wildlife, otherwise known as Australia. It is less commonly known that I was in fact born in Canada, and recently spent two months there becoming acquainted with my relatives. I will never forget this experience. I know because I have tried quite hard. During the course of my stay, I spent a week with my cousin in Ottawa. I was privileged to become acquainted with her friends, who managed to update my mental dictionary's definition of insane. At one point, one of these friends inquired what American TV shows were exported to Australia. I answered (a few good shows and lots of crap, in case you're wondering) and then I was asked an intriguing question... "Are they dubbed in Australian?"")
  • Members Musings
  • includes a link to The Severed Reviews

Issue 32

OBSSE Newsletter: February 2000 News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

  • Around the Abbey (Autumn)
  • Rant Along with CathyB: Era of the Celebrity Guest Star (CathyB) ("My chief complaint this month stems, I confess, from what might very well have been a flippant, not-meant-to-be-taken-seriously remark by our dry-witted pal David Duchovny. I'm referring to his intimation that he planned to write parts for his wife, Tea Leoni, and his friend Garry Shandling in an upcoming episode of The X-Files. Maybe he was kidding, maybe not. But whatever the case, it got me thinking about a growing, irritating trend on TXF. Yes, I'm speaking of the Era of the Celebrity Guest Star.")
  • Fest '00 Update
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: Gene (Lensie)
  • Memories to Last a Lifetime (Leslie) (about an upcoming poll on the mailing list, request for info about this community's fans, in-jokes, memories, glossary terms for a "OBSSE Yearbook")
  • caption contest, Scully with a machine gun
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Mulderpunzel by Laruen, parody with manips and sceenshots
  • Dr. Pilgrim's 3D House of Assistant D.A.s [Debut] (Brother Pilgrim)
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))
  • Recommendations by Autumn
    • "From folks we've featured before, Barbara D. has a fabulous new surprising piece out that turns the X-Files on its head in "No Place Like Home" - don't be surprised if you find yourself scratching your head after the first scene. It's a great puzzle to unravel. Justin Glasser also has a creepy new casefile out called "Lonely Nightmare" which takes place as Mulder and Scully are struggling to get their partnership back on track after Never Again. It's told from Mulder's perspective but he spends an awful lot of time thinking about Scully and the character interplay is wonderful. Now on to our new featured authors."
    • Anubis ("Mulder is dead and Scully is struggling to hold everything together. "Falling Down in Four Acts" is a disturbing and very believable portrait of a woman on the edge. A funny and sexy NC-17 tale of just what happens when Scully returns to Las Vegas undercover with Mulder in tow is told in "Sore Luck at the Luxor." All of Anubis' work can be found at this website.")
    • Susanne Barringer ("I really enjoyed this first story in which an exchange of childhood foibles turns much more serious when Mulder and Scully discuss her fear in "You Thought They Said Trains." In one of her earlier stories, Scully comes to grips with the ramifications of one word in "Gun." All of her work can be found at this website.")
    • Vehemently ("This author is fond of a very difficult sort of casefile - one which actually ties into the mythology. Taking place after The Red and The Black is a tale of experiments and cover-ups called "Scatter." (Vehemently also seems to be very fond of Krycek since we see him a lot in these stories. Just in case anyone might be interested...) I also enjoyed the pulled from the headlines tale of the search for a missing girl in "Starvation Angel." All of Vehemently's work can be found at this website.")
    • Shirlock ("Shirlock likes to write about The Blessed One from an outsider's perspective and the results are delightful. I loved this author's quirky story of a photographer who sees what we here in the Order do and wants more than anything to get his chance at "Shooting Dana." Then there is the day that Scully meets up with "The Pickpocket" and it changes them both for the better.")
    • Jean Robinson ("And finally we feature our favorite prancy Sister in the Abbey. Jean is new to fanfic, but has made her mark by filling in the blanks of the past. Most of her stories are set at times we have left behind and do a wonderful job of marking those moments. Her first venture into a long casefile is the post-Redux II "I Scream, You Scream" which manages to provide an ice cream treat along with this Scullycentric tale. Jean's sweet Christmas story is told from Mulder's perspective about his "Pin Up Queen", but it is not what you think. Check out all of Jean's stories at her website.")
  • CHarc Analysis Medical Edition (La.) (helmets, protective eyewear, gloves...)
  • Poll Results: What the Hell Was She Thinking? (jabs at Mimi Rogers' outfit, emphasis on her large breasts)
  • Orison: Hair Today, Goner Tomorrow
  • A Guide to Understanding the Mytharc by Sister Aspen, part-time Mytharc Rationalist ("Love it, hate it, or try to completely ignore it, the mytharc remains a central part of the X-Files. Too often attention given to the mytharc takes the form of criticism, exasperation, or even cries of pain and anguish, mixed with curses at Carternuity and the like-however, this need not be the case. The mytharc can actually be seen to make a strange sort of sense. What follows is one sister's desperate attempt at an explanation.")
  • OBBSEWOOD Minute (Autumn)
  • Sister Squat's Dead of Winter 2000 Perv Review
  • Members Musings

