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Name: George Ryan Ross III
Also Known As: Ryan Ross, Ryro, Moon
Occupation: Musician (2004-2009: Panic! at the Disco co-founder, songwriter, lead guitarist and backup vocalist, 2009-2010: The Young Veins co-founder, lead vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, 2013-? solo).
Medium: Music
Works: Panic at the Disco discography
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Soundcloud page
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Ryan Ross (born August 31, 1986) is most famous for being the co-founder, songwriter, guitarist and backup vocalist of core Bandom band Panic! at the Disco.

He and best friend/neighbour Spencer Smith created a number of projects as teenagers (including a Blink-182 cover band named Pet Salamander) before inviting Brendon Urie to join Panic! at the Disco in 2004. Ryan is credited as the engineer of P!atD's success, as he managed to attract the attention of FOB's Pete Wentz online, securing a deal on his Decaydance imprint.

Ryan and Brendon's intense/fraught relationship and creative difficulties ended in what is know to fans as The Divorce, which saw Ryan and bassist Jon Walker leave the band to form The Young Veins in 2009. TYV went on hiatus one year later after one album. Ryan announced a solo project in 2013. Demo songs are available online but the project did not come to fruition.

Ryan is still extremely popular in certain parts of P!atD fandom, with fans following him on social media despite his having mostly retreated from the public eye. Notably, he has remained close friends with Z Berg and has performed with her.


As of December 24, 2018, there were 5433 works tagged 'Ryan Ross' on AO3.[1] Most popular ship tags:

Ryan was also sometimes paired in various crossover pairings within Bandom (Ryan/Pete Wentz, canon pairing Ryan/Z Berg from The Like), as well as in OT3 pairings and moresomes.

Fanon Themes and Tropes

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  • High school AUs, often focusing on Ryan's frienship with Spencer and difficult relationship with his parents, especially his father,
  • Related: h/c in general, whether bullying or injury,
  • Ryan is often depicted as having various Issues: simultaneously insecure and arrogant, selfish and tortured etc.

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