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RPF Fandom
Name(s): The Academy Is..., TAI
Scope/Focus: The Academy Is... band members
Date(s): 2004 - 2011
See also: Bandom
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The Academy Is... (TAI) was an American rock band signed to Fueled by Ramen and Decaydance, and is considered part of Bandom.

Overview of the band by badlydrawnbandguys (2013).

TAI was discovered in 2004 by Pete Wentz, who convinced Fueled By Ramen to sign them. Their success then inspired Wentz to create his own label, Decaydance.

The final line-up of the band was William Beckett, Mike Carden, Andy Mrotek aka "The Butcher", Adam T. Siska aka "Sisky" and Michael Guy Chislett. Notable former members and associated friends include Tom Conrad (who went on to Empires), Jack Edinger aka "Jack the Camera Guy" and Jon Walker (TAI photographer and guitar tech who then joined Panic! at the Disco).

TAI created a web series, TAI TV, some of which can be seen here.

The band broke up in 2011.


As of Sept 27, 2014, there were 658 works tagged 'The Academy Is...' on AO3.[1] However, the heyday of Bandom predates AO3 and it is likely that stories were written on Livejournal or elsewhere that have not been re-posted there.

The most popular TAI pairings are crossovers with members of other bands:

Popular intra-band pairings are:

In typical Bandom fashion, many other various pairings, OT3s and moresomes exist, such as William/Gabe/Travis, Mike Carden/Michael Guy Chislett, William/Tom Conrad, William/Pete Wentz, William/Ryan Ross, William/Mikey Way etc.

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