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Name: William Eugene Beckett
Also Known As: Bilvy, Billiam
Occupation: Singer, guitarist, songwriter (frontman of The Academy Is... (2003-2011, solo)
Medium: Music
Works: TAI discography, TAI TV
Solo discography
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William Beckett (born 1985) is a musician from Chicago, best known as frontman and co-founder of "second tier" bandom band The Academy Is.... The band was created in 2002 and was signed to Fueled by Ramen thanks to Pete Wentz. It broke up in 2011 after several line-up changes. At the time of writing, William was pursuing a solo career.

On-going gossip about a "Secret Beckett Baby"[1][2][3] was confirmed in 2009 when William talked about his then 2 year old daughter in an Alternative Press interview.

The Beckett baby was old news to many fans at this point, but still prompted surprise and hilarity in others:

Holy shit. So, if this rumor is true, does that mean that Andrew De Torres is actually a woman and that Pete Wentz and Mikey Way had some sort of relationship during Warped 05?[4]

See Wikipedia page and riorhapsody's incredibly detailed TAI primer[5] for more.


As of Sept 20, 2014, there were 671 works tagged 'William Beckett' on AO3.[6] Most popular ship tags:

Other William pairings: OT3 pairings involving Gabe/William+other are frequent (Travis, Mikey Way, Ryan Ross or pretty much any other Bandom member), William/Tom Conrad, William/Jon Walker.

Fanon Themes and Tropes

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William often appears in tour fic, and as a supporting character in pan-Bandom AUs. According to eleret:

in a lot of bandslash fic, it seems like William gets shoved into the role of a trope character - the drunk guy, the creep, the crazy guy, etc. I think this is probably because he's a difficult guy to characterize[7]

Indeed, he can be characterized in wildly varied ways, depending on which of his canon traits a creator focuses on: his stutter and geekiness make it easy to cast him as shy, but his love of partying and stage charisma also enable pretty much the opposite characterization. His role as the leader of the evil dandy vampires in FOB's A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me" video also spawned a number of villain!William stories.

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