BSU: Behavioral Sciences Unit

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Name: BSU: Behavioral Sciences Unit
Date(s): 04 July 1998 (founded),[1] 2013 - today (on xphilefic)
Archivist: Elizabeth Gerber
Founder: Elizabeth Gerber
Fandom: The X-Files


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BSU: Behavioral Sciences Unit is a Profiler!Mulder archive.

The purpose of this archive is to gather in one place stories that feature Mulder as a profiler. This includes both pre-XF stories from Mulder's BSU days and XF time-line stories wherein Mulder and/or Scully are leant-out or assigned to a case requiring Mulder to profile a criminal. This includes slash and MSR, angst and humor, long and short, whatever.[1]

The archive was a member of the Mulder Torture Webring and of the FBI Webring.

After the resurrection of the The I in FBI archive in 2013 which is now hosted on xphilefic it also incorporates all stories from the BSU archive.


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