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You may be looking for the television show, The X-Files.

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Synonyms: case file, an X-File case
Related: myth-arc, monster of the week
See Also: Profiler!Mulder, Scully in Jeopardy, Mulder In Jeopardy
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An X-File is the Philedom equivalent of a fan fiction case file and an fan fiction genre of it's own.

X-Files case stories do not typically feature any of the tropes mentioned in case file article, they are usually crime stories and/or thrillers that focus on a realistic depiction of police work and psychological depth rather then on MSR, although there are stories that include MSR. Rating vary from PG-13 to NC-17.

Both the Silver Sutures Awards and the Spooky Awards (since the 1996 iteration) had special categories for this genre.


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