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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)kid!fic, kiddiefic, next-gen, babyfic
Related tropes/genresDe-age, Ageswap, Futurefic, Next Generation, Pregnancy, mpreg, Pre-series, Accidental Baby Acquisition
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Kidfic is a diverse sub-genre of fanfic that features children in some way. The children may be the canonical children of canon characters, original characters written in to be the children of canon characters, or characters who are adults in canon. Stories from sources where the principal characters are children, such as Harry Potter, are not usually regarded as kidfic unless they involve a trope such as de-aging.

The plots of kidfics vary widely, but fall roughly into two categories. The first involves the main characters being children themselves. This could mean the creator simply rewrote an adult character as a child, making the story an AU, or it could involve de-aging the characters as a plot point. Similarly, fanfic that explores the canon backstory of a character's childhood can also be described as kidfic.

The second category involves adult characters parenting a child, whether its their biological child, adopted child, or a child accidentally or otherwise unusually acquired. In the case of kids that are original characters, they are sometimes used as a plot device to bring the fan author's OTP together. An example of the child-as-plot-device would be an AU where one character is the kid's babysitter or teacher, and falls in love with the kid's single parent. Another would be if one canon character finds a baby left on their doorstep, and their friend helps them raise it (aka babyfic). However, the kids can also be more fully characterized and involved with the story. OC children can sometimes even enter the fanon, with the same child appearing across multiple author's fics, keeping the same name, physical appearance, parentage, and/or personality. An example of this is Michael Snart, Leonard Snart's son in ColdFlash fanon, who appears fairly frequently in fic.

Harry Potter fandom is particularly known for next generation fic, stories that explore the lives of Harry's children, mentioned only briefly in the epilogue.

Glossary Definitions

babyfic - Fanfic in which the main characters adopt and/or raise children. Usually refers to a subgenre of Mulder Scully Married (MSM) fanfic. (X-Files)[1]

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