Issue 33

OBSSE Newsletter: March/April 2000 News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

Take a look at the CHarc from a guy's perspective: Brother Mike's.

Read about Sister Mandy's adventures with X-Files and brain juice in Russia.
Sister Squat raises the level of her artform by proving that even tax forms can be perved.
Zod's Karatoon suggests a better way to find out what really happened to Samantha....
Sister Tammy Perpetua describes her backstage encounter with the Earthly Incarnation at the Vagina Monologues. (Not the bragging sort, this story really had to be dragged out of her because she would never be so unkind to the less fortunate and point repeatedly at her shoulder and say, "Me and GA." Never.)
My favorite Abbey mother-daughter duo tell how they first joined the Order. Don't miss their "inside story," a series of instant messages.
Add another scary scientific term to your repertoire with Sister Lens-of-Science. Complete with printable table of do's and don'ts
Get Fest Updates, find out how to plan your NF Marathon, and take a peek at the OBSSE Yearbook. Plus Ask Autumn, OBSSEwood Minute, Poll Results and much more, all for your reading enjoyment.

  • Around the Abbey (Autumn)
  • Operation Crazy Quilt ("Thanks to the hard work of Sister SpicedRum Operation Crazy Quilt has been a big success. We had over fifty Abbey members participate in creating this unique gift for Gillian Anderson which includes filks, computer generated artwork, letters, reviews, poetry, original sketches and paintings. We'll be getting it out to her sometime this month as a way of saying thanks for giving us Scully.")
  • link to the OBSSE Yearbook
  • Fest '00 Update ("we are already over our planned number of 100 attendees") (link
  • How I Joined OBSSE, Learned to love Scully, and not to worry about Alien Conspiracies (Janelle)
  • How My Mother Joined the Order, the Inside Story. As In the One That Isn't Hers (Meredith)
  • A Man's Guide to the CHarc (Brother Mike) ("My knowledge of the CHarc is minimal at best-- Usually an email with "CHarc" in the subject gets put in my "to read later" folder. My personal experience of the CHarc extends to the ability to say "Hey, season 7 hair is terrible," and to notice that Scully tends to get shot when wearing white. Naturally, I'm the perfect person to write this article. First, I will start with my hypothesis. I believed that every man would basically have the same opinion of Dana Scully's hair and clothing: "When do we get a shower scene?" With this thought in mind (my hypothesis, although I admit that I had to think about a shower scene for a few minutes) I spent the week asking the male X-Files-watching populous what they thought.")
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: Visual Agnosia (Lensie)
  • Poll: photo of Tea Leoni with Scully-red hair: "Here's my caption for this disturbing image"
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))
  • Recommendations by Autumn
    • Kipler ("The first is from someone I've recommended here before, Kipler. She's back from a too long hiatus with Strangers and the Strange Dead. This is a third person look at a Scully of the future: still searching for something and investigating. In this case the investigation is of the mysterious reappearance of strangers in a small New England town. I love the way this woman writes. She always creates a story that cocoons the readers in her world and gives away just enough.")
    • Syntax6 ("New to this column is Syntax6 and the casefile Blood Oranges. This one takes place shortly after Tithonus. Mulder and Scully are lovers but the focus is a serial murder case that affects Scully profoundly and does the best job of describing why we've never heard about that cursed Travelers wedding ring that I've read. A compelling, Scullycentric case file.")
  • Scully Marathon 2000
  • A Scullyist in Russia (Sister Mandy)
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Poll Results
  • I'll Never Wash This Shoulder Again! (Sister Tammy (10 Seconds) Perpetua) (meeting Gillian Anderson, and fellow fans, at "The Vagina Monologues")
  • The Art of the Perv (Squat): Taxes
  • OBBSEWOOD Minute (Autumn)
  • Members Musings

Issue 34

OBSSE Newsletter: May 2000 News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

  • Intro:

This issue makes 34, yes, 34 editions of this newsletter to hit the web. We've gone from a little one page edition to a professional monthly publication over the years.

