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Name: Nascent
Alias(es): Dark Nascent
Fandoms: The X-Files
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Nascent is an early X-Files writer.

Example Fics

Fan Comments

Nascent's Land Of Actual X-Files - Love it. I love Nascent. Clean writing, characterization up the yazoo (no, that doesn't hurt) and real, honest-to-goodness cases and conspiracies. Pinch me, Goober, I'm dreaming! The slurring Krycek in "Insider Trading" is hilarious, a bad boy with a big headache. Flawless grammar and editing throughout, not a sentence out of place. Check out "Eye Of The Beholder" for an M&S I can live with. -- Rating: 5 Flashlights [1]
My first recommendation is a terrific story by a new author to the fanfic scene. Nascent has a great hold on the Scully/Mulder dynamic, and her dialogue between them had me longing to see it brought to life between Anderson and Duchovny. I can't think of much higher praise than that. Read "Eye of the Beholder", you will not be sorry you did. (Note: you will be prompted for a login and password. Use "guest" for both.) Nascent also wrote a little cancer time frame ScullyAngst piece called "Alien Comfort" that has our heroes doing a little bonding to ward off despair. It's a quick, pleasant read. [2]
It seems like I was just recommending this author a few months ago. Oh, that's right, I was. Well folks, it should be repeated. I finished Nascent's most recent work, "Theory and Practice", and was literally stunned. This piece contains one of the most beautifully written sections about Scully I've ever read. It's set during the cancer period, so buckle your Angst belts and be on your way. If you need a good laugh after that, luckily she has provided one - our scientist Scully does the math and finds out that certain times of the year are more risky than others in, "Mulder, It's May". Can't get enough? How about Scully waking up next to a dead man in her piece, "Insider Trading". [3]


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