V. Salmone

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Name: V. Salmone
Alias(es): aka: Punk and Sab
Type: author
Fandoms: The X-Files
URL: The Office of V. Salmone (Wayback)
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V. Salmone was a collaborative pseudonym used by Sabine and Punk to publish X-Files fic and was active on alt.tv.x-files.creative and several mailing lists from July 2000 to July 2001. V was nominated for several Spooky Awards and enjoyed a number of recommendations from popular sites such as IOHO, The Primal Screamers, and In the Borderlands of the Yeti.


To Punk and Sab, V. Salmone was more than just a pen name, they created an entire persona around her. Sabine described her as their "cool-headed alter ego, V. Salmone (a professional and well-educated woman from Corpus Christi, TX, in case you were wondering; she has a backstory and everything... and a desk)."[1]

V was a dedicated Mulder/Scully shipper, an amalgam of Sabine's propensity towards breaking Mulder and Scully up, and Punk's need to always have them end up together. V wrote heavy angst, but she had a lighter side as well, also a function of Sab and Punk, respectively.

V's identity was meant to be a secret, but how well it was kept remains to be seen. Even Punk and Sab's betas, who knew the truth, were given psueds in V's author notes to help disguise their identity.

Many years later, and on a different platform entirely, Punk and Sab posted Straightforwardly on LiveJournal in December 2004 and revealed they were behind V.[2] Though they still had many ideas and half-written stories for V, this would mark the end of her career.

Fan Comments

Now, I'd like to introduce a new author: V. Salmone. This author has but two stories out so far, but both are worth your time and attention. If you're missing the days of Mulder and Scully, they might help you bide your time. I've always liked stories where we find out just what the heck Charles Scully has been up to and Scully is on his trail in The Second to Last 7-Eleven a case with a dash of mytharc. How to Fake an Orgasm may seem like it's about Mulder and another woman, but it really is all about Scully and her reactions to it and discovering something sweet back in the days of the sixth season. [3]

Complete Works

  • The Second to Last 7-Eleven: V's first fic. Features Texas, the missing Scully sibling, and the mytharc. Won second place in 2000 Spooky Awards for Outstanding Long Story.[4] Published July 2000.
  • How to Fake an Orgasm: Set during season six, Mulder and Scully revisit The Jersey Devil, and Mulder dates all of D.C. Published January 2001.
  • Unused Morning: A scene cut from TStL7E, though out of a sense of artistic perversion, Punk and Sab declined to share this information with their readers. The short piece was mostly met with confusion. Published March 2001.
  • Anyone with a Gun: A post-ep for Orison where Scully isn't coping. Published July 2001.

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