I have no idea if this is one of the last regular OBSSE newsletters or not thanks to the ever irritating FOX network and Mr. I'll Whine For Five Years About How Much I Want to Quit and Then Say Things Like "I definitely could do another year, but I really don't know if it'll happen." The plan right now is for our next issue to be a post-FEST wrapup issue like we do every year. In other words, our Annual Neener Edition. If, come May 18th when FOX announces its schedule for next year and The X-Files is on it we will make some decisions about how this missive will continue.

However, just in case things do wrap up, I wanted to say a few things. If we continue and I have to say them all again next year just forget you ever read this.

The OBSSE has been a weird and wonderful ride for me. I've been here from the beginning, run the mailing list from the start, been involved in every newsletter, been to almost every chat, planned three FESTs and led the group this past year. Despite the recognition I've gotten over the years for my reviews or spoilers, this is the most fulfilling thing I've done in conjunction with the X-Files, and frankly one of the most entertaining things I have ever done. I've made friends in this group who will last a lifetime and had more laughs from the daily barrage of that special brand of OBSSE humor than I can even begin to count. To the over 2000 of you who are members of this crazy Abbey, to those who were with us in the beginning, those who have moved on, those who have just moved in, thank you for contributing to this community.

  • Around the Abbey
  • an account of a trip to Roswell, New Mexico by Nancy FF
  • FEST Update (shirt design, talent night details, 109 fans are signed up)
  • Why I Don't Think That Mulder And Scully Slept Together Before all things by Steph-Tacs
  • Sister Lens-of-Science's column: "Chemical Compound, Scary Disease or Body Part, or Pseudointellectual Gibberish, You Make The Call"
  • action figure fashion contest - Paula -- theme: Outdoor Action Wear
  • The OBSSE Files by Lauren ("Gillian Anderson's recent writing/directing/acting tour de force, all things, took the world of the OBSSE by surprise. Not because of the quality of the ep, or the clever directing choices, or even because we found out that Scully apparently has no problem using the bathroom with the door open when Mulder is around--no, the OBSSE was shocked to discover that the episode was chock full of references to our jolly little Order. Nuns, margarita mix and the Blair Witch Project--Scully might just as well have been munching on tic-tacs rather than drinking all that tea (which is probably why she was in the bathroom in the first place, but that's a different story). All this got me to thinking--is it possible that this isn't the first time the OBSSE has been mentioned in the X-Files? Have we, in our disdain for the writers, ignored their subtle cries for our approval? Has Chris Carter really been lurking all along? (I would guess yes, but only because he has a crush on Sassejenn.) I spent the past several weeks in research, watching my tapes over and over and over and over, and I've found conclusive evidence that the boys at 1013 have been watching us, using us for material, SINCE THE BEGINNING!")
  • Marathon Update (lots of info)
  • Look Homeward Dimple: In Celebration of Face Acting!, long article by Kirby Dee
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Poll Results (caption contest, hostile comments regarding Tea Leoni)
  • Rant along with CathyB: Closure
  • fic rec: ("I just wanted to take the time to recommend a piece I've actually been waiting about two years to mention in this column. This month an author who has been featured here before, Michaela, finished her sequel to the episode Never Again. As I think there are a few people in the Abbey who enjoyed that episode, some of whom even think that Scully slept with Ed Jerse, you might want to take a look at the havoc he manages to cause in her life in the chilling tale "Unnatural Disaster." I'll admit I was hooked by this story from the minute Scully comes home in the first chapter and discovers that one of her lamp shades is a different color. I hope you enjoy being able to read it in one sitting as much as I did over months in pieces.")
  • The Art of the Perv, column by Sister Squat
  • OBSSEwood Minute by Sister Autumn
  • karatoon
  • Members Musings

Issue 35

Summer 2000 News for the OBSSEsed

This issue is six pages long, which is easy to miss as the navigation consists of tiny numbers at the top of the screen.

This issue contains a link to a "rogue, takeover edition" of News for the OBSSEsed edited by Aderyn and Skull. See News for the OBSSEsed Rogue Edition.

