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Name: Brendon Urie
Also Known As: Bden
Occupation: Musician (Frontman, lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist of Panic! at the Disco), internet celebrity
Medium: Music, Vine
Works: Panic at the Disco discography
Official Website(s): Official PatD site
Vine profile
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Brendon Urie (born 1987) is most famous for being the lead singer of core Bandom band Panic! at the Disco. The band has released six albums from 2005-2018 and is still producing music. Urie was raised Mormon and plays multiple instruments (piano, guitar, cello, accordion, bass guitar). He was invited to join the band by founding members Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Brent Wilson, leading to them being signed to Pete Wentz's Decaydance label. This caused him to have to move out from his family's home. Brendon is now married to Sarah Urie and as of 2019, the style of the music has changed from more of a punk rock/alternative to a pop rock sound which you can read more about here. [[1]]

He is the only original member still currently touring with the band. See Wikipedia page for more detail.

Brendon came out as pansexual in 2018 and is a huge advocate for the LGBT+ community.

Relationship to Fandom

For a time, Brendon frequently used social media to interact with fans. He became Vine famous. He used Periscope to livestream himself and talked directly to fans. Urie spent a lot of time acquiring fans on Vine (a short video sharing service where 6 second videos about anything can be posted. It was active from 2013-2017) and continues to interact regularly with fans.

This increased interaction with fans also led to an extreme breakdown of Bandom and the Fourth Wall‎.

As of 2019, he often Instagram Lives to sing and talk to fans. He preaches inclusion and kindness, and serves as an icon for LGBT+ teens. His audience is mostly adolescents and young adults.


As of 8 August 2016, there were 5350 works tagged 'Brendon Urie' on AO3.[1] Most popular ship tags:

  • Ryden (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie): 2289 uses
  • Brendon/Spencer: 1039 uses
  • Brendon Urie/Dallon Weekes: 477 uses
  • Brendon/Sarah: 196 uses (often as a side pairing)
  • Brendon/Jon Walker: 160 uses
  • Panic 2.0 GSF (Brendon/Spencer/Jon/Ryan): 127 uses

Brendon was also sometimes paired with estranged former roommate and friend Shane Valdes, in various crossover pairings within Bandom, as well as in OT3 pairings and moresomes.

As of 13 June 2019, there were 9380 works tagged 'Brendon Urie' on AO3.[1] Most popular ship tags:

  • Ryden (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie): 5423 uses
  • Brendon/Spencer: 3948 uses
  • Brendon/Jon Walker: 2116 uses
  • Brendon Urie/Dallon Weekes: 2105 uses
  • Panic 2.0 GSF (Brendon/Spencer/Jon/Ryan): 1898 uses
  • Brendon/Josh Dun: 1889 uses
  • Brendon/Tyler Joseph: 1860 uses
  • Brendon/Sarah: 652 uses (often as a side pairing)

Fanon Themes and Tropes

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  • High school AUs, often focusing on the time Brendon was "kicked out" by his parents,
  • Related: h/c in general, whether bullying or injury,
  • Religious themes due to his relationship to the Mormon faith,
  • Brendon is often depicted as being energetic/hyperactive, especially due to his canonical ADHD
  • Angst/conflict related to his parents disowning him, either for being gay or renouncing his faith, after an offhand comment Brendon made about his parents 'kicking him out' when he decided he wanted to do music instead of going to college, from an interview in 2007. He later clarified that he was exaggerating.


During Panic's (2013?) break, Brendon became famous on social video site Vine, leading to many astonished tweets about "Brendon from Vine" forming a band when the band released a new single in 2013.[2] The phrase has become an in-joke for the fandom.[3]

Brendon's forehead is supposedly extra large and has become a meme. It is not clear when this meme arose, though the "brendon urie's forehead" tumblr tag dates to April 9, 2015.

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