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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)pre XF, Pastfic
Related tropes/genresAU, college AU, highschool AU, kidfic, Profiler!Mulder
See alsoThe X-Files
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Pre-XF is an X-Files fan fiction term and genre. It's an abbreviation for pre X-Files. which usually describes stories that take place before Mulder and Scully were assigned to the X-Files division on March 6th 1992.

These kind of stories are usually AU where Mulder and Scully meet before the FBI, for example at high school or college or in Mulder's case his time as Profiler!Mulder. Some of them tell a story that happened during the childhood of one or both of the characters. Some may also be Mulder/Other or Scully/Other.

pre-XF in sanctionized work

In the canon of the show there are also sanctionized works by professional authors for the X-Files Origins comic series and two Young Adult novels by Kami Garcia and Jonathan Maberry.

Fan Fiction


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