  • Around the Abbey (Autumn) ("So, all that stuff we wrote last issue about this being the end and all that. Um. Forget you heard it. We were wrong, but please St. Scully only one year off. (Pardon me as I try to block all knowledge of Gillian's contract going a 9th season). So, we are back and badder than ever with this super special Fest extravaganza edition. Actually, believe it or not, a lot more than the 3rd Annual OBSSE Fest happened this summer so we'll update you on a few other things as well. As far as when the next newsletter will be out we're just saying before the premiere at this point. You may have also noticed we've unveiled a new format this edition. Sister La.. decided that if we were going to have to continue News for the OBSSEsed another year then by God we were going to look good. And as you all know fashion is always a concern here at OBSSE headquarters. So if you see her around the Abbey thank her for the fresh new stylin' look of this publication."
  • Fest 2001? You Betcha ("In addition to us thinking the X-Files was going to end, we also anticipated this year's FEST would be the last Official FEST of the OBSSE. Well, what can I say. I gave in and was glad to do it. FEST 2000 was such a fabulous event (as you will see from reading this newsletter) that I knew we had to do it at least one more time. So we will be doing it all over again next summer once again in Winter Park, Colorado. Registration will be limited due to space constraints, but we hope to be able to accommodate 120 OBSSE members (up from the 105 that attended this year's event). Mark your calendars for July 26-29, 2001.")
  • Scully Marathons a Huge Success! ("So we did that marathon thing again this year, and it turned out to be an amazing success. Helmed by our own Sister La.. and marathon organizers throughout the world, the OBSSE Scully Marathons were able to raise a whopping $22,759.89 for worldwide NF organizations. We were able to reach this number through T-shirt sales (which could actually push the number up higher as funds are still straggling in...")
  • OBSSE Invited to Washington DC for NF Benefit: ("This July both Sister La.. and myself were invited by NF, Inc. to represent the OBSSE at a Congressional luncheon to thank the Order for the work that we have done in raising money for their organization. Sister La.. was sadly unable to attend, but Paula was able to join me in DC and attend the reception that was held later that evening. It was an extremely rewarding experience for me to get the chance to meet so many people from the NF organization around the United States and hear first hand how our fundraising efforts are touching people's lives and how extremely grateful they are. I sat at a table along with Cyn Schmidt and Wai Wong who were there representing GAWS (who did a fabulous job raising over $145,000 on their annual auction this year). Gillian was of course there and looking wonderful along with about five Senators who popped in during the proceedings, but the most rewarding part was that during this luncheon and the reception later I think every single chapter head from the local groups and every person associated with NF, Inc. came over to me to talk to me and to thank the OBSSE for what we have done. Person after person told me that for years the only folks working for or raising money for NF were the families of people that had NF. That what we are doing has made a tremendous impact on getting the word out and gathering support. I have never been so proud of the OBSSE as I was that day. When I had the chance to speak with Gillian one on one and tried to thank her on behalf of the OBSSE for all her wonderful work she asked me with extreme gratitude and sincerity to give a message to the OBSSE and all those who were involved in our Scully Marathons: "No, you need to tell THEM thank you from ME for all they have done." She made it very clear to me how much our work has meant to her, and that she's been enjoying our "official" OBSSE communications with her over the years. I mean, who doesn't love a FEST goodie bag or marathon T-Shirt?")
  • Fest '2000 (long con reports, lots of photos)
    • The Medical Hut
    • A Word about Autumn ("I was especially thankful for the presence of a MEDICAL DOCTOR when it came time to meet Autumn. It's no big secret that online, Autumn is incredibly scary. She's got a sharp tongue, wields a mean trout, and puts the smackdown on idiocy and rampant pissiness; I'm sure it will come as a surprise to nobody that I was terrified about the prospect of meeting her in person. Who wouldn't be? Well guess what. She's every bit as scary in person as she is online. It's even possible that she's more scary in person. She never laughs and she has not an ounce of schmoop in her body. I did not see her hug a single person and she certainly never gave me Tic Tacs or anything else. I saw her perform troutslap after undeserved troutslap and revel in giving out the Hooter of the Day awards. On Saturday night, she kicked people off the island and meant it every time. Let there be no mistake: Autumn is fierce."
    • Everthing I need to Know I learned at Fest
    • In Closing
    • Canoeing (Gen) (an account of canoeing at the Fest, includes some cute photo manips of Scully and a fan in a rowboat)
    • Fest Exposé (Rania)
    • Somebody's Got to be A Virgin...and it sure ain't Scully? (Pteropod)
    • Crowds Riot for Cheese
    • From the Desk of Dr. Sarah Tonin
    • The OBSSE Talen Show Review: It's not just for prancers anymore! (Nanchita)
    • Blackwood: Where are they now? (Cathy B)
    • Musings of a Medical Doctor (Sister Sandy)
    • Fest Musings
  • How to Make a Bee Pin (Tina) (craft plans)
  • The PI Fashion Contest (winners of the action figure photo contest: The Great Outdoors)
  • Ask Sister Autumn - Special Fest Edition
  • Fundraising
  • Colin's Annual Bad Elder Decision (Nanners)
  • OBSSEWOOD Minute

