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Journal Community
Name: give 'em hell, kid
Date(s): Created 29 March 2007 - Last updated 17 February 2012
Moderator: girlintheband, miznarrator, violentfires
Founder: girlintheband?
Type: fanfic, discussion
Fandom: Bandom
URL: weemo_closet, Archived version

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weemo_closet is a Bandom livejournal community. Membership was moderated, but posts were public. Posts included fic, primers, and general discussion.

The comm was pan-Bandom. Although the community banner features Panic! at the Disco, Frank Iero was voted "sexiest weemo" by the comm in January 2008[1].

The term "weemo" was in use circa 2006-2007[2] to describe Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance/MCR Bandom. (See Bandom Terminology Debate.) "weemo" is a scene term meaning a wannabe emo, though it appears to have meant something else in RPF fandom--wee emos? (A lot of the band members are short.)

From the profile page:

The reason we started this community was to give a group of old previous-fandom friends a place to post fic and talk about various bandom-related happenings. We found having to rely on multiple communities for our fic etc increasindly tedious and time-consuming, so we wanted a place for the posting of quality fic and discussion to exist. This is our attempt.

As of 2017 the community had 2,116 posts, 10,711 comments, and 368 members.


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