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Name: sunsetmog
Type: writer
Fandoms: In 2014: Bandom, One Direction, Radio 1 RPF. Previously: Lotrips, Emmerdale, Top Gear, SGA, Rugby, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The West Wing
URL: AO3 page
fic journal
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Sunsetmog is a prolific fanfic writer. Her earliest story posted on AO3 is dated 2002. Over the years, she has been most active in Lotrips, Bandom (especially Panic! at the Disco), and more recently, One Direction(/Radio 1 RPF). She has also written in various smaller fandoms as part of Yuletide.

Sunsetmog has given blanket permission to podfic her stories, many of which have been recorded.[1] [2]


When reading Sunsetmog's works, you can expect some of these themes:

  • novel-sized fics,
  • AUs, especially where protagonists are students,
  • kidfic,
  • a healthy dose of angst and/or hurt/comfort as characters deal with difficult situations, such as being closeted, bullying, homophobia, mental health issues or homelessness,
  • varied, realistic reactions to coming out situations,
  • kink exploration,
  • happy endings.

Notable fanworks


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