Issue 36

November 2000

  • From the Editor's Desk (Paula)
  • Around the Abbey
  • Manly, Yes...but I like it too (Autumn) (essay about the marketing of John Doggett: "This summer and fall, in advance of some big changes to the show for season 8, 1013 launched a campaign. Let's call it the "John Manly Mannish Blue-Collar Guyness Doggett Campaign." For some reason they have become oddly fixated on the perceived masculinity of this new character. And they want to tell us about it. Over and over and over. Just so we know without question that this guy is exceedingly manly. Apparently Scully was paired with David Duchovny's character Denise from Twin Peaks the past seven years since to hear them talk Mulder was, I don't know, a girlie man? A squirrel's guy? A white-collar slacker wussy?")
  • Chicago OBBSSE Volunteers for NF, Inc. by Liz
  • For You Consideration (Scully Marathon 2001) by La..
  • Cheese. X-Files Style (Pteropod, Carole, Serin) (EVILDOERS ARE HAPPY BECAUSE THEY EAT LARD: Deep Fried-like-the-Consortium Cheese Curds by Pteropod, SCULLY'S REVENGE, or Cheese Dip with Alien Bits by Sister Carole, MULDER'S EENIE MEANIE CHILI BEANIE CHRISTMAS CHEESE LOG by Serin)
  • Rant Along with CathyB: John Doggett
  • Are you SOG--GY (Adrianne) ("Are you concerned that you might be a self-obsessed ghoul? Come on; admit it, sometimes you just can't tell. If you know the in-jokes, or if you are, perhaps, an in-joke yourself, does that qualify you for SOG status?")
  • Dr. Pilgrim's 3D House of Assistant D.A.s: Season 8? (Brother Pilgrim) ("Season 8? Season 8??!! Now hold on just one second... the last time I looked, all principals were saying that season 8 was only a remote possibility, probably impossible, Hell, Season 7 was no sure thing...Season 8...and maybe Season 9? ... Damn.")
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Poll
  • Frank vs. the CHarc (Lauren) (unclear if this is a real interview transcript or a parody)
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))
  • some filks
  • Autumn's Fic Recs: ("It's been a while since I've even had time to read fanfic, but I must say my long wait was rewarded handsomely this month when I discovered a few terrific pieces. What was even sweeter is that they all came from our ranks. One would think we understood Scully or something here in the Abbey...")
    • Fialka "Have you been waiting a long time to sink your teeth into a tense Scullycentric adventure that has Scully actively investigating the things that have happened to her instead of just moving on to the next monster of the week? Want to read a novel that deals with the complex relationship between Mulder and Scully in a realistic rather than bubble gum fashion? Did you like Kresge? Have a hankering for a well written piece that has Scully facing all the tough questions and finds the voice of the characters we watch every week with all their features and faults perfectly? Look no further than our own Sister Fialka's masterpiece "Arizona Highways." Set aside some time and enjoy. You won't be sorry."
    • Revely "If you don't have quite enough time right now to tackle a novel, start yourself off on a story by another of our flock that for some odd reason I really enjoyed. Hmm, could it be because Revely's tale included a bunch of nuns at a lakeside summer camp? Or perhaps just because I found "Wing and Prayer" to be an equal parts serious and amusing sequel to this season's En Ami? Or maybe I just like the way she wrote a relationship rusty Scully trying to make things work while dealing with a miracle..."
    • Pteropod "If short and sweet is more your cup of tea, I proudly present OBSSE Sister number three Pteropod. A warm spring day and a new comfortable attitude combine in "Touch the Moon." If you'd prefer something a little darker, explore her take on Scully's state after the events of Orison in "Atomic Split". Either way neither will take long and both will leave you satisfied."
  • Skull's Sagacious Soliloquies (essay "by Scully")
  • House of Mirth Screening (Diane & La..)
  • OBBSEWOOD Minute (Autumn)

