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Synonyms: Profiler Stories
Related: casefile
See Also: pre-XF
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Profiler!Mulder stories are a popular subgenre of X-Files case stories in which Mulder profiles (often non-supernatural) serial killers. They are set either pre-XF or have him (and sometimes Scully) temporarily reassigned from the X-Files.

Often the profiling puts Mulder through mental anguish in these stories, so many are angst or even Muldertorture.


There used to be an archive dedicated to these Profiler!Mulder, BSU: Behavioral Sciences Unit, but it has since become defunct.[1] The also defunct The I in FBI casefile archive[2] and the no longer updated pre-XF archive previous eXcursions[3] used to house many Profiler!Mulder stories as well.

Notable Examples



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