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Decaydance Records is Pete Wentz's record label, which he began in 2005 as an imprint of Fueled by Ramen. Decaydance was re-launched in 2014 under the name DCD2.

See: Bandom (Decaydance+, My Chemical Romance)

Decaydance Bands

Pretty much all of the Bandom bands, except for MCR, are or have been on the Decaydance label:

In Fandom

Because of the pivotal role of the label at the center of Bandom, the label is referenced in many fanworks.

In canon-compliant fics, label parties or the 2007 Decaydance Fest tour (which saw TAI, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, P!atD and FOB tour together) can be the setting for stories that require many bands to be in the same place at the same time.

In AUs the name Decaydance is often given to whichever place represents the "mothership" or HQ. For example:

Pete, though, Pete's death requires some sort of acknowledgement, some sort of celebration, and there really isn't any other word for the kind of celebration you have when someone dies, vampire or not. There is no viewing, no coffin, no pyre, no body. The gates of Decaydance Mansion are opened up as soon as the sun goes down, the doors of the lobby and the grand staircase open to accommodate the crowd, and there are things to drink. It is a party, where everyone is welcome.[1]
The Decaydence: that’s what the inmates call the D Block of Janick State Correctional Facility. The Decaydance is full of your garden variety mobsters, gangsters, pimps, drug dealers, crazy cult leaders, murderers, and other dangerous offenders. What people appear to be isn’t necessarily who they are but all that matters is reputation, how they stay alive and where they fall on the Decaydance food chain.[2]
I actually started writing a Ballet AU in Bandom a couple of years ago - I start one in all my fandoms - that went nowhere, but.

It was to be the story of DecayDance Ballet Company, as created by Pete.[3]

On the day of the first ever Decaydance Elementary School dance, Jon Walker arrives at school and notices one of his fourth graders, Ashlee Simpson, holding court in the playground.[4]


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