Issue 37

December 2000 News for the OBSSEsed, Archived version

  • From the Editor's Desk (Paula)
  • Around the Abbey (Autumn) (Includes an account of a set tour led by Gillian Anderson: " Gillian was actually a good sport about the whole thing, posed for pictures with the buttons, and mentioned that the OBSSE cracks her up. We're just glad she gets the joke. Some attendees, myself included, were treated to a set tour led by Gillian herself. In addition to learning that she really did not know her way around the sound stages she's worked on the past three years, we were confronted with the following very wrong things: First, Mulder's apartment in addition to being very very small has a copy of "Golf Digest" on the coffee table. Second, not only is there still no nameplate on the door, but Doggett has a desk with his own nameplate while Scully still has none. Third, and most disturbing of all, even though no one is currently using Mulder's apartment and that set just sits and gathers dust, they totally changed Scully's apartment to look like a hotel room instead of leaving it as a standing set. Sigh. Well, at least we saw her kitchen and the fridge was still in it. I will admit that my favorite parts of the tour were walking down the FBI hallway into Skinner's office and having Gillian tell us the extremely unsavory details of her last pretend autopsy while we gathered around her in the autopsy set. I have indeed been in the lair of Dr. Bossypants.")
  • Christmas Crafts with Chish and Beth (there are two crafts: snowflakes, plus a slug made out of a condom -- this last craft includes photos of the slug lurking in a holiday centerpiece: "To make your own cheery holiday mascot, you will need: a condom, a filling of choice (we used holiday confetti), construction paper, a rubber band, cotton balls, staples, tape or glue.")
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: Transorbital Lobotomies (Lensie)
  • five Christmas filks by (Squat, Jez, Bryn)
  • Rant Along with CathyB: Season 8: Maybe No One Will Notice ("Well, as I write this we're four episodes into Season 8: Maybe No One Will Notice. And as I've been complaining about it, and I appear to be in the minority (which is okay), I thought I would use this forum (pause here for groaning and running away) to explain just what my damn problem is. I'll tell you guys the main thing that's been bothering me this season. It's not this season at all, really. I'm worried about what's going to happen next season.")
  • A Stay in the Manger, fiction (Jean Robinson)
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Last Month's Poll Results ("Last month we asked what tests you thought the aliens would or should perform first on Mulder." -- answers)
  • Poll (Next issue's poll: "You've just been given the ultimate power over your TV set. You can now change the face of television by making any show besides the X-Files star Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully. What show would you put Scully in and what would she be doing?")
  • Scoop Premier Party (accounts of fan gatherings in Westchester, NY - Denver, Colorado - Houston, TX - Kentucky - The Bay Area of California - Montreal, CA)
  • Santa CHarc is Coming to Town (Lauren)
  • Karatoons (Sister Kara (aka Zod))
  • Skull's Sagacious Soliloquies (imagined parodies of X-Files Christmas episodes)
  • Scully's Secret (Squat) (includes an alien who looks like Scully modeling bras, lingerie...)
  • OBBSEWOOD Minute, news (Autumn)
  • 'Twas the Night Before "all things" (poem and small essay) (Melly B)

