Rachel Howard

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Name: Rachel Howard
Fandoms: X-Files
URL: RachelMain, Archived version
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Rachel Howard is an X-Files fanfic writer.

Fan Comments


It starts out as a humorous case in Las Vegas and ends up as a great post- Emily mythology piece with a little romance thrown in for good measure. "Goodnight Newton" has the kitchen sink as far as fanfic is concerned, and this is one tale that will keep you reading from the moment you start. Rachel has also teamed with one of my favorite authors Karen Rasch on "Antidote" in which Scully gets to wear one of those fetching biohazard suits and share a cabin with that other guy. [1]


Rachel writes da angst that makes the whole world sing, baybee. I got two words for you: Hoover Dam. If you aren't sniffly by that point in Goodnight Newton, you have no soul, there is no hope for you, you may already be occupying a table in my morgue. AND she co-wrote Antidote -- a truly amazing twist of casefile and MSR -- with Karen Rasch! Go, check out her work, and then send her feedback -- it makes her write faster, which means I won't have to kidnap her, lock her up in a room and force her to do my literary bidding. (Don't be afraid, Rachel. I'm mostly harmless.) <g> [2]


Some Fics


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