Issue 38

News for the OBSSEsed - February 2001, Archived version

  • From the Editor's Desk ("Well, like John Doggett who was just regurgitated by Anthony Keidis after a concert, I hardly know what to say. These are trying times, brothers and sisters. Let us hold fast to the hope that February sweeps will offer a few good surprises, and that butt genies and dysfunctional twins will become a Teena Mulder memory of the past.")
  • Around the Abbey (Autumn)
  • Fest '01 Update ("We have reserved space for Abbey members at the Iron Horse Resort in Winter Park, Colorado. Fest will be held a month later this year on July 26-29, 2001." Attendance was expected to be 110.)
  • the Scully Marathon 2001
  • Musings of a FEST-Hopeful (Brother Scott) (his account of trying to talk his parents into going to Denver to hang out with X-Files fans at the FEST)
  • How a bit of plastic can unite the world (WildKat) (" Why is a little plastic dolly so important that I carry her all over the world? Most people have an object- a lucky penny, a piece of jewelry, a stuffed animal, a photo of a loved one- which has special meaning to them. For me, my PI is a little portable Scully I can take with me. The character of Scully is a sort of personal hero for me. She is intelligent, educated, independent, strong, loyal, always searching for the truth, always trying to understand the world around her, and always trying to help those in need. She's a beautiful woman who tries hard to be accepted as a person, not merely an object, in a man¹s world. She can be vulnerable and she makes mistakes. She's human. And for that, I admire her. I carry a little version of her to remind me to follow my path, to work hard, to seek truth. But that isn't the entire reason I keep her around.")
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: MRI (Lensie)
  • The Mensia Report Greek, Komoidia and "Badla": A comparative study (Nina)
  • OBSSE Mailing List: Year 2000 Summary (WetLegKik) ("EDITOR'S NOTE: Every year Brother WetLegKik breaks down the events on the OBSSE mailing list. If you're not on that list and ever wonder what goes on, or even if you are and can't remember the past this is a pretty good indication of the craziness there.")
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Poll Results
  • Poll (Scully losing her gun)
  • Recommendations by Autumn
    • Jill Selby ("My very first Fanfic recommendation column was in the September 1997 newsletter. (Autumn pauses to realize she's been doing this newsletter a hell of a long time). The very first fanfic author I recommended at that time was a new gal on the scene known as Jill Selby. I thought she was great then, and I still do now. Over the years Jill has written a few pieces just for me, and that I will always delight in. The good news is Ms. Selby's fanfic writing has opened up other doors for her career-wise. The bad news is, it means she's leaving fanfic writing behind for professional pursuits. So, let me recommend her work one last time as one who always got Scully right. She recently finished her final story Paper Saints, so take some time to enjoy it, or any of the rest of her fine work. Good luck Jill, and thank you.")
    • V. Salmone ("Now, I'd like to introduce a new author: V. Salmone. This author has but two stories out so far, but both are worth your time and attention. If your'e missing the days of Mulder and Scully, they might help you bide your time. I've always liked stories where we find out just what the heck Charles Scully has been up to and Scully is on his trail in The Second to Last 7-Eleven a case with a dash of mytharc. How to Fake an Orgasm may seem like it's about Mulder and another woman, but it really is all about Scully and her reactions to it and discovering something sweet back in the days of the sixth season.")
    • Magdeleine ("And if you're in the mood for something completely different with a talking parrot and a Scully having a "Mulder awareness day on overdrive" try Gutless by Magdeleine. I mean why read babyfic when you can read parrotfic, right?")
  • A Royal Decree, fiction, parody (Lauren)
  • Karatoons (Kara Zod)
  • Skull's Sagacious Soliloquies (essay "by Scully")
  • OBBSEWOOD Minute (Autumn)
  • Member Musings

Issue 39

News for the OBSSEsed - March 2001, Archived version

  • Around the Abbey (Autumn) ("God knows I've given up on [understanding the mytharc], but I do know there are still a few of you mythArc junkies out there skulking about in the shadows of the Abbey.") ("The marathons will be getting a little extra dose of publicity this year as I was interviewed on the OBSSE's charitable endeavors for the May edition Fan Focus section of the X-Files Official Magazine.")
  • Fest '01 Update
  • Scully Marathon 2001 Update
  • Rant Along with CathyB: The Scully CHarc Fashion Review 2001 (transcript of fashion show commentary)
  • From the Desk of Dr. K
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: Superconducting Balls (Lensie)
  • OBSSE Chutes & Ladders (Chish and Beth) (craft plans)
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Poll Results ("We can't help noticing that Scully's already dropped her gun twice this season, so last month we asked our readers how they thought she might lose it next. Here are some of the results.")
  • Poll ("I've selected the perfect gift for Scully's baby - it's....")
  • A Royal Decree: Or Could You Please Stay Dead This Time, Mulder, Because We're Kind of Tired of Playing the Mourning Game (Lauren)
  • Fest an Update (Brother Scott)
  • Skull's Sagacious Soliloquies
  • OBBSEWOOD Minute (Autumn)
  • Member Musings

Issue 40

News for the OBSSEsed -- May 2001, Archived version

  • From the Editor's Desk (guest editor is Lauren)
  • Around the Abbey (Autumn)
  • FEST 2001 - It's Going to be a Ball
  • Scully Marathon 2001 (lots of photos)
  • Rant Along with CathyB four script snippets written in the style of: C. Carter, V. Gilligan, J. Shiban, and F. Spotnitz ("As we all know, we were cheated out of the scene in which the newly returned Mulder learns of Scully's pregnancy. Here's a little-known fact: 1013 actually planned to include the scene, in DeadAlive, right after Mulder woke up in the hospital. Unfortunately, there wasn't time in the end, because, you know, there was a lot of other important stuff to show, like random mystery visits to prison and people's flesh falling off them in the shower. However, several of the writers actually took a crack at this pivotal scene. And -- you guessed it -- thanks to my secret sources at 1013, I have for you today, in a News for the OBSSEsed Exclusive, a few of those scenes for your reading pleasure. So, sit back, enjoy, and envision what might have been...")
  • A Bedtime Story for William Sculder (Pteropod) (meta fiction)
  • Sister Lens of Science Explains it All for You: human reproductive cycle and the impossibilities of Scully's pregnancy (Lensie)
  • The Name Game (Cherish) (what should Scully's baby name be?)
  • Mensa Report: Fertility, Fest and the Eleusinian Mysteries (Nina)
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • Poll Results
  • Poll (Just where the hell has Ma Scully been?)
  • A Royal Decree: Dr. Spock's Wisdom For Scully (Lauren)
  • Scoop! The Blessed Little one Speaks by B. Dodd, crack reporter
  • Karatoons (Kara Zod)
  • All Simple Monkeys with Alien Babies (Serin)
  • Skull's Sagacious Soliloquies
  • OBBSEWOOD Minute (Autumn)
  • Member Musings

Issue 41

News for the OBSSEsed - September 2001, Archived version

  • From the Editor's Desk (Paula) ("This special Fest Edition is dedicated with love and friendship to our New York contingent of the OBSSE. Now, more than ever, it seems important to celebrate the support, kindness, wit, and countless hours of laughter we've enjoyed in our on-line community. Some of us were fortunate enough to experience this same comradeship face to face this summer, in Winter Park, Colorado – and that's what this newsletter is all about. You won't find any heady or profound articles on globalization and world peace here, but you will find amusing recollections of all the absurd, nonsensical mini-events that seem to occur when more than two or three are gathered in She-Who-Used-to-Wear-Good-Pantsuits' Name. We hope it brings a smile to your face.")
  • Around the Abbey (Autumn) ("Well, as we all know, all hell broke loose in the world. I learned even more about this community as we on the OBSSE mailing list searched for any news of our DC and NY brothers and sisters. We breathed a sigh of relief every time someone checked in shaken but still with us. We waited for reports from our own dr. sandy working in an ER room close to the scene. We heard from our friends overseas expressing their condolences. We've got at least one member taking Cipro because of possible Anthrax exposure. Luckily, we did not lose any of our members, but it became clear just how far reaching the OBSSE family was. With all this going on it became very hard to be funny for us here at News for the OBSSEsed. I've never worked on a harder edition of this newsletter. Just finding the motivation to turn to this task instead of sitting an watching the regular day's news of yet another day of "all Anthrax all the time" was difficult. However, since we have now had our fill of going about our day and yet being extra superduper extremely highest alert vigilant we're all back now. And we are trying to get this "Summer Edition" out before the start of season nine. I'm hoping that a little frivolity will be a tonic. That remembering the wonderful time we had together at FEST will make folks smile. We're trying to convince ourselves that another season of just focusing on the CHarc will get us through whatever manner of stupid writing, whale sounds, pop tarts, and butt genies gets tossed our way. While we are still planning to continue the News for the OBSSEsed, we suspect our operations this year will be as scaled back as Gillian's involvement. On those months that the newsletter does not come back just think of it as your absent center. At least you'll see it more often than Mulder.")
  • The Scully Marathon raised $60,877.10
  • another FEST? ("As is usually the case, I got talked into holding another gathering next year. This one, is however going to be very different from FESTs in the past. It is only going to be open to the members of the OBSSE mailing list and it will not be organized in the same spreadsheet overdrive fashion of previous FESTs. In other words I'll let people know the when and the where, suggest a meeting place and time and the rest is up to them. I won't be collecting fees, planning events, arranging meals or anything. The fun will be up to you to find, and I have all the faith in the world that you'll be able to. Viva FEST Vegas will be a laid back event. For those of you who haven't been to Vegas lately there is something to do for members of all ages... NO SPREADSHEETS. NO MEALS. LESS WORK. SAME FUN CROWD. COMING NEXT JULY! ")
  • Con Reports:
    • Did You Hear the One About the 35 Virgins? (Autumn) (con report, talks about con virgins)
    • Never Come Between a FESTer... and Food (Nanchita)
    • Festvivor: Producer's Log (Princess Burnett)
    • Dr. PteroPie or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Idea of Feeding Pie to One Hundred People (Ptero)
    • Behind the Cheese Tour (Bryn & Scooby)
    • The Reign of the Cheesebutantes (Nancy FF)
    • Where's Scully When You Need Her? (Michele aka Griot)
    • Cabaret Night (La..)
    • Scott's Letters to Home (Scott)
    • Fest: a severed perspective (Skull and Aderyn)
    • Golf: OBSSE Style by Autumn
    • True OBSSE Story (Cherish)
    • 4th Annual OBSSE Awards (Autumn)
    • Fest Musings
  • Ask Sister Autumn
  • PI Action Figure Contest (Paula)
  • filk: The Stupidest Things (to the tune of My Favorite Things)
  • OBBSEWOOD Minute (Autumn)
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